Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

OPN Central @ OpenWorld Day 3: What’s next?

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through Oracle OpenWorld. A lot has taken place, and there's still a lot left.

While you think about what’s next on your agenda, here’s a reminder of what’s left this conference week:

While all of this is happening, you know you can always find your favorite Lounge Lizards in the OPN Lounge, located in Moscone South, room 100.

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OPN Comms Team

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

Stay Green at Oracle OpenWorld

Bustling tech conferences like Oracle OpenWorld can make you forget to be “green”. As you dart from Larry Ellison’s keynote to OPN General Sessions to the Exhibition Hall, do you always remember to compost that coffee cup?

Oracle is working hard to host the most sustainable conference in the world. Progress is definitely being made, but we could improve with your help.  Below are (lucky #) seven sustainability facts that should excite you and serve as a reminder to keep the environment in mind as often as you can.

Did you know...

  1. 10 lbs of emissions are eliminated every time an attendee takes @SFBARTable btwn #oow15 & the airport?
  2. Oracle OpenWorld has reduced the pounds of CO2 emissions per person by 41% since 2011?
  3. The waste footprint of each #oow15 attendee is equal to the weight of 8 baseballs? That's 3 fewer than in 2012!
  4. Eight percent of #oow15 food is prepared within 100 miles of the Bay Area, benefiting local businesses?
  5. Since ending bottled water usage in 2007, we've eliminated the waste of 1,287,628 individual water bottles?
  6. Nine Olympic pools of water were conserved last year by attendees choosing more “water wise” ingredients for lunch.
  7. 9,390 meals were recovered from #oow14, and were then re-distributed to groups like @sfcityimpact & @FoodRunnersSF?

We can’t wait to see our partners next weekend! Until then, be sure to follow the OPN Central @ OpenWorld official website for the latest conference happenings.

Stay green,
The OPN Communications team

Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

OPN Central @ OpenWorld: Terrific Tuesday roundup

Morning, partners! Have you had enough? Hope not! We have lots going on today in the OPN Lounge as well as at the Appreciation Event tonight.

As far as yesterday went, between Larry's Oracle Cloud platform demo, TWO Oracle Social Cloud announcements, packed OPN Theater Sessions, head shots galore at the Social Media Rally Station and countless meetings taking place in our Connection Rooms, Moscone was jam packed with energy and excitement.