Friday May 10, 2013

The Ways of Modern PR and Video for the Social Marketer

The world as we know it is rapidly evolving. From how we interact with others to how we work, there is no denying that technology is the driving force behind it all. Technology is now faster, smarter, smaller and more prominent than ever before, and we as a unified workforce have become utterly dependent on it.

Worlds Colliding

Take public relations for example. A line of business that was once highly reliant on lengthy press releases and generic email pitches has now drastically changed. Press releases are now shorter and very much catered to a specific audience. Most press releases today also incorporate a video, images, some form of media or links to supporting images.

Press releases not only need to be newsworthy, credible, captivating, defendable, they also need to be short and punchy since we have become accustom to the fast paced ways of social media, and don’t have time to sift through thick and wordy content.

Speaking of social, successful PR campaigns also make use of their social platforms for promotion. Watch Jessica Moore, Oracle’s Director, Corporate Communications and Lydia Smyers, Group Vice President of WWA&C - Programs and Communications, as they discuss how PR has evolved in the past few years, and how Oracle can help get you up to speed. Visit Oracle’s PR webpage to contact your regional PR lead.

The World of Video –What a Beautiful World It Is

Another important shift, thanks to technology, is in the way we communicate through video. Today there seems to be a lot of buzz around video, and rightfully so! Video is simply in the “sweet spot” of how we as humans consume information. According to Vision Group Research, FMRIB, at the University of Oxford, UK, "64 percent of all human communication is non-verbal".  With video you can include these important non-verbal queues; it is easy to access and easy to comprehend. To quote an old Chinese Proverb,

“Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I'll understand”.

Watching (and becoming involved in) a video promotes greater comprehension and understanding. How many times have we had to re-read a paragraph because we didn’t absorb the content the first time?

The bottom line is that video works; there is no doubt about it. The question then, that we as business folks are left with is, when is video the right tool? Before answering this question, you must first determine who your audience is and if the message you are trying to convey to that audience is best served by a video. Dig a little deeper… what are your audience/customers business problems that you want to solve? Can this be done in a video? What will your tagline and key take-always be? What is the appropriate brand “voice” and tone you’d like to use to convey these key take aways?

A successful video does not have to be expensive and it should be short and sweet. Watch David Boyll, Director of Digital Media Technology for Oracle Brand Marketing, and Lydia Smyers, Group Vice President of WWA&C - Programs and Communications, as they share some ways to incorporate video into your marketing tools and get started with video. You can also follow David on Twitter at @dboyll, and use him as a resource on this topic.

We hope you liked the tips and tricks provided in these videos. As always, leave us your thoughts and comments below.

That’s it for this edition of Social Marketing for Today’s Modern World!

The OPN Communications Team 

Friday Apr 26, 2013

Two Seconds of Your Time for Advertising

Did you know you only have two seconds to engage with your customers? Only two seconds for a potential customer to look at your company ad and become interested or remember just one thing about it? Well now you do.

Considering it probably took you 8.5 seconds to read the above paragraph, two seconds is not much time at all!

Meet Carilu Dietrich, Senior Director of Global Advertising here are Oracle. In the video below Carilu shares some very helpful tips and rules when it comes to advertising and social media best practices. For starters, here are 5 guidelines every good ad should follow:

  1. Come up with ONE BIG HOOK for your ad
  2. Your headline should say it all without needing to read further
  3. Your ad should be attention grabbing and a little unexpected
  4. Your ad should be differentiated and unique to your company 
  5. Your ad should be numbers and fact driven
Some other things to consider when it comes to your ad are style and tone. Don’t use a passive voice, be present! Customers are typically looking for information when looking at an ad, not entertainment, so keep it short, sweet and factual.

Watch Carilu and Lydia Smyers, GVP of WWA&C at Oracle, as they discuss in more depth how to better connect with your customers through hard hitting advertising.

Find Your Style,
The OPN Communications Team


Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

From Events to Maintaining Momentum- Social Marketing for Today’s Digital World

We are thrilled to share videos 11 and 12 of our, “Social Marketing for Today’s Modern World” web series. From learning about laying the foundation and building your online presence, to staging for business success, our hope is that you are feeling confident and comfortable in your social marketing skills.

Our “Events, Webinars, and Other Traditional Media”video breaks down events, both virtual and live, and explains why they drive demand so well and the many different ways to host them. One way to do this is by visiting where you can see all the events Oracle is hosting and, as a Specialized partner, host your own event on our Oracle events page as well.

For more casual events, you can create a post on LinkedIn under your events page or on Facebook. Regardless of how you promote it, don’t forget to ask for sponsors.  Watch video 11 below and learn how live events, webinars, and traditional media can compliment your social strategy.

In our next video titled, “Maintaining Momentum”, we review all the Social Marketing techniques that we have learned so far. It is important that they are used together and sustained over time for maximum benefits. It is estimated that you need a consistent marketing campaign for 12 to 18 months to truly see results. So start with valuable content and work to counter any pain points your target audience may be experiencing. Below is a quick summary of each of our 12 Social Marketing videos:

Videos 1 & 2- Modern Marketing for Today's Digital World & Listen to Your Customers and Industry

Videos: 3 & 4- Using Google AdWords, Analytics, and SEO to Get Results & Make Your Online Profiles 100% Complete

Videos: 5 & 6- Diving Into LinkedIn & Build Your Twitter Following

Videos: 7 & 8- Creating Success with Facebook and Google+ & Making Your Website a Lead Gen Machine

Videos 9 & 10- Participating in Forums, IT Review and Help Sites & Making Email Campaigns More Successful

Videos 11 & 12- Events, Webinars, and Other Traditional Media & Maintaining Momentum

Watch video 12 and get a quick refresher on all that you learned so far, and see how these tools can be applied to your overall Social Marketing plan today.

Next week I interview Carilu Dietrich, Senior Director, Global Advertising at Oracle, as she explains the critical role of advertising in social media. As always, leave your questions or comments below and be sure to follow us around the web!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers


Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels

Tuesday Mar 05, 2013

From Social to Traditional Marketing & Becoming a Thought Leader

Ever wonder how you can increase your online presence beyond just the traditional social media networks, while establishing yourself as a thought leader? Well look no further because our Social Marketing  for Today’s Digital World video series  has the answers you’ve been looking for! From what pages to join and where to participate, to Wiki’s, Forums and IT sites, video 9, “Participating in Forums, IT Review and Help Sites,  is jam packed with great tips and tricks of the trade. Why not use an IT review site to answer pressing questions opposed to just asking them?

Better yet… add your contact information and a couple keywords on Google Places for those individuals “Googling” their questions. Watch below to learn more ways you can establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.

Now that you’re equipped with the tools, tips, and tricks needed to establish your company as a thought leader, let’s talk about why social is so important, and why we’ve spent so much time on it. The answer is quite simple –social media is building the foundation and framework for your new marketing plan. Once established, the next element to consider is how to apply these social elements to your traditional marketing activities to make them more successful. For example, someone who is friends with your company on Facebook is a lot more likely to open a email from your company.

Video 10, “Making Email Campaigns More Successful”, focuses on:

  1. Applying social marketing to your traditional marketing efforts
  2. Thinking about your copy and how to entice readers with offering a solution to their pain points
  3. Testing the subject line of your email
  4. Building an integrated marketing approach

Be sure to watch video 10 below, and leave us any questions or thoughts you may have along the way.

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers


Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels

Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

Facebook and Google + and Your Website…. OH MY!

If you think Facebook is only for posting pictures from your family vacation, well think again. This social platform really packs a punch when it comes to relating to your target audience, prospecting for leads and creating customer engagement for your company. On Facebook especially, it is important to ask smart questions, making your posts interactive. From Facebook pages you can create for your business, to groups you can join, there are so many ways to connect with your consumers on this platform.

Why not use Facebook’s milestone feature to tell the story of your company in a creative way, or start a Facebook poll and have your followers decided where you should host the next customer networking event? The great thing about social media is that you can cater to each site and audience a little differently.

Take Google + for example. With Google +, you are able to get down to the specifics thanks to their “circles” feature. This feature allows you to segment by customer type, company group, interest, or really anything you can think of, and just promote to that circle. Imagine having access to multiple micro-sites and posting only relevant content – it’s a marketers dream! Watch video 7, “Creating Success with Facebook and Google +”, to find out more!

Finally, in video 8, “Making your Website a Lead gen Machine”, we take a deep look at your own website. Why your website you ask? Because all that promoting, emailing, contact hunting and social media posting you do has to point back to somewhere, and this somewhere should be your website! Within 5 seconds, people visiting your page should be able to determine what it is your company does. Learn more tips and tricks by watching the video below.

We are well on our way in this 12 part series, and we hope you have enjoyed it this far. Don’t forget to follow us around the web…Until next time!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers


Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Social Marketing for Today's Digital World– Let’s Talk LinkedIn and Twitter

We are back and half way through our Social Marketing for Today's Digital World web series. In our last post, Modern Marketing- Taking Social to a Whole New Level, we explored why completing your LinkedIn profile is so important and how to properly update it. In our next video, we demonstrate how to use LinkedIn as a demand generation vehicle –that’s right folks, LinkedIn isn’t just for networking any longer!  Learn how to use it to prospect and let us teach you how to better choose which groups to join, as well as some tools and apps you may not be aware of. This Diving into LinkedIn video below is sure to make using LinkedIn a breeze.

Our next video, Build Your Twitter Following, is designed to show you how to break through the noise and have your Tweets stand out in a sea of many. It will also take you step by step with building a better Twitter profile, growing your Twitter following and getting your tweets promoted. Did you know you can determine the best time to tweet to your followers with a program called Tweriod? How about creating a product or topic specific list on Twitter for others to follow? Be sure to watch video 6 to learn about these tips and more!

So get out there and get noticed on LinkedIn and Twitter! Just be sure to join us next week as we discuss how you can Create Success with Facebook and Google+, and How to Make Your Website a Lead Gen Machine.

Until next time, thanks again for watching!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers

Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels

Friday Jan 25, 2013

Modern Marketing- Taking Social to a Whole New Level

Welcome back to week’s 3 and 4 of this 12 week Modern Marketing video series. Now that you’re well on your way towards social media enlightenment, we are excited to share with you our next two videos! Video 3 takes you on a deep dive as we explore “How to Best Use Google Adwords, Analytics, and SEO to Get Results”, while Video 4 demonstrates “The Ways to Make Your Online Profiles 100% Complete”.               

Did you know that Google Adwords can help you determine the best keywords for your business? Discover the 5 places you need to place important keywords on your website, what to hyperlink and how to breakdown meta description. You will also get the opportunity to see Google Analytics in action and observe visitor behavior on your site.

The 4th video in this Modern Marketing video series focuses on making your social profiles 100% complete, by putting you in the driver’s seat. We explore what building a foundation for social media is all about and focus on some areas that may need updating. Our goal here is to help you complete your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles, all while properly asking for recommendations.

So don’t keep your customers waiting any longer. Learn some tips and tricks to help those prospects not only find YOU, but stay on your page.

Week 3: Using Google Adwords, Analytics, and SEO to Get Results

Week 4: Make Your Online Profiles 100% Complete

If you haven't already done so, check out last week's blog for videos 1 & 2!

Until next time, thanks again for watching!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers

Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels