Thursday May 16, 2013

Chinese Evolution of Experience Retailing Results Unveiled

Today saw the unveiling of the Chinese results from Oracle Retail’s Evolution of Experience Retailing research. Sarah Taylor, Senior Director EMEA & JAPAC, and Allen Miao, General Manager Greater China, hosted a media roundtable event in Beijing, where Chinese results from the research were discussed and compared to other country findings.

Oracle’s Evolution of Experience Retailing research asked consumers in the UK, USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, China and Japan on their views to fundamental retail principles. The research looked at issues such as customer service, overall experience, preference, shopping trends and attitudes to technology. Global results of this research were announced at the Oracle Retail Exchange event held in January in New York. Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Retail, introduced the results at the event and a video of his presentation can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Chinese consumers proved to have a strong desire for knowledge around product, price and brands. There was a clear desire for an integrated and flexible approach across all channels, which poses a considerable challenge to retailers in the country.

Results also showed that Chinese consumers are very much open to retailer initiated interactions, when those interactions involve latest information and offers that are targeted and relevant.

Additional key findings from China include:

  • Chinese consumers have embraced new technologies such as mobile and social, and have a willingness to source and share information from every avenue in pursuit of a complete shopping experience – more so than any other region surveyed.
  • 98% of respondents value the importance of service. Chinese consumers were also the most vocal respondents when it comes to poor service.
  • Brand reputation is key in terms of deciding which retailer to visit, although price, choice and a secure transactional process are also important.

Retailers in China need to provide customer experiences that are superior to that of their competition and align them with smarter internal decisions and processes to ensure they market, interact and transact consistently across touch points, whether the consumer is online, in the store or on the go.

Chinese results from The Evolution of Experience Retailing can be found on the research microsite, where you can also access global results, as well as those from the UK, Germany, Russia and Japan. Research resources include a comprehensive whitepaper, byline articles and a key results presentation deck.

Tuesday May 07, 2013

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Enables Mr Price to Make Multi-Channel Move

Last year, South African fashion apparel retailer Mr Price implemented Oracle ATG Web Commerce to transition the business onto a multi-channel footing. Operating over 1,000 stores in South Africa and other countries on the continent, the launch of an ecommerce offering has provided customer access to the complete range of Mr Price products, previously available only in its largest stores.

With online shopping a growing trend in South Africa, it was becoming essential to provide a cross-channel offering and meet the needs of customers who wished to buy online, and Oracle ATG Web Commerce provided the capabilities to transform the shopping experience.

In this video, Donovan Baney, e-commerce executive from Mr. Price talks about why the organisation purchased  ATG Web Commerce to underpin their cross-channel growth.

Video also available at Oracle Media Network.

The Mr Price website now enables visitors to browse, shop, purchase, track an order, and collect and return items through this channel, and is fully integrated with the organisation’s social media channels.

Learn more about the Oracle ATG Web Commerce suite of solutions…

Thursday May 02, 2013

China’s Beijing Hualian Group Selects Oracle Retail

One of China’s largest retail enterprises, Beijing Hualian Group, has chosen Oracle Retail applications in conjunction with a range of Oracle solutions to create an integrated, scalable retail platform to support its goals to optimize operations and profitably grow its business across the region.

Beijing Hualian Group will utilise Oracle Retail Merchandising, Stores and the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System to streamline inventory, supply chain and merchandise operations and underpin its growing network of outlets, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and commercial properties.

With Oracle Retail, Beijing Hualian aims to optimize its operations to enhance business agility and improve decisions on pricing, inventory, supply chain and transactional processes. The use of Oracle Retail Merchandise Analytics will also help provide more profitable actionable insight into the complex organisation, while Oracle Retail Category Management will align the product mix with local customer preferences.

Rising disposable incomes in China, a stable economy and increasing and rapid growth in the use of online shopping are all contributing to a healthy, growing retail industry. China’s embrace of new technologies and the consumer willingness to absorb information from every angle in support of a more complete shopping experience is virtually unsurpassed globally.

This thirst for knowledge, along with the Chinese consumers’ knowledge of product, price and brand reputation and their desire for commerce anywhere pose a considerable challenge to retailers. To combat this, retailers are looking to provide experiences that are superior to that of their competition and align them with smarter internal decisions and processes to ensure they market, interact and transact consistently across touch points.

The press release announcing this news can be found on the Oracle website.


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