Monday Jun 02, 2014

OPN Knowledge Zones: Have you Signed Up for Specific Updates?

Hi there, partners! Do you want access to OPN resources, tools and product updates? Want to receive customized information relevant to your personal interests?

You can now easily manage your communication preferences for the Oracle product Knowledge Zones you consider informative and useful by checking your Oracle Partner Store (OPS) account and specifying your preferences. Even better, you can come back at any time to update your preferences to receive only what’s relevant for your business. It’s easy to do and the benefits are endless! Just follow these simple steps in this video:

There is a lot of great information you may be missing out on if you haven’t signed up for the OPN Knowledge Zone, partners. So what are you waiting for?

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Friday Oct 04, 2013

Cure IT Headaches with Oracle Database 12c

If you were able to attend Oracle OpenWorld last week, you know there's been a lot of buzz about the recent Oracle Database 12c launch. As Gordon Smith, Oracle Director of Database Product Management, puts it in his OPN PartnerCast interview below, “This is a huge release.”

Oracle Database 12c represents Oracle’s latest efforts to save customers time, money and storage space with its flagship Database Server Technologies.

There are hundreds of new features and capabilities. Notably, Oracle Database 12c includes a new Multitenant Option, which can dramatically accelerate database consolidation and Cloud projects.

Other enhancements include new partitioning mechanisms to optimize storage and provide greater capabilities for analyzing unstructured data. Plus, a new redaction functionality marks a step-change in database security.

For partners, there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade, up-sell and cross-sell with Oracle Database 12c. Now’s a great time to learn what goes into the new technology and where exactly the opportunities are. Here are some ways you can get up to speed on what you can offer customers.

  • Watch Gordon Smith’s OPN PartnerCast interview on Oracle Database 12c above.
  • Participate in the Oracle Database 12c partner training webcast.
  • Get trained and track progress at the Oracle Database Knowledge Zone. Take the assessment to become Oracle Database 12c–certified!
  • Be sure to join your local boot camp to further enhance your skill set.

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Lindsey Pickle

Director, Partner Solution Enablement

Thursday Aug 02, 2012

OPN Specialization Enhancement

KaZam! You've just been granted 1 wish! What's that you say? You wish that Oracle Specializations could be based on product version? Well hold on to your hat there partner, because your wish has just been granted!

New as of June 2012, specializations are now based on product version, with the most current version being what qualifies a partner for Specialization Benefits and Platinum or Diamond level criteria.  These specializations will be clearly marked as Qualifying Specializations on the OPN Portal Knowledge Zones, in the Competency Center and in the Specialization Guide.

Here are some other things you should know:

  • Specializations will not expire until the product’s end of service life (or EOSL) as long as the partner, that means you, continues to meet the criteria. 
  • When a new product version specialization is available, partners will be notified and will be encouraged to meet the criteria for the newest version within one year
  • Following that one year transition period, only the newest version, or Qualifying Specialization, will be what qualifies partners for their specialization benefits and for their level, if they’re Platinum or Diamond.
  • Getting specialized on specific product versions provides more ways for OPN members to differentiate in the marketplace and make their customers dreams come true!

Watch as Kimberly Lasseter, Director of OPN, talks more about the newly defined life cycle for Specialization.

Click here for more info, and here to get your questions answered!


The OPN Communications Team