Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

Demo: Oracle Commerce Platform with Todd DeSantis

At the NRF BIG Show in New York in January this year, Oracle Retail Senior Consultant Todd DeSantis demonstrated the Oracle Commerce platform. The platform is fully compatible with the Oracle Retail 14 release, allowing retailers to offer a truly connected customer experience, with connected interactions across all channels, while using all available data to offer a personalised experience for each customer.

In the below video, Todd gives a glimpse of the Spaces online store, showcasing how easy it is for business users to run the platform, allowing them to configure effortlessly, for example boosting most popular products or promoting a specific brand. The Oracle Commerce platform allows for automatic customisation for each site visitor, identifying their interaction history to assist product promotion and also uses location-based services to check stock at the visitor’s local store.

Todd shows us how in-store associates are armed with customer insight, allowing them to offer a superior level of customer service.

Visit the Oracle website for more information on the Oracle Commerce platform.

Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

The New Retail Democracy - The Infographic

To view the full size infographic and read more The New Retail Democracy material: www.oracle.com/newretaildemocracy

Monday Mar 17, 2014

Making Waves: Australian Online Retailer SurfStitch

The sun has finally crept up on London skies – ending the mildly depressing era of constant raindrops with a rather glorious weekend. It’s good to remember that while we have been drowning in water, surfers in Australia are having a lot more fun with the element.

Enter SurfStitch, Australia’s leading online surf and fashion retailer that has made a name for itself being a one-stop-shop for anything surf & fashion – carrying brands like RipCurl, Quiksilver, Billabong and Volcom.

"It all began in a backyard shed, where a few enthusiasts came together to lament the sad state of surf supplies in Australia, and dream up a better solution,” said SurfStitch co-founder Justin Cameron in an interview with The Australian in 2011. Launching as Australia’s first online retailer for surf and fashion in 2008, SurfStitch is now the largest ecommerce surf wear retail website in Australia.

Thanks to both an extensive offering and fantastic customer service, the company has experienced such rapid growth that it is now expanding operations in Europe, and looking to break into other areas of fashion.

The Oracle Commerce Platform supports SurfStitch in their growth spurt, having converted more of the average daily 30,000 unique visitors into buyers, generating larger orders and promoting more repeat visitors. It has also enabled SurfStitch to personalize and target offers, cross-sell merchandise and extend its commerce and merchandising operations.

“SurfStitch prides itself on delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction,” said Lex Pedersen, Director, SurfStitch. “As a pure-play business, we have to get our ecommerce offering right, in order to deliver on our promise both for our brands and our customers. Oracle Commerce enables us to provide an engaging and relevant experience that keeps our customers coming back.”

SurfStitch’s success was recognized at the 2012 Online Retail Industry Awards in Australia, where it won Best PurePlay Retailer, Best Site Optimization and Design and Online Retailer of the Year.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Why Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management?

Lara Livgard, Director of Oracle Retail Strategy, explains why retailers should choose Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM), sharing the benefits of the solutions and showcasing customer examples.

MOM is a highly proven solution supporting over 275 live customers across the world across a range of vertical markets, through its flexible, modular architecture.

The robust functionality and scalable nature of the MOM solutions provide the platform to support retail growth through acquisitions, international expansion and the addition of new formats, assortments and channels.

Access this video on our YouTube Channel.

Take a look at the Oracle Retail website for more information on Merchandise Operations Management.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Oracle Retail Consulting and the Implementation Process, with Maria Porretta

Maria Porretta, Engagement Director, discusses Oracle Retail Consulting and its involvement in the implementation process and how it supports customers to maximize their ROI in Oracle Retail solutions.

Maria explains the wide range of factors customers need to consider when preparing to implement Oracle Retail, from the solutions being utilized to the current IT infrastructures and available resources of the end user. Oracle Retail Consulting ensures a smooth and efficient process by working with customers from design right through to final implementation, and continues to work with customers to ensure they get value from their software investments and further extend investment in Oracle Retail solutions.

Access this video on our YouTube Channel.

Further information is available on our website regarding Oracle Retail Consulting.

Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

The Simplicity of the Oracle Stack

For many retailers, technology is something they know they need to optimise business operations, but do they really understand it and how can they select the solutions they need from the many vendors on the market?

Retail is a data heavy industry, with the average retailer managing thousands of SKUs and hundreds of categories through multiple channels. Add to this the exponential growth in data driven by social media and mobile activities, and the process can seem overwhelming. Handling data of this magnitude and analyzing it effectively to gain actionable insight is a huge task, and needs several IT components to work together harmoniously to make the best use of the data available and make smarter decisions.

With this in mind, Oracle has produced a video to make it easier for businesses to understand its global data IT solutions and how they integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s other solutions to enable organisations to operate as effectively as possible. The video uses an orchestra as an analogy for IT solutions and clever illustration to demonstrate the value of the Oracle brand.

Watch the video now

To find out more about how Oracle’s products and services can help retailers to deliver better results, visit the Oracle Retail website.

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Are your merchandise systems limiting growth? Oracle Retail's Merchandise Operations Management could be the answer

In this video, Lara Livgard, Director of Oracle Retail Strategy, introduces Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM), a set of integrated, modular solutions that support buying, pricing, inventory management and inventory valuation across a retailer’s channels, countries, and business models.

MOM is the backbone of successful retail operations, providing timely and accurate visibility across the entire enterprise and enabling efficient supply-chain execution driven by plans and forecasts. It's modular architecture facilitates tailored and high-value implementations, giving retailers the information they need in order to offer a quality customer experience through a truly integrated multi-channel approach.

Further information is available on the Oracle Retail website regarding Merchandise Operations Management.

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

Unlock the full potential of Oracle Retail with Oracle Retail Consulting

In this video, Maria Porretta, Engagement Director, introduces Oracle Retail Consulting which supports Oracle Retail customers by unlocking the potential of the software solutions they are utilising. Oracle Retail Consulting comprises of a global team of over 300 consultants, 70 of which are EMEA based. 90% of the team have a retail background in either IT or business, ensuring true industry expertise and maximum business benefit.

Oracle Retail Consulting offers two primary streams of service; design authority which looks at analysis and design to ensure a guided process through to implementation, and delivery ownership which runs throughout the implementation process.

Further information is available on our website regarding Oracle Retail Consulting.

Monday Nov 26, 2012

An introduction to Oracle Retail Data Model with Claudio Cavacini

In this video, Claudio Cavacini of Oracle Retail explains Oracle Retail Data Model, a solution that combines pre-built data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensional models to deliver industry-specific metrics and insights that improve a retailers’ bottom line.

Claudio shares how the Oracle Retail Data Model (ORDM) delivers retailer and market insight quickly and efficiently, allowing retailers to provide a truly multi-channel approach and subsequently an effective customer experience. The rapid implementation of ORDM results in predictable costs and timescales, giving retailers a higher return on investment.

Please visit our website for further information on Oracle Retail Data Model.

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Interview with Jorge Delgado from Dinosol

We were very priviledged recently to speak to Jorge Delgado - Director of Supply Chain at Spanish convenience store group DinoSol - about how the business is using Oracle Retail applications to improve their supply chain planning and management.  Jorge also discusses the technology challenges facing a large-scale European grocer.

If you would like to find out more about the Oracle products and services that Dinosol uses, read the press release here.

Click here to find out more about Oracle Retail products and services.

Monday Jun 25, 2012

myToys.de GmbH announces integration of ZVT payment terminal interface with Oracle Retail Point-of-Service

In our latest guest post, Sascha Kraatz, Developer Oracle E-Business Suite of myToys.de announces the development and integration of its ZVT payment terminal interface with the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service solution.

myToys.de GmbH, which runs Oracle Retail Point-of-Service (ORPOS) in its 13 retail stores in Germany (see press release), has developed and implemented a Java-based interface for integrating the ZVT payment terminal with ORPOS.

Through the combined support of payment service provider, easycash GmbH, and Ingenico GmbH, Germany´s leading payment terminal provider, myToys.de has become the first organisation to create this new automated solution for the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, which has eliminated input errors that could occur with manual payment terminals and is localised for the German market.

Ingo Stober, head of retail business at myToys.de confirms: “With this solution, we can speed up the payment process, reduce manual errors and enhance the customer experience in our stores”.

myToys.de GmbH is a member of the Otto Group and one of the leading multichannel retailers for toys and other kids products in Germany. Customers can choose from over 100,000 attractive products, starting with items for expectant mothers or basic baby equipment to items for school children and beyond. In 2006, the first of 13 myToys.de retail branches was opened.

If you would like to find out more about this solution, please contact the head of Oracle E-Business Suite Development at myToys.de, Mr. Ralf Schmilewski, or leave a comment below.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Luxottica Delivers an Elevated Customer Experience

Luxottica Group is a global leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear with nearly 6,250 stores worldwide. The Group’s strong brand portfolio comprises ten house brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Percol and Arnette, and 20 licensed brands such as Bulgari, Chanel and Versace.

In January at the Oracle Retail Exchange in New York, Luca Del Din, Luxottica Group’s IT Manager – Global Retail Demand and Integration and Irven Cassio, Digital Experience Director for Luxottica Retail introduced our REx delegates to their flagship Sunglass Hut store on Fifth Avenue. This store showcase provided the opportunity to explore this fantastic retail space incorporating the store’s interactive retail concept, the Sunglass Hut Social Sun station. I invite you to hear from Luca and Irven as we explore some of the innovative technologies and concepts that Luxottica deployed in this store and how these deliver an elevated customer experience.

Tuesday Jun 19, 2012

Interview with Koen Aben, Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion

We recently spoke to Koen Aben, the Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion, who gave us some insight into how Oracle supported the international fashion retailer through the completion of a large scale integration project across its 340 European stores. Koen explains the reasoning behind the project which was to create a common retail foundation and to integrate and align working processes to drive insight and enable continued growth. It is always good to hear from someone of Koen’s experience who can articulate the benefits of partnering with the right company for such an extensive project as this.

Koen explains that a crucial element of such a project is to unify business applications into a common platform, adding that for successful growth, retailers really need to achieve enterprise-wide alignment. At the start of the three year project, WE Fashion’s application platform was fragmented impacting the company’s ability to support sustained growth. In light of this, WE Fashion invested in its processes, systems, teams and partnerships to build the needed retail foundation. Now after successfully completing the project, the basis is in place to ensure that growth is unimpeded.

In the video, Koen Aben highlights some of the factors necessary for the success of the project as:

  • Having an understanding that the process of creating a growth platform for a company is a long journey
  • Accepting that during a lengthy project such as this, there will be high and low points experienced within the project team and the business, but that the relationship with your partners is crucial to the success of the project.
  • Having the correct team in place will prove to be the “lynch –pin” of any successful project

Oracle supported Koen and his team in implementing this project, and is recognised for the role it played during this development in partnership with the company. On his experience with working with the Oracle team, Koen points out that in the critical situations, Oracle was there to ensure that the right people were in place whenever needed and this was key to ensuring the project’s success. Since Oracle is one of the few providers that can offer an enterprise-wide retail platform, our best practice approach is key to connecting interactions throughout the business to enable insight and optimise operations.

This is a great example of a large scale international retail project, where the true success of its completion is reflected in how proud the company is about what has been achieved, and the fact that results are already being seen.

Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

Interview with Al-Sorayai Group’s Managing Director on the Oracle Retail deployment

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Sheik Al Sorayai, Managing Director of the Saudi Arabian carpet and rug manufacturer, the Al-Sorayai Group. His business has recently implemented Oracle® Retail Merchandising and Stores applications in only six months to support the launch of its new furniture retail concept, HomeStyle.

With an aggressive growth strategy for the new business in place, the Oracle Retail solutions are enabling Al-Sorayai to coordinate merchandising and store operations and improve decision-making and insight to optimise margins, reduce inventory costs and provide a consistent customer experience.

Monday Apr 02, 2012

Chinese footwear retailer Daphne on choosing Oracle Retail solutions

In January, leading Chinese footwear brand Daphne announced that they had chosen Oracle Retail as a solution provider for its expansion strategy.

We were delighted to host Michael Hu, Chief Operations Officer of Daphne, at our exclusive Retail Exchange event in New York in January. We interviewed Michael about Daphne, Daphne's plans for the future and how Oracle's solutions will play a role in that future.

The video is below. We are very grateful to Michael for taking the time to speak to us. To find out more about how Daphne is using Oracle, see the full press release HERE.

To find out more about Oracle Retail solutions and how Oracle Retail can help your business, visit http://www.oracle.com/oms/retail/index.html


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