Friday Sep 14, 2012

Go From Social Glum to Guru at the Social Media Rally Station @ OOW


@OPN Partners,

We have some #exciting news for you! Just when you thought Oracle OpenWorld #OOW couldn’t get any better; OPN wants to announce a little something called the Social Media Rally Station™. #OMG!

Enough with the social talk, hash tags and @’s, since there will be plenty of that at Oracle OpenWorld! This awesome station full of experts is the opportunity you've been looking for to optimize your online presence. You’ll start by receiving an overall evaluation of where you stand online, and get customized, face-to-face, expert advice on how to better engage with your customers and find new prospects online!

Here’s what will happen at the Social Media Rally Stations:

  1. Partners will check in with a Rally Coordinator who will assess your needs and move you to the appropriate station.
  2. You will take part in a Professional Photo Station where you’ll get a head shot to use on social profiles, your own website, or for articles and posts about your company.
  3. Finally, the One-2-One Station Consultants will walk you through how you’re using social media today and next steps including, Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Finally, this is a custom engagement so you can decide how you want to focus the time.

Go from Social Media glum to guru in under 25 minutes! Oh and a few other things to remember…

  • These Social Media Rally Stations will be taking place on: Sunday, 9/30 from 3-5 p.m.PT at the Esplanade level, Moscone South and Monday, 10/1 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. PT at the OPN Lounge in Moscone South, Exhibit Hall Level
  • Please wear professional attire from the waist up for your head-shot
  • Bring any login info for your social platforms
  • Come prepared with questions for our One-2-One Consultants!

If you have any questions before the hitting the ground running at the Social Media Station™ sponsored by Oracle and provided by Channel Maven Consulting, or if you’d like to schedule some time while you’re at Oracle OpenWorld, send an email to Oh and don’t forget to RT this post on Twitter and ‘like’ us on Facebook to spread the word! #Thanks!

See you around the social-sphere,

Monday Mar 19, 2012

Let’s Get Social

You can try to run from it like a Facebook picture but you can't hide. Social media as we know it is quickly taking over our lives and is not going away any time soon. Though attempting to reach as many Twitter followers as Lady Gaga is daunting, learning how to leverage social media to meet your customer's needs is not. For Oracle, this means interacting directly with our partners through our many social media outlets, and refraining from posting a mindless status on the pastrami on rye we ate for lunch today… though it was delicious.

The "correct" way to go about social media is going to mean something different to each company. For example, sending a customer more than one friend request a day may not be the best way to get their attention, but using social media as a two-way marketing channel is. Oracle's Partner Business Center's (PBC) twitter handle was recently mentioned by Elateral as the "ideal way to engage with your market and use social media in the channel". Why you ask? Because the PBC has two named social media leads manning the Twitter feed at all times, helping partners get the information and answers they need more quickly than a Justin Bieber video gone viral.

So whether you want to post a video of your favorite customer attempting the Marshmallow challenge or tweet like there's no tomorrow, be sure to follow @OraclePartnerBiz today, and see how they can help you achieve your next partner milestone with Oracle.

Happy Socializing,

The OPN Communications Team

Monday Jun 15, 2009

Tweets, Podcasts and Status Updates-You're in the right place; Oracle PartnerNetwork is in the Mix and wants to know "What's on your mind"?

Forget Elvis - Oracle PartnerNetwork wants a lot more conversation. This is why we have begun reaching out to you in a whole new host of ways. We’ve Tweeted about it. We’ve Facebooked about it. We’ve Linked you In. And now, we are blogging about it.

Oracle PartnerNetwork is providing you with a platform to connect with members of the OPN Community via Oracle Mix, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We encourage you to join the conversation and to share ideas and experiences. We've also developed a podcasting channel just for partners, OPN PartnerCast. We want to deliver you information quickly and effectively and we want to know what you think. Your engagement with us via these platforms and the real time feedback you can provide is invaluable to our success.

Check out Judson’s message to you regarding social media and tweet us your thoughts @ oraclepartners

Happy New Year!
The OPN Communications Team