Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Year-in-Review: Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Top 10 Triumphs

Year-in-Review: Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Top 10 Triumphs

With six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a bit frazzled. In the midst of everyone’s hurried schedules, we wanted to stop and take a moment to thank all of our partners for another great year together.

With that, let’s take a quick look at OPN’s top 10 achievements of 2013:

  1. We started the year off on an M2M and big data note, outlining how our customers can leverage Java to manage heavy volumes of structured + unstructured data.
  2. The announcement of Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 in March, which extends the use of Oracle Database Appliance while simultaneously boosting hardware configuration. Oracle Database Appliance X4-2 with enhanced hardware was launched last month, as well.
  3. The launch of Oracle’s new SPARC Servers took us into the summer months, teaching customers how to increase their share of wallet. Fun fact: Oracle’s SPARC T5 Servers are powered by the world’s fastest T5 processor, and have achieved 17 world record benchmarks!
  4. Oracle’s partners took center stage at this summer’s FY14 Global Partner Kickoff. Thanks again to those who participated in our highly-entertaining Twitter contest. It’s definitely a must-do for next year!
  5. Oracle OpenWorld 2013 was another huge success this year and came complete with the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange. Get the full download here.
  6. We’re keeping the lines between hardware and software clear as IT migrates toward a converged architecture. Or as Oracle likes to call it, Engineered Systems. Read more.
  7. The greatest come-from-behind victory in modern history came at the 34thAmerica’s Cup and belongs to Oracle! Read more about ORACLE TEAM USA.
  8. An interesting case study on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how Oracle takes the complexity out of designing, building and maintaining an IoT infrastructure for VARs.
  9. Enablement –> Cloud –> Incentive Programs –> Exastack = the four major initiatives that make Oracle the vendor of choice for some of the industry’s biggest hitting VARs. Get the full story here!
  10. Last but certainly not least, the customer experience (CX) revolution is near. See what Oracle is doing with Oracle CX and how VARs can get involved here.

What are your business’ top 10 achievements in 2013? We’ll give you some time to think them over. In the meantime, cheers to a very happy holiday season and prosperous New Year.

Season's Greetings,

The OPN Elves

Thursday Jun 28, 2012

An Oracle Exastack Recap

For those ISVs and OEMs who tuned into Oracle’s FY13 Partner Kickoff, thank you! It was with your participation and presence that helped make this year’s show another great success.

The OPN Communications team was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Chris Baker, Oracle SVP of Worldwide ISV, OEM & Java, all the way from London, as he recapped the achievements that were seen over the past year with the Oracle Exastack Program. Be sure to watch his short video below:

Here are some highlights:
  • Over 1000 “Readies”- Those partners that support and are ready to use the latest version of our products
  • Over 100 partners that are ready to use Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • New Oracle Exalytics machine for analysis

In less than one year, more than 100 ISV applications have achieved an Oracle Exastack Ready status and more than 35 ISV applications have achieved Oracle Exastack Optimized status. These partners can be found by Oracle customers listed in the Oracle Solutions Catalog.

Demonstrating to customers that their solutions are tuned to deliver optimum speed, scalability and reliability on Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle partners are rapidly achieving Oracle Exastack Optimized certification. Read the press release here.

By simplifying your company’s architecture with the Oracle Exastack program, both ISV’s and OEMs are able to better concentrate on their application and deliver enhanced benefits to their customers.

The OPN Communications Team

Friday Mar 02, 2012

A Walk down the Red Carpet

It was a night complete with stunning gowns, tuxedos, freshly applied make-up and Hollywood's finest… Yes, the Oscar's never looked so good. Speaking of looking good - OPN has recently had some work done and is excited to have its own moment in the spotlight with the newly launched Oracle Exastack Optimized program.

No diamonds needed here - this program sparkles on its own with optimal performance and has been associated with industry notables like ‘speed', ‘scalability', and 'reliability'.  Looking to get in on this action?  Look no further than this blockbuster of an opportunity. Dazzling with maximum visibility and wearing a one of a kind competitive differentiation piece, this starlet will knock you right off the podium.

Whether you're an action lover with a need for extreme speed, or simply someone looking for a high performance show, this program is a must see... Not to mention ISVs everywhere are applauding the ease of production and massive impact Oracle Exastack Optimized is having with fans. So if you want an offer you can't refuse, have a look here or watch the short film below to find out more.

Hoping to see you in the spotlight,
The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Taking it to the Next Level


Happy New Year! We’ve taken the first month of 2012 to reflect on some New Year’s resolutions for our partners, and no they do not involve endless hours at the gym.  So let’s jump off the treadmill, and jump right into OPN’s top five New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

  1. Provide more opportunities for exposure - We got a head start on this one with our recently launched Solutions Catalog. This online directory offers partners an efficient way to connect with customers, because everyone knows that more leads mean more business.
  2. Build only the best products for our software portfolio - When it comes to our dedicated, loyal and hardworking partners, we couldn't agree more with Tina Turner- "You're simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone", which is why we only plan on offering only the best in industry products and solutions like the Oracle Database Appliance.
  3. Advance partners' applications to be both better and faster - There is no doubt about it, Oracle likes things fast. From sail boats to applications; the faster, the better. So it comes as no surprise that Oracle has introduced the Oracle Exastack program allowing our partners to test and tune their solutions so that they can deliver faster, more reliable applications.
  4. Help ensure long-term partner growth and success - That is right folks, we are in it for the long haul. We want you to succeed, and because of this, are committed to your success. We want to supply you with all the water, sunshine, and first-in-class products you need to grow and flourish.
  5. Stay at the top - There is nothing better than being #1. For more than three and a half decades, Oracle has been the leader in database software, and we will continue to innovate and to lead the industry. After all, our partners are the bubbles to our New Year's Champagne – we wouldn't be complete without you.

Cheers to a Happy New Year,
The OPN Communications Team

Friday Jan 20, 2012

Movin' On Up

Well, we’re movin’ on up… That’s right, the OPN team has moved the Solutions Catalog on up, with new and enhanced features making navigation around the site a breeze. We have traveled to both the East and West side of town to assure we have presented customers with the best directory to help them select the piece of the pie they are looking for.

This updated site provides customers with an overview of the entire OPN ecosystem, while highlighting Oracle Specialized partners and those who are a part of the Oracle Exastack program. The new streamlined search interface lists out each extensive knowledge area, allowing partners to play in the big leagues and get their hard earned turn at bat.

With the new media rich entry point into the Solutions Catalog, customers can now search for both Specialized and Oracle Exastack program partners, or they can opt to search for partner by region, product or solution, as well as gain access to provided white papers and videos.  Partners should spend some time updating their partner profile and marketing collateral, so potential customers can take a look at what they are all about.

We have also implemented a robust lead capture tool as a way for partners to request and post recommendations from customers and other partners. Finally, the new metrics capability will allow partners to measure the effectiveness of their profile. If having access to this kind of information isn’t living the good life, then we don’t know what is.

Here is what Judson has to say about the new Solutions Catalog:

Partners, take a few minutes to explore the enhanced Solutions Catalog and learn for yourself, how this valuable and measurable, demand generation vehicle runs and read what IDC has to say about this new and improved tool here.

Helping you move on up,
The OPN Communications Team

Thursday Dec 29, 2011

“Tis the Season to Be Jolly”

It is the most wonderful time of the year! A time where children are on their best behavior for Santa, co-workers are on their best behavior after the office holiday party, and we have been on our best behavior to be able to bring you our year end wrap-up of all things OPN.

2011 was filled with plenty to be jolly about; especially, the fact that ten of our partners achieved Diamond level status (press release) in the OPN Specialized Program. These partners include Accenture, Capgemini, CSC, Deloitte, IBM, Infosys, PwC, Tata Consultancy Service Ltd., Wipro and Fujitsu. As early adopters, these savvy companies know exactly what it is they want this holiday season, and that is to be preferred by their customers.

2011 just kept getting merrier as we launched the OPN Incentive Rebate Program for partners selling to a broad customer base. VARs have been able to maximize and boost their retained profit margins by going to market with Oracle.

Add the launch of Oracle Exastack Program for ISVs and OEMs, and you've got another reason to celebrate this season with cheer. With over 150 partners now at Oracle Ready status, the Oracle Exastack Program has helped enable partners to deliver increased performance, accelerating innovation and delivering superior value to customers.

Jingle bells were ringing all the way as the Oracle Database Appliance took center stage as this year's most compelling channel hardware solution. Built on a platform that scales as a customer's business grows, this program sits squarely beneath a fourth rack of Oracle Exadata, making it comparable to a holiday miracle.

Adding a bit more cinnamon to your apple cider, Oracle's recent recognition by CRN Magazine as one of " The Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With," goes to show that the proof is always in the proverbial pudding. The November issue highlights Oracle's commitment to partners, recruitment strategy, and plans on how to grow its network of partners over the next year.

"Oracle is moving from a direct sales-dominated database software maker to a partner-engaged maker of innovative hardware/software-engineered systems that encompass applications, middleware, storage, and servers," commented Judson Althoff, SVP of WWA&C and Embedded Sales. Simply put, there is no better time to become an Oracle partner than right now.

Wishing you all visions of sugar plums,
The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

The Spotlight is on You

On the field or off the field, in ballet slippers or singing your heart out on stage, offering a stellar performance every time is key to holding the attention of your audience and having them come back hungry for more. Similarly, showing up to a new business meeting wearing pink tights and a tutu might be one way to holding the attention of your customer, but offering them an unmatched and ground-breaking software solution certainly will get their attention!

Simply put, the Oracle Exastack program enables both ISV's and OEM's to rapidly build and deliver faster, more reliable applications. It comes as no surprise that the success of the Oracle Exastack program is centered on establishing Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud as the highest performance, lowest cost platforms available in the industry today.

But here is where the real standing-ovation-worthy facts come in. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is the only database machine that provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, making it the ideal platform for consolidating onto private clouds. Whereas the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered hardware and software system tested and tuned by Oracle to provide the best foundation for cloud computing, while allowing Java applications, Oracle Applications and other enterprise applications to run with extreme performance. - And the crowd goes wild, ladies and gentlemen!

In just four months alone, our partners have already achieved over 150 Oracle Exastack Ready milestones for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. As Judson has said, "With the Oracle Exastack program, Oracle is helping partners test, tune and optimize their applications to deliver optimal performance and reliability, accelerating innovation and delivering superior value to customers."

And get this, not only are their applications running faster and more efficiently, they are actually being delivered at a lower cost to customers than ever before - extreme performance well deserving of 3 consecutive arabesques!

If you haven’t already, check out what some of our partners are saying about the Oracle Exastack program in this video, and find out all that is available to you today.

By participating in the Oracle Exastack program, partners now have the ability to achieve Oracle Exadata Optimized, Oracle Exalogic Optimized, Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready status for their solutions.

  • New Oracle Exastack labs, provide OPN members with access to Oracle technical resources, on-premise facilities and remote lab environments.
  • With Oracle Exastack Optimized, partners experience faster and more reliable applications to run on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, as well as the long awaited Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.
  • Savvy OPN members are leveraging the Oracle Exastack Optimized program toward their advancement to Platinum or Diamond level in OPN.
  • Partners are achieving Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready giving them a competitive advantage and signaling to customers that their applications readily support Oracle Exadata Database Machine or Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to deliver extreme performance.

Get your dancing shoes on,
The OPN Communications Team