Monday Feb 10, 2014

New Video Case Study: Groupe ERAM - The Story So Far

Groupe ERAM is a major European fashion retailer with brands focused on clothing and footwear for men, women and children. The €1.7 billion French retailing group, which employs 12,000 people, owns and operates three footwear manufacturing sites in France and distributes its products via stores and brands including Gémo, Eram, Tati, Texto, TBS, Heyraud, Mellow Yellow, France Arno, Bocage, Fabio Lucci and Giga Store. The group has 1650 shops and an online presence.

With Groupe ERAM looking to create a mullti-site ecommerce platform for its shoes and apparel brands, the company opted for Oracle Commerce solutions to support their development and growth. The company wanted a single platform to operate multiple integrated commerce sites.

By using Oracle Commerce, Groupe ERAM will be able to deliver personalised, relevant and connected experiences to its multi-channel customers.

In this video, Marie-Aurore Canton, Head of Customer Marketing and Digital, outlines the challenge faced by Groupe ERAM, the experience of working Oracle Retail and how the customer experience has been affected.

Friday Feb 07, 2014

ORIF Europe 2013 Presentation Video: Andrew Kenny, Mr Price

Andrew Kenny, Deputy Managing Director at Mr Price, discussed the retailers’ journey with Oracle Retail at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum in London, 2013. Kenny looked at the role Oracle solutions have played in the expansion of the business through South Africa, and then internationally.

Mr Price Group is one of the fastest growing South African retailers of apparel, home- and sportswear. The business is expanding internationally, with stores opening in other African countries as well as Mr Price’s online offering serving customers worldwide.

In his session, Andrew Kenny discussed the retailer’s international multi-channel and multi-currency expansion project, and how this was supported by Oracle Commerce, taking the company into the future of retail.

Thursday Feb 06, 2014

New Video Case Study: Oracle & M.Video – Working Together to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

M.Video is a leading Russian retailer of consumer electronics, with 280 stores across 120 cities in Russia. The company retails over 20,000 products and accessories and is known for its outstanding customer service level. M.Video is the first and only publicly traded company in its sector.

In the below video, M.Video CIO Chris Mangham outlines how Oracle Retail has supported the company during a period of growth and development in offering a Commerce Anywhere experience to its customers, allowing interaction across multiple channels. Mangham discusses the situation that led M.Video to upgrade its IT infrastructure and the reasons why Oracle was chosen as an ideal partner to support the business' growth.

Wednesday Feb 05, 2014

Oracle Retail Exchange (REx) 2014: Highlights from New York

This year’s Oracle Retail Exchange (REx) in New York (January 12-15) saw 93 retail executives from 20 different countries come together at the Hudson Hotel to experience high-value content from Oracle Retail.

Launch of Oracle Retail 14

Our big announcement this year was the launch of Oracle Retail 14, supporting the provision of Commerce Anywhere. Oracle Retail 14 connects every possible permutation of the consumer’s journey to the retail processes and data needed to deliver them. The release has an increased focus on the consumer across the entire suite of products – and uniquely delivers science driven consumer-based decision making.


The REx agenda allowed delegates to spend all their time at the National Retail Federation (NRF) BIG Show, where delegates were able to take in the show as well as socialize and exchange ideas with fellow international retailers.

The NRF BIG Show features a 200,000 sq ft Expo, representing 550 solution providers showcasing innovative technologies and engagement tools to open new channels and create opportunities.

EMEA Retailers in New York

4 international retailers presented their story at REx: NBTY Europe, the parent company behind brands such as Holland & Barrett, Nature's Way, and Essenza, French home-improvement and gardening retailer Leroy Merlin, Russian consumer electronics retailer M.Video as well as Shop Direct Group, a multi-brand online retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Store Tours

When not listening to Oracle executives or fellow retailers’ present, delegates took part in the various activities that featured on the REx agenda. These included 3 Customer Store Showcases – Diesel, Luxottica (Sunglass Hut) and C. Wonder, as well as 8 Executive Retailer Store Tours, demonstrating innovation, technology and the very best of New York retail.


For the first time, augmented reality app Zappar was used in the REx event brochure, offering delegates a way of accessing additional exclusive content. By scanning the zapcode, retailers were able to watch printed content come alive on their mobile devices.

Try it yourself! Download the Zappar app, and then scan the zapcode on the below agenda item to see the content come to life!

Other Highlights

Evening activities in New York included a night at the museum – cocktails and canapés amidst a backdrop of dinosaurs and other fossils, at the American Museum of Natural History. Also a popular feature was the Oracle Red Hot Party, drawing a large crowd to the Arena nightclub.

For further information on this or future Oracle Retail Exchange (REx) events, please contact Nikki Collins at

Thursday Jan 23, 2014

The Retail Program at Oracle Industry Connect 2014

Having just finished with NRF BIG Show activities in New York, we are now gearing up for our next big event, the Oracle Industry Connect (OIC) 2014. This flagship Oracle industry event features customer-led content delivered by industry leaders such as Karen Katz, CEO and President of Neiman Marcus and Ricardo Kandelman, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors at Makro South America.

If you are used to the Oracle Retail CrossTalk program, you are going to want to join us in Boston, March 25-26. The OIC's retail program evolved from and adopts the best practices of the Oracle Retail CrossTalk program. OIC offers more than 30 retailer-led sessions to help you achieve the imperatives to create and sustain a world-class experience, wherever your brand engages with consumers. The program maintains focus on the retail community and showcases the Oracle Retail Excellence Awards, offering strategic sponsorships and enabling networking among your retail peers. 

The event is invitation-only, so visit the OIC Retail site now to request an invitation and view the full agenda. We look forward to welcoming you in Boston!

Monday Jan 13, 2014

Oracle Retail Exchange 2014 Kicks Off in New York

94 retailers from 17 countries, reaching as far as Japan, Australia and the Middle East, have gathered in New York to kick off the 2014 Oracle Retail Exchange at the Hudson Hotel – making this a truly global event. Delegates are coming together to network from their industry peers, and hear how Oracle is supporting retailers to develop their business across the world.

We also have exciting news to share: Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Oracle Retail, is welcoming delegates this evening and introducing Oracle Retail Version 14 – Oracle’s largest ever release of solutions designed to facilitate the provision of Commerce Anywhere.

Consumers are now asking for a customer experience that allows them to purchase anytime, anyplace and through any channel. To respond to this challenge, retailers are working to remove the lines between channels making inventory readily available at the right time and the right place.

Oracle Retail Version 14 supports retailers in providing the Commerce Anywhere environment demanded by the modern consumer.

To learn more about the Oracle Retail Version 14 release, please visit or read the press release available here.

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Kamal Osman Jamjoom: A Journey to Enable Growth

At Oracle Retail CrossTalk in Chicago in June, Thameem Rizvon, IT Director of KOJ Group, talked about how the company’s IT strategy enables this Middle East retail powerhouse to have double-digit growth each year.

Access the presentation to learn how the alignment between KOJ IT, KOJ business, and Oracle has resulted in rapid implementations, minimal customizations, and smooth change management. Because IT projects implemented at KOJ have the added complexity of being multilingual, an even closer alignment with business users is necessary.

In 2006, the KOJ Group had about 280 stores with 50 IT staff. Today, it has more than 650 stores and runs stable IT operations with just 32 IT staff. The presentation also included details on how KOJ Group rolled out Oracle Retail Point-of-Service and Oracle Retail Stores Inventory Management in over 625 stores in six countries in just 90 days.

Through the years, the KOJ Group has implemented a variety of Oracle hardware and software solutions including Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System, Oracle Retail Business Intelligence, Oracle Retail Application Server, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Fusion Performance Management.

Access the presentation here.

Thursday Dec 12, 2013 Powering the Personalisation Experience Through Endeca Search

Marriott International is one of the world’s leading hospitality companies, operating over 3,700 properties around the world, and bringing in over $12billion in revenue each year.

The company utilises Oracle Endeca on to deliver a personalised experience to its customers, and as a result has seen a number of business benefits. These have included the ability to scale easily and increased website performance. The team behind the website have also been able to easily roll out new projects to meet business needs.

In this video, Tim Streightoff, Director of IT for, discusses how the company currently uses Endeca Search to power the personalisation experience on as well as using the Endeca Search and Faceted Navigation within its primary booking path.

The video is available on the Oracle Media Network.

Oracle Endeca Commerce enables companies to deliver a personalised and consistent customer buying experience across all channels–online, in-store, mobile, or social.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Showroom Your Way

We have come a long way from the 2008 Oxford English Word of the year “credit crunch” and last year’s “omni-shambles”. While “selfie” was crowned the 2013 winner yesterday, “showrooming” was a top contender.

This represents changing consumer behaviour and the role of technology in our retail experience.

Showrooming is a new shopping behaviour. 2013 is the year where a more confident, connected consumer is placing him or herself at the heart of the retail machine. People who may once have been considered “window shoppers” are now, armed with their smart phone, making the journey to the stores to look at goods while researching best prices online. Some retailers might view this as a problem, but it’s not something to fear.

Having confident consumers empowered by information on price and availability will require a re-engineering of some retail businesses. But an empowered, confident consumer operating across all retail channels is a better problem to have than a credit crunch. For retailers, this means showrooming your products your way, using the best available science to build your business in a confident way.

A Mobile Social Connected Experience

The selfie “trend” signals the strength of social media and technology in society and its mainstream prevalence.

2013 is the year that worldwide sales of smartphones exceeded those of regular phones. As of July 18, 2013, 90 percent of global handset sales are attributed to the purchase of Android and iPhone smartphones.

Taking selfies and showrooming are now entirely mainstream activities. According to a new eMarketer report, “Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates,” nearly one in four people worldwide will use social networks in 2013. The number of social network users around the world will rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.

So what do retailers need to know about showrooming?

1. Enable and provide Commerce Anywhere

You need a digitally integrated marketing and delivery strategy. Once a consumer is engaged in showrooming they are engaged with your channel and you can only delight them. Innovations like click and collect are becoming standard – the next phase will be about delivering Commerce Anywhere, supporting every permutation of a customer journey, in real time.

2. Focus on cross channel availability

It is right to focus on price when your customer is focused on price. However, availability is just as important when it comes to showrooming. Offering reliable inventory availability across multi-channels in real time is something few retailers can offer yet because it challenges the integration of the channels and the systems. To benefit from showrooming you need to be opening up accurate inventory information to the shopper 24/7. This is something you need to get right as no customer will forgive an “omni shambles”. If you say an item is available now – it needs to be available for the customer now.

3. Assume every individual shopper carries their individual internet in their pocket

Your customer wants as much information about the product as is available. Jumping onto a mobile devices is reassuring, when we want to see my internet, my social media streams, my personalised experience. Once a customer is engaged across channels you can be strengthening their decision making using powerful science. We help people to build consumer decision trees, capitalise on search data and get the right product placement for the individual.

4. Differentiate the offer

If your in-store team are as wise as the internet, you can engage with customers in new and differentiated ways.

Today’s consumer needs Commerce Anywhere - you have to embrace the digital channels that are available on mobile devices. Retailers now need to deliver what the modern customer expects through powerful science, systems and social experiences.

Showroom your way, show your customers the best ways to engage with your brand and you will be heading for success.

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

TOMS Uses Oracle Commerce to Drive International Expansion Strategy

TOMS is well-known for their One for One™ movement, providing people in need with a pair of TOMS shoes or eye care with every corresponding purchase made. The brand features numerous styles and colors in footwear, and has seen increasing popularity amongst consumers worldwide, both online and in stores.

To support its rapid business growth and international expansion, TOMS is using Oracle Commerce to personalize its online customer experience by delivering relevant content and recommendations to customers, providing a faster, easier checkout and a more visual, content-rich shopping experience with integrated ratings and reviews.

TOMS required the agile, scalable B2C eCommerce environment provided by Oracle Commerce, as it forms a vital part of its strategic initiative to deliver the One for One™ message to new markets and supports global demand for an ever expanding product line. The brand also benefits from the use of the Oracle Commerce integrated translation features, which has automated the translation process and simplified expansion into new markets dramatically.

Read the full press release: TOMS Drives International Expansion with Oracle Commerce

Monday Nov 18, 2013

Metra Chicago Deploys Oracle Retail Point of Sale Across its Network

Chicago’s commuter rail service provider, Metra Chicago operates over 1100 miles of track, and carries over 82.7 million passenger rides each year. The company was operating twenty three different systems, each with different maintenance partners, but wanted to consolidate these disparate systems into a single platform.

Since implementing Oracle Retail’s Point of Service solution, the company has seen a wide array of benefits. These have included speedier input of data into its foundation system that has had the added benefit of the provision of an enhanced customer dashboard to its user community. It has also been able to offer customers credit card use options, without the requirement of manual signatures by using an electronic signature capture device.

In this video, see how Metra Chicago is using the Oracle Retail Point of Service for its five downtown and 82 outlying stations to improve customer experience, data flow, and accounting management.

This video can also be viewed on the Oracle Media Network.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Saudi Arabian Retail Distribution Business Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce

Ajlan & Bros has selected Oracle Commerce in a bid to improve its customer engagement capabilities and drive its expansion plans. The large Middle Eastern retail distribution business, which specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of clothing across the Middle East, is seeking to expand its operations, which consist of a distribution network of more than 7,000 points of sale and represent more than 15 international brands. The business is aiming to build brand awareness globally with an interest in the European and American markets.

Choosing Oracle Commerce will provide Ajlan & Bros with the capability to optimize each customer engagement, which will help to increase cross-channel promotion and improve a unified online, mobile and social experience for customers. The company will be able to leverage Oracle Commerce’s advanced marketing and personalization capabilities, with enhanced integrated search and content management functionality across its channels.

The selection of Oracle Commerce followed an extensive evaluation of competitor solutions, with Oracle selected due to the solutions strong capabilities in cross-channel ecommerce and customer experience management, as well as a solid track record of maintaining best practice.

Press release: Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce to Support Expansion Strategy

Friday Oct 11, 2013

French Retailer Groupe ÉRAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce

Groupe ÉRAM has chosen Oracle Commerce to support its initiative of creating a multi-site ecommerce platform for its shoes and apparel brands. With 1,650 stores across brands such as Eram and GEMO, Groupe ÉRAM wants to extend its operations through a next level ecommerce strategy.

By selecting Oracle Commerce, the retailer will be able to take advantage of a single platform to operate multiple integrated commerce sites. Groupe ÉRAM will roll out Oracle Commerce across 7 brands, ahead of a wider deployment, creating new ecommerce opportunities for some brands and replacing legacy open source solutions for others, which have lacked the scalability, flexibility and functionality necessary to support the group’s ecommerce ambitions.

The deployment of Oracle Commerce will help Groupe ÉRAM deliver a Commerce Anywhere customer experience through a personalized, relevant and connected interaction. The retailer will be able to promote more targeted offers to drive cross- and up-sell opportunities and improve conversion rates, while the single platform will help to keep the costs in check.

Press release: Groupe ERAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce

Friday Oct 04, 2013

New Oracle Retail LinkedIn Group

Oracle Retail has launched a brand new group on LinkedIn. The group has been created to allow the Oracle Retail community to connect and network in a single location, and is now available for members to join.

The group will be populated with the latest news and content, as well as information about forthcoming events. Members will be able to pose questions to Oracle Retail and the community, and connect with other members.

Click here to visit The Oracle Retail Group and apply for membership.

As part of the new group, a sub-group has also been created specifically aimed at delegates and those interested in Oracle Retail Industry Forum events. The group is being used to communicate the latest news and information about the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, Europe event in October, and is also available for members to join.

Click here to visit The Oracle Retail Industry Forum group and apply for membership. Please note this group is open only to retailers and partners directly involved in Oracle Retail Industry Forum events.

Thursday Oct 03, 2013

French Retailer Auchan Selects Oracle Retail Merchandising

Groupe Auchan, the French retail group and tenth largest grocery retailer in the world, has selected Oracle Retail Merchandising solutions to support the growth of its European business by synchronizing core retail and supply chain operations across the region.

Groupe Auchan will use Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Price Management, Oracle Retail Trade Management and Oracle Retail Allocation solutions to optimize merchandising decisions around specific lines of business that help deliver operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Oracle Retail Merchandising solutions offer Groupe Auchan the robust functionality and reliability necessary to support its organic growth strategy and will enable it to benefit from the complementary nature of its retail businesses.

The retailer plans to leverage the capabilities of the Oracle Retail solutions to enhance the shopping experience for its customers through improved range synergies across its regions. These capabilities will provide the group with access to better pricing as well as promoting faster time to market to satisfy demand and enhancing the competitiveness in its key markets.

Press release: Groupe Auchan Selects Oracle Retail to Optimize its International Operations


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