Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

“I May Be Losing My Mind – I’m Believing in Oracle Hardware”

Happy #HumpDay, partners,

We wanted to take a second and share an interesting blog post from ESG Founder and Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie. A man who has spent much of his career being averse to Oracle hardware.

Duplessie shares his insights into the advantages of running Oracle on Oracle. He gives praise to Oracle’s cloud strategy, vertical integration from chip to middleware to cloud, and the company’s bold R&D investments each year.

Read the full blog post and see below for a few notable quotes.
  • “I didn't realize Oracle's cloud strategy is so extensive…”
  • “It’s $12,000 a year for 1 PB of storage. 1000 TBs. For $12 grand. That’s insane.”
  • “Every company in the world can afford to archive data at those price points.”
  • “Oracle is 100% committed to expanding its cloud services.”
  • “Oracle is vertically integrating everything from the chip to the app to the middleware to the storage to the cloud… The real world benefits from one throat to choke, and one “system” approach. The consumer variant of this has been Apple, and it worked. We’re already seeing a huge trend back to integrated computing stacks, and Oracle just happens to be positioned enormously well here – since everyone runs their database and apps.”
  • “Bottom line is if you're running Oracle software, you can get net incremental advantages that make the software run that much better on Oracle hardware and in the Oracle Cloud.”
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Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Week 7: Don't Be Blinded by the Light

Did you think we forgot about you? Hardly. We've been very busy working on the integration of Sun with Oracle. Well, that and winning America's Cup, but we'll talk about that one on another day. Today we wanted to answer all of your burning questions regarding the Sun acquisition. Legal Entity Combination occurred this week for the US and Canada and we want to get Sun partners started on their move to OPN Specialized.

And your top questions are - drum roll please - answered below in this video FAQ.

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to download the transcripts. Take a look ...

What is the impact the overall combined company will have on the partners?

What are Oracle's plans for selling direct and what is the impact to partners?

How will Sun partners integrate into OPN Specialized?

As a Sun partner, am I automatically migrated into OPN Specialized?

Will Oracle continue to partner with other hardware vendors?

How will Oracle map existing Sun investments and certifications into OPN Specialized?

As a Sun partner new to Oracle, where should I be placing my focus?

What can partners expect to see relative to Exadata v2?

How do CDPs fit into the Oracle framework?

How do Existing Sun Partners Place Orders?

What should Sun partners be doing now?

Keep focused on getting Specialized, but take a mini-break and soak up the Sun at the upcoming Oracle + Sun Welcome Events. You'll get the chance to hear directly from Oracle and Sun executives on what the combination means to you, while getting acquainted--or reacquainted--with your local team.

You can keep up with the latest by following us @oraclepartners on Twitter or joining us on Facebook .

We'll be in touch soon,
The OPN Communications Team