Tuesday Jun 19, 2012

Interview with Koen Aben, Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion

We recently spoke to Koen Aben, the Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion, who gave us some insight into how Oracle supported the international fashion retailer through the completion of a large scale integration project across its 340 European stores. Koen explains the reasoning behind the project which was to create a common retail foundation and to integrate and align working processes to drive insight and enable continued growth. It is always good to hear from someone of Koen’s experience who can articulate the benefits of partnering with the right company for such an extensive project as this.

Koen explains that a crucial element of such a project is to unify business applications into a common platform, adding that for successful growth, retailers really need to achieve enterprise-wide alignment. At the start of the three year project, WE Fashion’s application platform was fragmented impacting the company’s ability to support sustained growth. In light of this, WE Fashion invested in its processes, systems, teams and partnerships to build the needed retail foundation. Now after successfully completing the project, the basis is in place to ensure that growth is unimpeded.

In the video, Koen Aben highlights some of the factors necessary for the success of the project as:

  • Having an understanding that the process of creating a growth platform for a company is a long journey
  • Accepting that during a lengthy project such as this, there will be high and low points experienced within the project team and the business, but that the relationship with your partners is crucial to the success of the project.
  • Having the correct team in place will prove to be the “lynch –pin” of any successful project

Oracle supported Koen and his team in implementing this project, and is recognised for the role it played during this development in partnership with the company. On his experience with working with the Oracle team, Koen points out that in the critical situations, Oracle was there to ensure that the right people were in place whenever needed and this was key to ensuring the project’s success. Since Oracle is one of the few providers that can offer an enterprise-wide retail platform, our best practice approach is key to connecting interactions throughout the business to enable insight and optimise operations.

This is a great example of a large scale international retail project, where the true success of its completion is reflected in how proud the company is about what has been achieved, and the fact that results are already being seen.

Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

Interview with Al-Sorayai Group’s Managing Director on the Oracle Retail deployment

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Sheik Al Sorayai, Managing Director of the Saudi Arabian carpet and rug manufacturer, the Al-Sorayai Group. His business has recently implemented Oracle® Retail Merchandising and Stores applications in only six months to support the launch of its new furniture retail concept, HomeStyle.

With an aggressive growth strategy for the new business in place, the Oracle Retail solutions are enabling Al-Sorayai to coordinate merchandising and store operations and improve decision-making and insight to optimise margins, reduce inventory costs and provide a consistent customer experience.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Willy Rotstein at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum

In the video below, Willy Rotstein from Oracle Retail talks about the success of the Oracle Retail Industry Forum that took place in Berlin in October.  Willy talks about the main discussion topics at the forum and summarises the thoughts of the retailers that attended the forum.  The forum was an excellent way for retailers to come together and discuss the challenges of the industry and share experiences in developing solutions to those challenges.


Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

The Oracle Retail CrossTalk Experience

On June 24-26, Oracle hosted over 200 executive attendees from 95 retail organisations at Oracle Retail CrossTalk in Washington DC, bringing together Oracle’s retail customers, partners and other retail organisations to share insights into improving the performance of their organisations. This year’s event was a truly global experience with retailers China, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Latin America and the US gathered to hear an agenda packed with keynotes, breakout sessions, and discussion groups, supported by Oracle product roadmap and strategy sessions.

Presentation at CrossTalk 2011

What makes CrossTalk so valuable for those attending is that the agenda is led by retailers. We saw 35 customer speakers discuss their businesses, detailing challenges faced and how they have engineered their businesses for success using Oracle. From electrical giant Best Buy, to the UK’s fourth largest grocer Morrisons, to China’s fastest growing pharmacy chain SinoPharm Pharmacy, to Canada’s largest womenswear brand Reitmans, each speaker shared valuable knowledge and best practice on strategy, benefits and implementation strategies to help the audience understand how to better leverage their investments in Oracle solutions.

The key themes that came through in many of the presentations explored the different ways in which organisations are placing the customer experience at the heart of their businesses and the importance of technology in helping retailers to develop, plan and execute strategies that meet expectations and drive experiences unconstrained by channel limitations.

Retailers take many different approaches to growing their businesses – SinoPharm discussed their acquisition strategy; Euroset communicated their pricing strategy; Dinosol spoke of reinventing their supply chain; Belk shared top-down strategy to transforming the entire business – but ultimately, each retailer shares the same goal - delivering an experience to their customers to drive business across their channels and influence loyalty.

It became clear in the presentations, that by working to align their operations and integrating previously siloed functions, retailers can transcend individual channels into a more connected experience that meets expectations and needs.

I shall be looking to explore these themes in more detail over the next few months within this blog and also at the Oracle Retail Customer Forum in Berlin on October 4-5, where delving into the customer experience theme, and exploring with European retailers how they can gain actionable insight, optimise their operations and  connect all their customer interactions to create a connected customer experience. For more information on the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, please click here.

Friday Jun 24, 2011

Skechers Leverages Oracle Applications, Business Intelligence and On Demand Offerings to Drive Long-Term Growth

This month Oracle Retail in the USA announced that Skechers - a world leading lifestyle footwear retailer - would be adopting several Oracle Retail products as part of their global growth strategy and to maximise business efficiency. 

While based primarily in the USA, Skechers is a respected retailer across the world and has been an Oracle customer since 1997. 

The key information about the announcement is below.  To find out more about Skechers visit their website: https://www.skechers.com/ 

  • Skechers U.S.A. Inc., an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, has upgraded and expanded its Oracle® Applications investment, implemented Oracle Database and moved to Oracle On Demand, Oracle’s premier cloud service to support rapid growth across its retail and wholesale channels.
  • The new business information systems are part of a larger initiative for the billion-dollar-plus footwear company to fuel growth, reduce total cost of ownership and enable the business to respond faster to market opportunities.
  • With more than 3,000 styles of shoes to design, develop and market, Skechers upgraded to Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management and PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management to increase operational efficiencies and improve controls by establishing an integrated, industry-specific platform.
  • An Oracle customer since 1997, Skechers implemented PeopleSoft Enterprise Real Estate Management to meet the rapid growth of its retail stores worldwide. The company is the first customer to go live on the Real Estate Management module and worked closely with Oracle to provide development insight.
  • Skechers also implemented Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance applications. This deployment enabled the company to leverage its existing corporate governance and compliance efforts throughout the global enterprise and more effectively manage the audit processes across multiple business units, processes and systems while reducing audit costs.
  • Next, Skechers leveraged Oracle Financial Analytics, a pre-built Oracle Business Intelligence Application and PeopleSoft Enterprise Project Costing and PeopleSoft Enterprise Contracts to develop a custom Royalty Management dashboard, providing managers with better financial visibility to the company’s licensing contracts.
  • The company switched to Oracle Database and moved database hosting and management to Oracle On Demand to reduce maintenance, implementation and system administration costs. As a result, Skechers is also achieving a better response time and is delivering a higher level of 24x7 support.
  • OSI Consulting, a Platinum partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), provided implementation and integration services to Skechers.


To view the full announcement please click here

Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

Mike Pell on multi-channel at the Retail Week Conference 2011

In the video below, Mike Pell - Business Intelligence Director for Oracle Retail - talks about what he's seen at the Retail Week Conference, where he was a panellist for a discussion about the challenges facing multi-channel retail.

The Retail Week Conference was very interesting and featured some insightful presentations from retailers and industry experts who shared their experiences on current hot topics.


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