Monday Jun 20, 2011

FY12 Partner Kickoff – Are you Ready?

Want to know what Oracle has up its sleeve for FY12? Join us on June 28th (or 29th depending on your region) as we kick off the new year and fill you in on our latest plans. This live, interactive session will be hosted by Judson Althoff and he’s bringing some top Oracle executives into the studio with him. Take a peek below as Lydia Smyers, Oracle WW A&C vice president, talks about this upcoming event.

As if that weren’t enough, Oracle President Mark Hurd will update you on his focus for partners in FY12 and OPN will be making a special announcement for our ISV partners highlighting some exciting new offerings on how we will go to market together.  But wait, there’s more – you’ll also hear from Oracle product executives and regional sales leaders outlining their priorities for the upcoming year.  Phew – We’re tired just thinking about all of the great content that will be shared on June 28th/29th

There are a lot of exciting announcements in store for you later this month so tune in for the latest updates!

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The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

Keep it Simple

I was recently in Orlando, FL, at Everything Channel's 2011 Xchange Solution Provider event. There, I discussed the significant business opportunity for the 250 current and potential Oracle Partners in attendance to build their businesses with Oracle. Start by selling 1-click products as a Remarketer, and grow your business along with Oracle's expanding opportunities to sell the full stack at the Gold and Platinum levels.

2011_March LS ECXchange.JPG

Xchange (#XSP) was a great forum to reach new partners who want to develop practices around Oracle managed services stack. Oracle has the full roster - an unrivaled bandwidth from applications to disk. Everyone can be on this team! A small services provider can get on board simply by signing up. Become a Remarketer - no membership fees or T&C required.

Oracle doesn't compete with its team by selling services, rather, Oracle looks to its partners to bring value-added services to our customers. The audience response, "Oracle got it." At the event, I caught up with Tiburon Technology's Martin C. Tarr. Watch what he had to say about delivering value-added services around Oracle solutions, while lauding Oracle's vision, technology and partner commitment:

Your invitation to join the Oracle PartnerNetwork team has arrived.

Keeping it simple,
Lydia Smyers
VP, WWA&C Programs & Communications
Twitter: @lydiasmyers

Wednesday Dec 01, 2010

Week 47: Not So Secret Santa

Black Friday came and went and Cyber Monday is a speck in the rear-view mirror. You've written your list and checked it twice but you're still not sure what to tell your office mates in this year's holiday card. Don't fret; we've got just the answer. What says "Happy Holidays Co-worker!" better than some great marketing advice? Get out your pen and scribble the following updates to the OPN Marketing kits into your Santa themed cards:

Feeling generous? Invite them to attend the upcoming PartnerCast on December 7th at at 2:00 PM PT for even more information on Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux, going to market with the High Impact Sales Plays and a great story on how Mythics is making money with Specialization. Now that's what we call a gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays,
The OPN Communications Team