Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

OPN Solutions Catalog Goes Mobile

Good news for our partners on this sunny Tuesday! Oracle PartnerNetwork is pleased to announce the launch of a mobile-ready OPN Solutions Catalog.

Features include:

  • A fluid search and browse experience regardless of device (phone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Streamlined design and reorganized search facets, making it easier for customers to search and browse for partner profiles and their solutions

The OPN Solutions Catalog is a free marketing tool for all active Oracle PartnerNetwork members. If you are an OPN partner… take advantage of it!

To learn more about the new catalog, watch the Solutions Catalog Training which includes best practices and a demo on how to update your profile. Spend a few minutes with our experts to learn how you can expand your market reach and showcase your offerings to our customers, partners, and Oracle employees worldwide.

Questions? Visit the Solutions Catalog Resource page or contact the Partner Business Center.

Tuesday Oct 15, 2013

Giddy-up to an OPN Solutions Catalog Partner Training Session

Howdy partner!

Don’t be a lonesome cowboy or cowgirl. Saddle up and trot on over to one of the latest OPN Solutions Catalog Partner Training sessions on October 16th or October 29th.

“What in tarnation is an OPN Solutions Catalog,” you ask?

Well, it’s the meanest, baddest, sharp-shootin’-est centralized record of our partners and the services and solutions they provide—east or west of the Mississippi. It’s also a prime cut benefit of your Oracle PartnerNetwork membership.

The OPN Solutions Catalog attracts more than 30,000 visitors a month—as many or more as ever rode the Oregon Trail. It’s a gold-rich gateway that makes it easy for customers and partners looking to do business with Oracle to find the partners and solutions that are right for them. That means you, ace!

There’s a wagonload of ways for you and yours to brand yourselves in the Catalog. You can...

  • Add a company overview, success stories and event information
  • Publish recommendations from customers and partners you’ve done business with
  • Profile your solutions and services
  • Link out to external information, including YouTube, white papers and data sheets

To learn more about how you can use the Catalog to expand your reach out on the range, join Oracle experts for one of our most anticipated Partner Trainings. The hour-long webcasts cover...

  • Why you should wrangle this free benefit
  • A tour of the Catalog’s features
  • Sure-fire ways to beef up your marketing efforts

Get along now,

The OPN “Rustlers”

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

A New Year’s Celebration in June- Updated Solutions Catalog

Happy Oracle New Year Everyone! Last week marked the official start to FY13 and we could not be more pleased with all that lies ahead this quarter, and all that we accomplished in the last…especially our newly updated Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog. If you thought it was great before, just wait until you see it now.

We are ringing in our New Year right by fully equipping partners with the necessary tools they need to have another successful year. The Solutions Catalog will help draw attention to your partner services and offerings, highlighting your expertise. The Solutions Catalog is a centralized and easy way to navigate this customer friendly site. Some of the exciting advancements include:

  • A streamlined search interface
  • A robust lead capture tool that requests the contact information of potential customers
  • A professional display of customer recommendations to showcase your skill set
  • A partner dashboard with enhanced profile creation and an improved publication process

Most exciting of all, updating your profile is easier than ever with the updated partner dashboard. Keeping your partner profile up to date will help to ensure customers are looking at the correct information about your company, and can easily stay on-top of any new developments or Specializations you receive. So don’t cut yourself short, be sure to update your profile today if you haven’t already done so.

For more information on the exciting upgrades available to you, visit the ‘Resources for Partners’ page or watch Takane Aizeki, Principle Portal Manager at Oracle, walk through the upgraded Solutions Catalog and the different ways to showcase your value as an Oracle solution provider.

Lydia Smyers
Group Vice President
WWA&C and Communications

Friday Jan 20, 2012

Movin' On Up

Well, we’re movin’ on up… That’s right, the OPN team has moved the Solutions Catalog on up, with new and enhanced features making navigation around the site a breeze. We have traveled to both the East and West side of town to assure we have presented customers with the best directory to help them select the piece of the pie they are looking for.

This updated site provides customers with an overview of the entire OPN ecosystem, while highlighting Oracle Specialized partners and those who are a part of the Oracle Exastack program. The new streamlined search interface lists out each extensive knowledge area, allowing partners to play in the big leagues and get their hard earned turn at bat.

With the new media rich entry point into the Solutions Catalog, customers can now search for both Specialized and Oracle Exastack program partners, or they can opt to search for partner by region, product or solution, as well as gain access to provided white papers and videos.  Partners should spend some time updating their partner profile and marketing collateral, so potential customers can take a look at what they are all about.

We have also implemented a robust lead capture tool as a way for partners to request and post recommendations from customers and other partners. Finally, the new metrics capability will allow partners to measure the effectiveness of their profile. If having access to this kind of information isn’t living the good life, then we don’t know what is.

Here is what Judson has to say about the new Solutions Catalog:

Partners, take a few minutes to explore the enhanced Solutions Catalog and learn for yourself, how this valuable and measurable, demand generation vehicle runs and read what IDC has to say about this new and improved tool here.

Helping you move on up,
The OPN Communications Team