Wednesday Nov 06, 2013

IDC Analyst Report Touts Oracle–Accenture Strategic Initiative

Hi there, partners!

Oracle Engineered Systems have been getting some love lately, and we want to share it with you!

The market intelligence and advisory firm IDC recently released a report lauding Oracle and Accenture’s strategic initiative to route the performance and flexibility of Oracle Engineered Systems to clients.

The report, "Oracle and Accenture Strategic Alliance Places Big Bet on Engineered Systems,” by Steve White, reflects a largely positive analysis of the relationship. White notes that the alliance is “one of the largest in the industry.”

Under the relationship, Accenture has incorporated Oracle Engineered Systems—including Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster, and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine—into its leading datacenter transformation consulting services.

Together, the two companies have also created bespoke platforms, such as the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, which helps clients accelerate deployments on Oracle Fusion Middleware, running Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Oracle Engineered Systems deliver a single, engineered platform—including server to storage and networking. This makes it easier and cheaper for Accenture clients around the world to prepare their datacenters for managing, processing and analyzing the massive amounts of data they (rightly) anticipate seeing in the next decade.

The new solutions can help reduce the effort and cost to migrate any vendor database to an Oracle Engineered Systems platform, which can lower the cost of ownership by up to 50 percent.

For its part, Accenture has built a team of 300 consultants to implement and increase the flexibility and stability of client datacenters. This move further expands one of the fastest-growing full-service Oracle Enterprise solutions. Over 52,000 Accenture consultants are qualified to implement, upgrade and outsource the Oracle product suite. Accenture is a Diamond-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

For Oracle Partners, this update should give you at least two things to walk away with.

First, this initiative is showing signs of success. As Marty Cole, group chief executive for Accenture’s Technology growth platform, put it, “We are seeing an increasing number of clients recognizing the value of consolidating their databases and taking advantage of the cost and performance benefits delivered by these solutions.”

The pipeline is there—and not just for Accenture. Use this example to show your clients that investments in Oracle Engineered Systems are on the rise.

Second, recognize that Oracle Engineered Systems represent one of the biggest platforms for growth that Oracle has to offer partners. As part of the agreement, Accenture is able to provide:

  • Platform Readiness Assessments
  • Platform Implementation
  • App Rationalization
  • Database Rationalization
  • Managed Services

These are all enablement opportunities you can offer customers under Oracle’s partner programs —to continue building the value of their investments, and the value of your relationship with Oracle.

Take a read through the IDC report. To learn more about the partnership, see this press release.

Happy selling!

The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Week 3: Feel the Burn

At the very least, our ears are burning. The analysts are talking, and the first reviews are in on OPN Specialized. We're pleased with the launch and all the efforts undertaken to offer our partners the best program possible. The analysts seem to think we're on the right track as well.

Gartner's Tiffani Bova felt the program has significantly improved providing our partners with a more robust partner program that's "consistently scalable globally" and "more flexible", read the article here. Darren Bibby from IDC said the new design will "more quickly identify partners to potential customers," click here to see what else he said about the program.


Stay focused on getting Specialized,

The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

Sitting In: Darren Bibby - Channels Research with IDC


Hi everyone. My name is Darren Bibby and I run our software channels research practice at IDC, the IT research firm. Congratulations to Judson, Penny, Lydia and the entire team on the December 2nd launch of OPN Specialized.

The last time I saw Judson was at Oracle OpenWorld in October. Actually - I saw him but I'm sure he didn't see me. It was at the first annual partner fun run. Judson was leading the pack and I was making sure no one got left behind at the back. Well that's my story...

We all learned a lot about the new OPN program at OpenWorld. I believe it's a great program the team has come up with for partners. It's a bold yet simple program that doesn't try to be more than it needs to be. It's not gimmicky. It makes sense for many reasons.

The old program made sense for the Oracle of old. But this isn't your father's Oracle-mobile... After almost 60 acquisitions, the Oracle of 2010 doesn't look much like the Oracle of the millennium year. Specializations were needed to allow partners to be recognized for what they're good for.

  • Customers can find partners more easily
  • Oracle field sales can find the best partners for specific deals
  • And partners can more easily find other partners to work with, knowing they can't be all things to all people

Some of the early criticism on the program was that it seemed a little too familiar; that it contained some "borrowed" concepts from other vendors. But who really cares - if it's the right thing to do for partners and customers. Even Oracle's new program levels aren't original. From my quick analysis of twenty of the top software partner programs, 12 (60%) of them have "Gold" and "Silver" as tiers. And 8 (40%) of them have the exact same "Platinum," "Gold" and "Silver". Maybe it's not a lack of creativity or innovation but rather it's just making things easier on customers.

And that's what OPN comes down to for me. It helps customers engage with partners. It makes sense.

Good luck to all the partners out there who will be gunning for some new Specializations. And also to the team at Oracle. Keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays to all. Cheers.