Thursday Sep 18, 2014

Why YOU should be an Oracle Social Cloud Specialist

Social media is exciting, energizing and effective. Earning the respect and recommendation of your customers, fans and friends puts you and your clients on a path to building a thriving, profitable business. And the good news is, this can all be done with Oracle’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) solutions.

If you're looking to break into this highly-competitive field and distinguish yourself from the competition, start today by earning an Oracle SRM Implementation Specialist Certification. Simply complete the recommended online training courses through eight self-paced modules, which are designed to help you pass the exam.

Study guide check list:

The Oracle SRM Implementation Essentials Exam is designed for individuals who want to build a strong foundation and expertise in implementing and on-boarding Oracle Social Relationship Management solutions. Passing the exam will earn you the OPN Certified Specialist designation and contribute towards qualifying your company in the OPN Specialized Program.

Steps to register:

  • Go to Pearson VUE;
  • Access your account;
  • Log-in/validate your company ID + register for the Oracle Social Relationship Management 2014 Implementation Essentials exam
  • You will have two hours to answer 63 exam questions, and a score of at least 74% is needed to pass.

In addition, if you’re looking for a more hands-on learning experience, join one of our Social Cloud Implementation Boot Camps. At our boot camps you’ll join us at our offices for a three day intensive training. These boot camps are the only complete training for Oracle Social Marketing Cloud and Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud that will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to on-board, train, implement and manage the Social Cloud solutions for your customers. 

Ready, set, go!
Your Oracle Social Exam enthusiasts

Monday Mar 24, 2014

Social Everything

In a world dominated by social and mobile technologies, consumers don't just walk away from poor experiences on social media – they make negative comments and share them across their social channels.

It's not surprising that customer dissatisfaction has grown as the number of customer channels, devices and points of contact have grown. In a rush to keep up, many brands have thrown discrete technologies into the air without connecting them to the underlying business process. And if you have a fragmented customer experience, you're going to have frustrated customers.

Oracle CX Integration

Businesses don't want their social data in silos; rather they want them integrated with other business applications and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Oracle Social Cloud does just that by integrating with Oracle Marketing, Service, Sales and Commerce solutions. Businesses can easily leverage and integrate social data into other parts of their business – and even more simply with an existing Oracle Customer Experience (CX) application.

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) integration with Oracle CX is a big differentiator for us. Others will tell you that social media is primarily a marketing channel; we will offer you a marketing point solution. We built a solution that can work with various business functions across the enterprise. It's comprised of four chief social pillars – sales, marketing, commerce and customer service. Below are some key points for each pillar and the actions that enable our customer base to execute on more easily:

Social Sales - Help your sales reps sell better:

1. Understand social behavior and influence
2. Understand thoughts about your product
3. Understand thoughts about your brand
4. Leverage key supporters to generate more revenue

Social Marketing - Generate better marketing ROI:

1. Integrate social marketing with other campaigns
2. Understand impact and influence of your paid, owned and earned content
3. Listen to consumer sentiment
4. Leverage social to market better products

Social Commerce - Make eCommerce personalized:

1. Use Social to drive eCommerce traffic
2. Provide personalized guidance
3. Resolve consumer issues

Social Customer Service - Make customer service a competitive differentiator:

1. Let your CSR's respond to social conversations
2. Design service offerings based on feedback
3. Build Service Knowledge Base off knowledge

At the heart of the Oracle Social strategy is an integrated Social Enterprise software solution that encompasses Oracle Social Marketing and Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring. Recognizing it's no longer enough to push out messages through social media or set up internal social collaboration, Oracle has built a platform that can help companies create deeper bonds with stakeholders. No other company, at this point in time, has as comprehensive a Social business solution as this.

We hope you'll give it a shot!

- The Oracle Social Team

Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Oracle Social Giving Customers Choices with Paid Social Media Partnership Program

social media choicesPaid social media is becoming increasingly crucial as marketers seek to amplify content for greater reach, higher engagement and better concentration of resources on the most likely of targets.

To better facilitate the integration of paid media with other social relationship management functions, Oracle Social Cloud is announcing an open API-based paid media solution bringing customers vendor choice, flexibility, and expertise. Our inaugural partners in this endeavor are social ad platform leaders Kenshoo, Nanigans, and SHIFT.

What this means is customers already on their way to becoming social enabled enterprises with the Oracle SRM can capitalize on the top ad technologies available, connecting content creation & management in SRM to promotion of that content with the paid social partners’ platforms.

Without question, our inaugural partners represent the best in the field, chosen based on criteria including platform capabilities, technology innovation, strategic partnerships with major social networks, customer base and scale capabilities.
Oracle Social Cloud Group VP Meg Bear says, “This strategic approach signals our belief in the power of an open API strategy, and we believe this is the best solution to meet our customers’ needs to leverage performance-based, targeted advertising at scale.”

Just look at the advantages of such an API partner strategy:
• Technology Expertise: SRM customers quickly benefit from years of focused development in the social paid media space by our partners.
• Analytics: Comprehensive analytics will be available to users through SRM and partner sites, helping them understand the metrics behind paid, owned and earned content.
• Coordination & Collaboration: Oracle SRM’s workflow functionality will enable better coordination and conversation between the community manager (owned and earned content), and the agency or media manager (paid content), facilitating greater efficiencies and effectiveness.
• Custom Audiences: Customers will be able to take advantage of SRM’s Custom Audiences capability via SRM and Eloqua integrations.
Why put yourself in the best position to act on paid social possible? Advertising Age has noted nothing has bested TV’s reach since the early '50s. Now, Facebook alone surpasses the reach of the 4 broadcast networks 18-to-24 and 25-to-34. Meanwhile a Nielsen study shows 3/4 of respondents use Paid Advertising, with 64% looking to increase spend in 2014.

It’s a massive audience of prospects. And if you’re spending ad dollars to engage with them on social (as a growing number are), that paid social spend should be as informed as possible.

The choices, flexibility, connection and collaboration offered by Oracle Social’s Paid Media Partnership Program offer a tremendous opportunity to move social marketers much closer to the real-time, right people, right-time strategies that lead to measurable success.
Post by Mike Stiles, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

Friday Nov 22, 2013

Have You Heard? OPN PartnerCasts Found a New Groove!

If you caught the last couple of OPN PartnerCasts, you might have noticed a few changes. We've rebooted the program with new segments from the Oracle Studio newsroom.

Now we're giving you the latest headlines from the partner ecosystem, plus opportunities to give us real-time feedback through polls and Twitter. This is all in addition to the strategic in-depth content you're used to getting from Oracle line-of-business experts, as well as partner and customer insights.

But wait — there's more! We're at the mid-point of our rousing interview series on the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite. These segments give you an inside look at winning CX strategies and the Oracle solutions that support them. So far, we've covered the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service and Oracle's Social Relationship Management tool.

If you missed them, never fear! Replays of each segment are available on-demand on the OPN PartnerCast page, the Oracle Media Network and the OPN YouTube channel.

Or, you can watch them right here!

Next on tap for the CX series: Sales Automation. Catch this — as well as key Java updates — on the next all-new PartnerCast. Watch it live at, on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 10:00 am PT.

See you online!

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