Monday Sep 08, 2014

Commerce Anywhere: Cross-Channel Merchandising Supports Consumer Journeys

The second video scribe in our Commerce Anywhere series is now live!

Commerce Anywhere: Cross-Channel Merchandising Supports Consumer Journeys explains why merchandise operations management (MOM) is the foundation for commerce anywhere. MOM manages retail operations from start to finish, or in other words: from foundation management to financial control.

Today’s consumers no longer think in terms of individual channels and isolated interactions – they think in terms of their experience with the brand. Retailers need a global, cross-channel merchandising system that supports their unique business and the individual journeys of their customers – giving them access to endless aisles.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2014

UK Retailers JD Sports and Phones 4u Speak at ORIF Europe 2014

JD Sports Fashion Plc, leading retailer and distributor of sport and athletic inspired fashion apparel, footwear and outdoor clothing and equipment in the UK and Phones 4u, one of the UK's leading independent mobile retailers, offering multiple networks and smartphone brands, and also the UK's biggest independent retailer of 4G, have joined the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, Europe 2014 speaker programme.

We are looking forward to their presentations!

Phones 4u

Gary Ellwood, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture and Solutions, Phones 4u
Tim Price
, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Phones 4u

Commerce Without Boundaries in an Omni-Channel World
Customers interact with an organisation and associate with a brand, they do not think about channels. The customer of today expects a seamless customer experience - whether it be a traditional bricks and mortar retail experience, online, tablet or smartphone, telesales and customer service or social interactions. The challenge for all retail organisations goes beyond simple convergence of channels; customer journeys must be able to traverse multiple touch points and switch seamlessly between them. This presentation describes how Phones 4u is leading the industry to address these challenges.

JD Sports

Barry Loftus, Group IT Director, JD Sports
Martin Beardsell, Group Merchandise Director, JD Sports

Over the last few years JD has set about replacing legacy business systems in order to support the   ongoing growth and diversity of the business. This journey began in 2007 with the implementation of merchandise planning and has continued with BI and Financials. Most recently JD has embarked on the implementation of Oracle Retail's core merchandising system in order to support key business operations. In their presentation, Barry and Martin will outline the need for change, the lessons learned and the business benefits realised.

Monday Sep 01, 2014

Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers

What is Commerce Anywhere really? And more importantly, how do you implement true Commerce Anywhere in your retail business? 

Today's retailers need to blur the lines between their physical and digital presence and support modern shoppers by offering insights that transcend shopping channels. 

The first in our series of video scribes - Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers - takes you through the retail journey of today's consumer. Learn what you as a retailer need to consider if you want to offer your customer the best experience possible, and why it is so important to make sure your systems are aligned so your customer's experience is seamless.

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

Case Study: Vodafone Group

Vodafone Group is one of the world's largest mobile communications companies with a retail presence in 30 countries across five continents. To continually provide a better shopping experience for its 436m customers, the group wants to enhance the performance and effectiveness of its retail channel by optimising its inventory processes to enable rapid deployment of new products.

In the following interview from the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, Europe 2013, Justin Bushby, Global Head of Technology at Vodafone, explains how the communications giant has partnered with Oracle Retail to drive its ambition of becoming an extraordinary retailer by creating a fantastic customer offer in store.

Monday Aug 18, 2014

New Quiz! Is Your Business Set Up For Commerce Anywhere?

We have a fun new quiz available that allows you to test whether your retail business truly delivers commerce anywhere!

(How do we define commerce anywhere, you ask? Have a look!)

The quiz assesses how your retail business is set up across the four pillars we believe are essential in providing your customers the shopping experience they require. It will allow you to understand how you need to align your systems in order to succeed at commerce anywhere.

A few questions we ask: Do you individualize the shopping experience for each customer? Do you empower your business users with the right tools and insight, so they in turn can serve your customers better? Is your platform flexible and does it, for example, support both B2C and B2B business models from a single solution?

Take the quiz now and find out!

Tuesday Jul 29, 2014

Ermenegildo Zegna Integrates Operations and Drives Expansion with Oracle Retail

Ermenegildo Zegna, the well-known global Italian menswear fashion and accessories brand, has invested in Oracle to optimise its global merchandising and financial planning operations. This investment will ensure that the Group's daily operational decisions are correctly aligned with its key business objectives for growth.

Ermenegildo Zegna is using Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to support the integration of global merchandising and financial planning operations. This deployment provides the retailer better integration between its financial and commercial planning operations and will make it easier to quickly identify opportunities across its market segments and maximise the profitability of its inventory investment decisions.

Ermenegildo Zegna plans to roll-out the new Oracle solutions across all of its branches, to ensure that the Group stays true to its ongoing commitment to driving innovation throughout the company.

Friday Jul 25, 2014

Daphne, Leading Footwear Retailer in China, Joins ORIF Europe 2014 Speaker Programme

We are happy to announce that Michael Hu, Chief Operating Officer of Daphne International Holdings, has joined the speaker programme for the Oracle Retail Industry Forum (ORIF) Europe 2014.

Daphne is one of the largest women’s footwear retailers in China and has implemented Oracle’s optimization solutions. Michael will discuss how Oracle Retail solutions have enabled the company to better manage strategy, plans and execution for its retail operations, allowing more profitable and strategic decisions on its inventory.

Michael is responsible for the company’s R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing as well as Merchandising & Operations at Daphne. He brings 22 years of experience in Chinese supply chain and production management to ORIF Europe, and we are excited to welcome him in London in September!

To register for ORIF and join over 150 retail delegates at this annual community event please visit the ORIF Europe Website.

Friday Jul 18, 2014

A World Cup Lesson For Retailers

Congratulations to Germany - winners of the ultimate football prize!

Last Sunday's World Cup final saw Germany win THE football accolade for the 4th time - and we now want to take lessons from Germany's success and apply them to the retail world! 

Just like World Cup successes, truly outstanding retail experiences are achieved by businesses that align their systems, people and processes and work together with a goal of creating exuberant, delighted fans (otherwise known as customers). Keep your eye on the prize, and your minds open to your customers' needs.

You can learn more about how to make your fans/customers happy with Oracle Retail's latest study.

World Cup Lesson For Retailers

Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Guest Blog: Becoming a World Class Digital Retailer – by Shop Direct

I am delighted to present our first customer guest blog, written by Shop Direct's Head of Site Management, Rhys Billington. 

At the 2014 BT Retail Week Technology Awards, Shop Direct was awarded for their progress in becoming a world class digital retailer. Rhys Billington has now written about their journey with Oracle.

Many congratulations to the team at Shop Direct from us all at Oracle!

Now over to Rhys...

Becoming a World Class Digital Retailer
Rhys Billington, Head of Site Management, Shop Direct

A couple of weeks ago, Shop Direct received four awards at the 2014 BT Retail Week Technology Awards for our progress on our journey to becoming a world class digital retailer. We won the awards for BT Grand Prix Winner of Winners, Best IT Operations, Supply Chain and Fulfilment Excellence and Payment Project of the Year. Needless to say, the entire team at Shop Direct is delighted. This topped off a great financial year for us and is fantastic recognition of the work that's gone into shaping the future of the business and the retail sector as a whole.

Being awarded for the progress we've made over the last year is great, and also offers us an opportunity to reflect on how we've done it. In addition to all of the work put in by our own talented people, one of the other key factors in our success has been the partners we've carefully selected to support our business transformation. One of the key strategic partnerships we've developed is with Oracle and we've enjoyed their support at every step of our journey to world class.

In 2008, we outlined our plans to upgrade our technology to support our transition into a digital retailer. From our roots as a catalogue business, we've always stuck true to what makes us special in the fact that we make good things easily accessible to more people through our department store range and unique financial services offer. When evolving from catalogue to digital, we had to find the right kind of technology and the right kind of partnerships that would allow us to continue to deliver that customer promise while maintaining our brand values and driving future growth.

As a business, we've become truly customer-centric and are confident that our uniquely rich data set and the skill we have in analysing and using that data means we're extremely well placed to provide shoppers with the best possible digital shopping experience, no matter how, when or where they choose to shop with us. But it's only with partners like Oracle, who have the right level of technology and market experience to support us, that we're on track to achieving our world class ambitions.

We selected Oracle to provide the core technology infrastructure for our retail operations, investing in a variety of solutions including Oracle Retail Merchandising and Planning applications and Oracle Commerce to replace our legacy systems. These investments have allowed us to increase visitor numbers, improve conversion rates, enhance business visibility and optimise our department store websites for mobile commerce. This in turn has supported the expansion of our experimentation and personalisation programmes and driven continued innovation in the business.

Using advanced technology to drive our digital strategy has helped us to gain market share and grow profitability over the last couple of years. Investing in proven and advanced Oracle technology has placed Shop Direct in a better position to continue to drive innovation and hopefully to continue being recognised for our successes.

Shop Direct - Skyways House entrance

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: Results For Germany

Today we release Oracle’s New Retail Democracy global research results for German consumers. Oracle surveyed 500 consumers in nine countries around the world, commissioning leading market research firm RedShift Research to undertake the research.

Highlights from the German consumer research include:

  • 58% of consumers say that availability of product is more important to them than price
  • 73% of consumers what access to origin of product information when food shopping
  • Only 5% of German consumers believe in the value of sharing personal data to receive personalised promotions or information
  • 63% of consumers prefer to purchase in-store
  • 59% of consumers say it is important that retailers adopt new technologies to improve the shopping experience, compared to 82% of consumers globally
  • 25% of consumers wanted click & collect globally, but only 7% of German consumers were interested in the option

Specific German consumer results and insights can now be accessed at

Findings from the global research, as well as from other countries surveyed as part of the New Retail Democracy, are also available.

Infographic: Are Retailers Providing The Shopping Experiences German Consumers Want?

Friday Jun 20, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: French Results

Results from French consumers, surveyed as part of Oracle Retail’s latest global research, are available from today through The New Retail Democracy microsite.

The New Retail Democracy research explores the democratic relationship between consumer and retailer, and identifies the challenges for retailers in understanding, empowering and representing the new digital-empowered consumer. The research, carried out by market leading research firm RedShift Research, surveyed 4,500 consumers across Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the USA.

Highlights of the French findings were:

  • 92% think that understanding product availability is important
  • 50% are willing to shop direct with brands
  • 33% believe that click & collect offers them a better shopping experience
  • 70% believe it is important for retailers to adopt new technologies to improve their shopping experiences

Visit The New Retail Democracy microsite to download research materials, including whitepapers, infographics and fact sheets on the French results, in addition to those on the global research announced in March and those from Japanese consumers released in April. Findings from China, Germany, Russia and the UK will be announced shortly.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

In-Store Innovations with Oracle Retail 14

In this latest video from our demo series filmed at the 2014 NRF BIG Show in New York, Master Principal Consultant Rachel Staniland details innovations in Oracle Retail Stores Solutions.

Oracle Retail Stores Solutions provide a brand platform and enable true multichannel retailing. The solution gives retailers improved visibility into store inventory, which both reduces store operating costs and improves the level of customer service offered in-store through store associates.

In the below video, Rachel Staniland talks about Oracle Retail’s new tablet POS, coming out the Oracle Retail 14 release, as well innovations made across Store Inventory Management and Point-of-Service solutions.

Access more information on Oracle Retail Stores Solutions.

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Oracle Retail Industry Forum Europe 2014 – Registration Now Open!

We are delighted to announce that registration for the 4th annual Oracle Retail Industry Forum Europe (ORIF Europe) is now open. The event is being held from 10-11 September at the Renaissance St Pancras Hotel in London.

Oracle Retail Industry Forum Europe 2014

ORIF Europe is a must attend event for Oracle Retail customers, retailers who are about to embark on an Oracle implementation, or for those who simply wish to learn more about Oracle Retail solutions and how they support the provision of commerce anywhere.

Further details will be announced over the coming weeks, but already confirmed as speakers are:

Paul Hornby, Head of eCommerce at Shop Direct, who will discuss the company’s ambitions, challenges faced and the strategy undertaken by the team in driving the business from a catalogue-based to a web-based commerce business. The session will reveal how Shop Direct and Oracle Retail are working together to achieve the transformation of this business into a world-class digital retailer, by building a foundation for future growth for each of its individual brands and target markets.

Kate Ancketill, CEO and Founder of GDR Creative Intelligence who will illustrate what best-in-market 'Access Anywhere' retail looks like. From individual retail and next generation personalisation of in-store service, to the land grab for delivery innovation, cutting edge brands are 'training' consumers to check into stores in exchange for concrete benefits. Kate will explore the opportunity this is opening up across the retail landscape.

Register for the Oracle Retail Industry Forum today to secure your place.

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Oliver Guy Demonstrates Oracle Retail Forecasting

At the NRF Big Show in New York, held in January 2014, Oracle Retail Senior Consulting Manager Oliver Guy demonstrated Demand Forecasting and the impact it can have on a retailer’s operations.

The Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting solution provides retailers with a single forecast to drive profitable planning and operations that reflect consumer preferences. The solution is designed to handle the challenges of real-world retail forecasting, incorporating the variety of customer interactions that impact sales, such as web site launches, new store openings, new product introductions, price and assortment changes, promotions and discontinuation of products.

Visit the Oracle Retail microsite for more details on Oracle Retail Supply Chain solutions.

For more from Oliver: 

Follow him on Twitter:
Read his blog:

Wednesday May 14, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: Announcing UK Consumer Research Findings

Today we unveiled the UK results of Oracle's New Retail Democracy global consumer research. The findings show us that the UK consumer is a demanding one, less loyal than other consumers across the rest of the world, but rewards good access to information and product availability with higher spend:

  • 93% think understanding availability is important
  • Understanding whether a product is available influences loyalty and spend in the UK:
  • 40% say they are more likely to be loyal to a retailer that provides this information (46% globally)
  • 38% say they are more likely to spend more with a retailer that provides this information (30% globally)
  • Availability is of equal priority to price, although globally availability rates more important (58% globally)
  • 50% want access to information on the origin of products, in particular 79% want to understand the origination of their food (74% globally)

The UK is a highly demanding retail market. Shoppers are clearly voting with their feet in the UK and it is availability of product and access to product which is driving those votes. Retailers not investing in innovations around web availability updates and click and collect will quickly lose market to retailers offering more choice, value and individual service. It no longer matters where you sit in the price order - the UK consumer expects access to information and total availability from the discounters to the luxury brands.

However, it is worth noting that the UK market is very sensitive to price and we are seeing that through retailers like Tesco announcing pound zones in their supermarkets. Compared to the rest of the world, the UK shopper is less loyal but they will spend more with retailers who make available the information they need and access to and products they want. The UK consumer is sophisticated and discerning, and while they are more mercurial than the rest of the world, they are openly rewarding those retailers who read and respond to the demands of the UK market.

Visit the New Retail Democracy microsite to see why access anywhere matters to UK consumers, how availability always has become crucial in retaining loyalty and find out about the value technology brings to their shopping journey.

The research explores the emergence of a more democratic relationship between consumer and retailer, and explores the challenge for retailers to understand, empower and represent this new digitally-empowered consumer. Oracle commissioned leading market research agency Redshift Research in December 2013, interviewing 4,500 adults from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the USA.

Access country specific results for the UK at Available resources include whitepapers, infographics and fact sheets.


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