Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Parlez-vous OPN Specialized?

The OPN Specialized message is making its way around the globe. With stops in Macau and Paris the next destination is your desktop. Join us on December 2nd as we launch OPN Specialized with a live event streaming throughout the day.

Can't wait that long, then listen in as Judson shares his views of the Paris OPN Day and what partners had to say there.

Want it straight from the horse's mouth? Judson had a chance to talk with Occam about what OPN Specialized means to them.

Now that you have had the past few weeks to learn about OPN Specialized, we look forward to the launch event and helping you specialize.

See you on December 2nd.

The OPN Communications team.

Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

You do know about OPN Specialized, right?

By now you've heard about the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized announcement we made at the OPN Forum. It is exciting stuff. The new Partner Business Center has been receiving a lot of questions on OPN Specialized so we thought we would take a moment and have Judson address them directly.

Didn't have a pen handy? Not to worry, check out the links below:

The move to OPN Specialized is a big one, and we want to make sure you get all of your questions answered. To make sure you know about OPN Specialized we are hosting a live event on December 2nd - mark your calendar now and check back here for registration information.

The OPN Communications Team