Tuesday May 20, 2014

Oliver Guy Demonstrates Oracle Retail Forecasting

At the NRF Big Show in New York, held in January 2014, Oracle Retail Senior Consulting Manager Oliver Guy demonstrated Demand Forecasting and the impact it can have on a retailer’s operations.

The Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting solution provides retailers with a single forecast to drive profitable planning and operations that reflect consumer preferences. The solution is designed to handle the challenges of real-world retail forecasting, incorporating the variety of customer interactions that impact sales, such as web site launches, new store openings, new product introductions, price and assortment changes, promotions and discontinuation of products.

Visit the Oracle Retail microsite for more details on Oracle Retail Supply Chain solutions.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: Announcing UK Consumer Research Findings

Today we unveiled the UK results of Oracle's New Retail Democracy global consumer research. The findings show us that the UK consumer is a demanding one, less loyal than other consumers across the rest of the world, but rewards good access to information and product availability with higher spend:

  • 93% think understanding availability is important
  • Understanding whether a product is available influences loyalty and spend in the UK:
  • 40% say they are more likely to be loyal to a retailer that provides this information (46% globally)
  • 38% say they are more likely to spend more with a retailer that provides this information (30% globally)
  • Availability is of equal priority to price, although globally availability rates more important (58% globally)
  • 50% want access to information on the origin of products, in particular 79% want to understand the origination of their food (74% globally)

The UK is a highly demanding retail market. Shoppers are clearly voting with their feet in the UK and it is availability of product and access to product which is driving those votes. Retailers not investing in innovations around web availability updates and click and collect will quickly lose market to retailers offering more choice, value and individual service. It no longer matters where you sit in the price order - the UK consumer expects access to information and total availability from the discounters to the luxury brands.

However, it is worth noting that the UK market is very sensitive to price and we are seeing that through retailers like Tesco announcing pound zones in their supermarkets. Compared to the rest of the world, the UK shopper is less loyal but they will spend more with retailers who make available the information they need and access to and products they want. The UK consumer is sophisticated and discerning, and while they are more mercurial than the rest of the world, they are openly rewarding those retailers who read and respond to the demands of the UK market.

Visit the New Retail Democracy microsite to see why access anywhere matters to UK consumers, how availability always has become crucial in retaining loyalty and find out about the value technology brings to their shopping journey.

The research explores the emergence of a more democratic relationship between consumer and retailer, and explores the challenge for retailers to understand, empower and represent this new digitally-empowered consumer. Oracle commissioned leading market research agency Redshift Research in December 2013, interviewing 4,500 adults from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the USA.

Access country specific results for the UK at www.oracle.com/newretaildemocracy. Available resources include whitepapers, infographics and fact sheets.

Tuesday May 13, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: China Results Revealed

China consumer results from Oracle’s New Retail Democracy research were revealed today by Allen Miao, Country Leader, China, Oracle Retail, during a press event held at the Oracle Beijing office, in which key trends were outlined along with the impact of the research findings for China’s retail businesses.

China is a growth economy in terms of retail, with the National Bureau of Statistics reporting an 11.8% growth in consumer spending last year. The New Retail Democracy found that access to knowledge is becoming increasingly important for Chinese consumers, providing a challenge to retailers in terms of providing product, availability and location information to their customers as they shop across multiple touch points.

Some of the highlights from the China consumer research were:

  • 96% of Chinese consumers think understanding availability of products is important
  • 82% say availability is more of a priority than price
  • 89% feel it is important that any interaction with a retailer is individual to them and their requirements
  • 83% of respondents increase spend when interacting with a retail assistant
  • 97% say it is important that retailers adopt new technologies to improve their shopping experiences

To access the full China research findings, visit The New Retail Democracy microsite and access whitepapers, infographics and fact sheets. Global results are already available, along with Japanese and French findings, with details on Germany, Russia and the UK scheduled for distribution shortly.

The research, carried out by market leading research firm RedShift Research, surveyed 4,500 consumers across Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the USA.

Monday May 12, 2014

The Oracle Retail Reference Library, by David Dorf

In order to aid the implementation process, Oracle offers access to the Oracle Retail Reference Library, a collection of detailed implementation information for partners and customers, which includes business process models, architectural diagrams and other useful resources.

Key benefits are:

  • Helping IT and business users collaborate better
  • Maximisation of the value derived from Oracle’s products
  • Accelerated implementations

At the NRF BIG Show in New York in January 2014, David Dorf, Senior Director of Technology Solution Management, discussed the three components of the Retail Reference Library and how it benefits retailers in their implementations.

Access a data sheet on the Retail Reference Library here.

For more from David Dorf, read his “Commerce Anywhere” blog.


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