Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

OPN Central @ OpenWorld Day 3: What’s next?

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through Oracle OpenWorld. A lot has taken place, and there's still a lot left.

While you think about what’s next on your agenda, here’s a reminder of what’s left this conference week:

While all of this is happening, you know you can always find your favorite Lounge Lizards in the OPN Lounge, located in Moscone South, room 100.

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OPN Comms Team

Monday Oct 26, 2015

OPN Central @ OpenWorld Day 2: Top Monday experiences

Welcome to day 2, partners! We sure hope that everyone had a great time at OPN AfterDark last night and learned a lot from yesterday’s OPN General Sessions. As most of you may have heard, OPN announced a next-gen cloud program during the SI session designed to further support partner business growth. For more information on the announcement, visit the Oracle Newsroom.

Also, a big congratulations again to partner Damian of Ataway on winning the flight with Team Oracle USA. We want to see photos!

As for today, make sure you have these OPN Central experiences on your Day 2 schedule:

  1. OPN In Focus Sessions: Attend one of our brief informational sessions about OPN program benefits and how to grow your business in the cloud. All sessions take place at the OPN Lounge.