Thursday Sep 12, 2013

Discover New Opportunities with MySQL

With summer finally descending on San Francisco—only a couple months late this year—it’s conference season. By now, you’ve heard all about OPN Exchange @ OOW 13. But here’s something new: if you’re in town beforehand, consider checking out MySQL Connect, a conference that brings together the global MySQL community and Oracle’s MySQL experts for a massive knowledge-share about the world’s most popular open-source database. You can add the MySQL Connect event to your Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne registration for only US$100. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity—register now!

MySQL joined the Oracle family in 2010. Since then, Oracle has been investing heavily in the product to integrate it across a range of Oracle ecosystems. It is the most popular open source database for rapidly building and deploying modern, cost-effective and secure web-based applications.

In addition to being the solution of choice for some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, among thousands of others), MySQL also offers a host of revenue opportunities for partners.

Here are just a few of the advantages MySQL brings:

  • With over 15 million active installations and a leadership position in the cloud, demand for MySQL is strong and growing.
  • Partners can benefit from MySQL’s sales opportunities, including MySQL Enterprise Edition subscriptions, value-add services, technology up-sell, and revenue annuity streams.
  • MySQL is certified with many Oracle products. The MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications make it easier, faster & safer for Oracle customers to deploy and manage MySQL within their existing environment.
  • There are clear complementary opportunities.

Spend a few minutes exploring the benefits MySQL can bring to your customers. For example, take a look at the MySQL TCO Calculator to discover how you can help your customers save up to 90% over Microsoft SQL.

If MySQL is already part of your portfolio, watch the recent OPN: MySQL Opportunities for Partners PartnerCast to discover new revenue opportunities and to learn more about how MySQL fits into the Oracle ecosystem.

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