Monday Mar 24, 2014

Social Everything

In a world dominated by social and mobile technologies, consumers don't just walk away from poor experiences on social media – they make negative comments and share them across their social channels.

It's not surprising that customer dissatisfaction has grown as the number of customer channels, devices and points of contact have grown. In a rush to keep up, many brands have thrown discrete technologies into the air without connecting them to the underlying business process. And if you have a fragmented customer experience, you're going to have frustrated customers.

Oracle CX Integration

Businesses don't want their social data in silos; rather they want them integrated with other business applications and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Oracle Social Cloud does just that by integrating with Oracle Marketing, Service, Sales and Commerce solutions. Businesses can easily leverage and integrate social data into other parts of their business – and even more simply with an existing Oracle Customer Experience (CX) application.

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) integration with Oracle CX is a big differentiator for us. Others will tell you that social media is primarily a marketing channel; we will offer you a marketing point solution. We built a solution that can work with various business functions across the enterprise. It's comprised of four chief social pillars – sales, marketing, commerce and customer service. Below are some key points for each pillar and the actions that enable our customer base to execute on more easily:

Social Sales - Help your sales reps sell better:

1. Understand social behavior and influence
2. Understand thoughts about your product
3. Understand thoughts about your brand
4. Leverage key supporters to generate more revenue

Social Marketing - Generate better marketing ROI:

1. Integrate social marketing with other campaigns
2. Understand impact and influence of your paid, owned and earned content
3. Listen to consumer sentiment
4. Leverage social to market better products

Social Commerce - Make eCommerce personalized:

1. Use Social to drive eCommerce traffic
2. Provide personalized guidance
3. Resolve consumer issues

Social Customer Service - Make customer service a competitive differentiator:

1. Let your CSR's respond to social conversations
2. Design service offerings based on feedback
3. Build Service Knowledge Base off knowledge

At the heart of the Oracle Social strategy is an integrated Social Enterprise software solution that encompasses Oracle Social Marketing and Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring. Recognizing it's no longer enough to push out messages through social media or set up internal social collaboration, Oracle has built a platform that can help companies create deeper bonds with stakeholders. No other company, at this point in time, has as comprehensive a Social business solution as this.

We hope you'll give it a shot!

- The Oracle Social Team