Monday Jun 02, 2014

OPN Knowledge Zones: Have you Signed Up for Specific Updates?

Hi there, partners! Do you want access to OPN resources, tools and product updates? Want to receive customized information relevant to your personal interests?

You can now easily manage your communication preferences for the Oracle product Knowledge Zones you consider informative and useful by checking your Oracle Partner Store (OPS) account and specifying your preferences. Even better, you can come back at any time to update your preferences to receive only what’s relevant for your business. It’s easy to do and the benefits are endless! Just follow these simple steps in this video:

There is a lot of great information you may be missing out on if you haven’t signed up for the OPN Knowledge Zone, partners. So what are you waiting for?

Your always-on OPN Communications team

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

Personalize your Experience with the Oracle Partner Store


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

So it may not be magic, but it’s definitely close!  Partners can now personalize their experience with the Oracle Partner Store and control what and who receives notifications.

Let’s take a look at the MyOPS tab in Partner Store and explore more:

Under “My Account” select Personal Information.  In the additional Email Addresses box, you can add in email addresses, including distribution lists that you want to be copied for every OPS notification that you receive.

If you select Preferences in the drop-down you set the following options:

  • What language you want to receive alerts in
  • Whether or not you want to receive order confirmation and order booked alerts
  • Your default installation country and currency
  • Your default support offering and duration when you add items to the cart

Other preferences you can select from the drop down include:

  • Bill to Addresses
  • Ship to Addresses
  • Preferred Bill to/ Ship to
  • Company information
  • Credit Cards

Please note that these settings will only affect your account in the Oracle Partner Store – they will not affect other users from your company.  For more information please refer to our training page.

So take a moment to set up the Partner Store to meet your needs and save you some time.


Simon Davis

Senior Director WW A&C Quote To Order

Wednesday Oct 17, 2012

Deal Registration is moving to OPS– Guest Post


We have listened to, contemplated around, and agreed with your feedback when it comes to our current deal registration system, and now we are proud to announce that deal registration is moving to the Oracle Partner Store! If you missed the live announcement at Oracle OpenWorld, watch below as Titina Ott, VP of  Worldwide Alliances & Channels, presents on this upcoming and exciting functionality.

Some benefits of this move include:

  • Simplified Registration Form
  • Easier and Faster Product Selection
  • Expanded Browser Support
  • Shared Registration Visibility Between VAD and VAR
  • Downloadable tracking and reporting
  • Shared Customer Selection From Partner Ordering Functions

As you may already be aware, the Oracle Partner Store is a very popular, feature rich application for partners like you, that handles software and hardware ordering, including configurations, additional discount requests and product and price information.

This big move is set to go live November 19th 2012, but don’t wait until then! If you don’t already have an Oracle Partner Store account, register today  and get ready for the big move!

Best Regards,

Simon Davis

Senior Director Ww A&C Quote To Order