Friday Jan 20, 2012

Movin' On Up

Well, we’re movin’ on up… That’s right, the OPN team has moved the Solutions Catalog on up, with new and enhanced features making navigation around the site a breeze. We have traveled to both the East and West side of town to assure we have presented customers with the best directory to help them select the piece of the pie they are looking for.

This updated site provides customers with an overview of the entire OPN ecosystem, while highlighting Oracle Specialized partners and those who are a part of the Oracle Exastack program. The new streamlined search interface lists out each extensive knowledge area, allowing partners to play in the big leagues and get their hard earned turn at bat.

With the new media rich entry point into the Solutions Catalog, customers can now search for both Specialized and Oracle Exastack program partners, or they can opt to search for partner by region, product or solution, as well as gain access to provided white papers and videos.  Partners should spend some time updating their partner profile and marketing collateral, so potential customers can take a look at what they are all about.

We have also implemented a robust lead capture tool as a way for partners to request and post recommendations from customers and other partners. Finally, the new metrics capability will allow partners to measure the effectiveness of their profile. If having access to this kind of information isn’t living the good life, then we don’t know what is.

Here is what Judson has to say about the new Solutions Catalog:

Partners, take a few minutes to explore the enhanced Solutions Catalog and learn for yourself, how this valuable and measurable, demand generation vehicle runs and read what IDC has to say about this new and improved tool here.

Helping you move on up,
The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

Keep it Simple

I was recently in Orlando, FL, at Everything Channel's 2011 Xchange Solution Provider event. There, I discussed the significant business opportunity for the 250 current and potential Oracle Partners in attendance to build their businesses with Oracle. Start by selling 1-click products as a Remarketer, and grow your business along with Oracle's expanding opportunities to sell the full stack at the Gold and Platinum levels.

2011_March LS ECXchange.JPG

Xchange (#XSP) was a great forum to reach new partners who want to develop practices around Oracle managed services stack. Oracle has the full roster - an unrivaled bandwidth from applications to disk. Everyone can be on this team! A small services provider can get on board simply by signing up. Become a Remarketer - no membership fees or T&C required.

Oracle doesn't compete with its team by selling services, rather, Oracle looks to its partners to bring value-added services to our customers. The audience response, "Oracle got it." At the event, I caught up with Tiburon Technology's Martin C. Tarr. Watch what he had to say about delivering value-added services around Oracle solutions, while lauding Oracle's vision, technology and partner commitment:

Your invitation to join the Oracle PartnerNetwork team has arrived.

Keeping it simple,
Lydia Smyers
VP, WWA&C Programs & Communications
Twitter: @lydiasmyers

Monday Jan 24, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe it is already the 3rd week of the new year. There is a lot to look forward to with Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized in 2011 but we would be remiss to not share with you a few things we never got around to telling you about in 2010. Our New Years resolution? To give you the latest information you need on OPN Specialized through this blog. What's yours?

Without further adieu - drum roll please - here are the 2 blogs we meant to write in 2010:

Blog #1:
Looking back ....and FORWARD!

Time to regroup, everyone! We mentioned in our FY11 Partner Kickoff Recap that we were working on getting a FAQ completed to provide all the answers to the questions you asked us during the live chat session. Well, wait no more! Our specialists reviewed your questions and here you have the answers. Looking for more details on any of the topics? We have the answer for that too - contact your local Partner Business Center for personalized assistance or ping us on the OPN LinkedIn, Facebook , Twitter & Mix pages. Someone's always there to pick up your comments.

Don't forget that the FY11 Partner Kickoff videos are still available on demand. So check out the videos and YES, make note of further questions you may have for us. We'll be ready to answer them all LIVE at the upcoming PartnerCast on February 2nd at 9:00 AM PT.

Talk with you during PartnerCast,
The OPN Communications Team

How Do You Roll?

California Roll? Dragon Roll? HyperRoll? While the first 2 are delicious with soy sauce we think the third is best served with a side of Essbase. Oracle has made a lot of acquisitions over the past couple of years with HyperRoll and AmberPoint being just a few of them. Listen in as Judson talks about how you can leverage these 2 acquisitions:

Now get rollin' and join the Hyperion Knowledge Zone and Oracle Enterprise Manager Knowledge Zone; download the AmberPoint playbook and HyperRoll playbook and don't forget to spice things up with a side of wasabi.

Good selling,
The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

Week 2: Getting Motivated

Hi there. Your personal OPN Specialized trainer here. Checking in on your New Years resolution of getting Specialized. Not quite sure if you are signed up for this specialization thing? Sometimes it is hard to get motivated, so put on a little "Eye of the Tiger" and check out what Nick Kritikos had to say to The VAR Guy about some trends he is seeing with IT spending and how specialization is key.


Feeling inspired? Good. Gear up and find out how to get Specialized here .

We'll be checking in on your progress,

The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

Sitting In: Darren Bibby - Channels Research with IDC


Hi everyone. My name is Darren Bibby and I run our software channels research practice at IDC, the IT research firm. Congratulations to Judson, Penny, Lydia and the entire team on the December 2nd launch of OPN Specialized.

The last time I saw Judson was at Oracle OpenWorld in October. Actually - I saw him but I'm sure he didn't see me. It was at the first annual partner fun run. Judson was leading the pack and I was making sure no one got left behind at the back. Well that's my story...

We all learned a lot about the new OPN program at OpenWorld. I believe it's a great program the team has come up with for partners. It's a bold yet simple program that doesn't try to be more than it needs to be. It's not gimmicky. It makes sense for many reasons.

The old program made sense for the Oracle of old. But this isn't your father's Oracle-mobile... After almost 60 acquisitions, the Oracle of 2010 doesn't look much like the Oracle of the millennium year. Specializations were needed to allow partners to be recognized for what they're good for.

  • Customers can find partners more easily
  • Oracle field sales can find the best partners for specific deals
  • And partners can more easily find other partners to work with, knowing they can't be all things to all people

Some of the early criticism on the program was that it seemed a little too familiar; that it contained some "borrowed" concepts from other vendors. But who really cares - if it's the right thing to do for partners and customers. Even Oracle's new program levels aren't original. From my quick analysis of twenty of the top software partner programs, 12 (60%) of them have "Gold" and "Silver" as tiers. And 8 (40%) of them have the exact same "Platinum," "Gold" and "Silver". Maybe it's not a lack of creativity or innovation but rather it's just making things easier on customers.

And that's what OPN comes down to for me. It helps customers engage with partners. It makes sense.

Good luck to all the partners out there who will be gunning for some new Specializations. And also to the team at Oracle. Keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays to all. Cheers.

Thursday Dec 03, 2009

Did you miss it?

We held our launch for OPN Specialized yesterday and it was quite the event. With over 4500 of you joining us live we got into some of the details of the new program and answered your questions as they came in via Twitter, Facebook and chat.


Not to worry if you did miss the event, we set the DVR for you and you can catch up on all the live programming from yesterday's event on-demand.

You asked a lot of great questions and there just wasn't enough time to answer them all; however, we are pulling together an FAQ specific to yesterday's event to respond to all of your questions and point you to the resources you need to join OPN Specialized.

As we said yesterday - Carpe Diem!

The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Around the World with OPN Specialized

The countdown is on to the launch of OPN Specialized - just 2 weeks until you can join the new program. With a completely re-designed framework offering upgraded benefits, a new portal, and access to the Partner Business Center, OPN Specialized will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This news is making its way around the world with its first announcement at the OPN Forum followed by a special call for NAS Partners, serving as a highlight at the APAC Executive Partner Forum (EPF), and being discussed in detail in the EMEA Virtual OPN Days there is no denying that OPN Specialized is big news.

Listen in as Judson tells you a little bit about what APAC partners heard at their EPF in Macau.

Judson and George Wong at the EPF in Macau...


There will be more news to come on this from the EMEA OPN Day in Paris. Until then, mark your calendar for an event of global proportions as we host a live OPN Specialized launch event on December 2nd. This event will begin for our EMEA partners at 3:00 PM GMT and continue on live throughout the day for all of our partners globally.

Check out the schedule and registration details and we'll see you at the show.

The OPN Communications Team