Thursday Feb 12, 2015

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5: Everything you need to know

There has been a lot of excitement since Larry Ellison’s January announcement of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2. With that excitement comes questions and comments, so we figured it’d be an opportune time to sit down with one of our knowledgeable executives.

Below is an interview with Joel Borellis – Group Vice President of Partner Enablement at Oracle. We asked Joel a few questions surrounding the launch, and here is what he had to say.

Q. Oracle recently launched their new Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5 solution. Tell us a little bit more about that?
A. The 6th generation of Exadata, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2, remains the best platform to run Oracle Database workloads. There are many new features in this latest release designed to meet the needs of customers. For example, elastic configurations deliver a system specifically optimized for any database workloads. Also, On Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2, the Oracle Database Machine can take advantage of optimized all-flash performance for any transactions and queries using the Extreme Flash all-flash storage option. Oracle VM support provides isolation for consolidated workloads that need hard limits on CPU/memory or independent admin/OS.

Q. How can Oracle partners benefit from Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5?  
A. Any application that uses Oracle Database Machine today can be seamlessly migrated to use the Oracle Exadata Database Machine with no changes to the application. The elastic configurations provide partners with a flexible and efficient mechanism to expand computing power and/or storage capacity of any given Oracle Exadata Database Machine system. Partners can offer their customers with a system custom configured to meet any business use case.  

Q. What OPN opportunities are available to partners around Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5 or Oracle’s Engineered Systems?

A. We encourage partners to take advantage of our enablement programs around Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the rest of our engineered systems. Partners should visit the Knowledge Zone for Oracle Exadata Database Machine to take advantage of selling tools for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, access training materials and much more!

Q. How can our partners engage with Oracle around our Engineered Systems?

A. We offer a wealth of information on all of our Engineered Systems for our partners. Start by visiting and visit the Engineered Systems Knowledge Zone.

Thanks for reading this installment of our quarterly Partner Executive Spotlight series. Stay tuned for our Q4 post!

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Monday Apr 21, 2014

Solving the Data Growth Problem – Part 1

If you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Now let’s apply this tenet to big data. Data growth is a primary driver of application issues and proves to be a pressing challenge faced by organizations. A logical conclusion might be that adding more disk space can solve the problem; however this method often proves costly and inefficient.

Enter Oracle Partners. Our partners are in a great position because they’re trusted advisors with an opportunity to take an integrated approach to addressing data growth. Partners don’t have to simply sell more storage or licenses. They can identify the issue and choose the proper solution.

Several Oracle approaches to easing the influx of data:

  • Leverage the features of Oracle Database such as Automatic Data Optimization with Heat Map technology as well as Advanced Compression option to compress and tier data at a higher density and maximize resource efficiency. In particular, Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) can compress data 10X-50X, reducing storage capacity, footprint, and TCO. 
  • Move your systems to Oracle Exadata Database Machine to free up space in existing storage environments for general storage use; see our January blog post on HCC to compress data in the Exadata environment;
  • Address non-database data with tiered storage; more on this topic in Part 2.

So for now – put away the hammer – remember that adding more storage capacity isn’t the only solution to combat the rapid influx of data into your systems. We believe the priority should be on looking at storage issues from Oracle Database and taking advantage of free features like HCC, which decrease storage requirements and improve query performance in real customer environments. The ultimate choice is yours.

Until Part 2!

- The OPN Comms Team

Friday Feb 28, 2014

The Innovation Continues: Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4

Engineered to be the highest performing and most available platform for running Oracle Database, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2 is the fifth generation database machine. It features the most advanced architecture, using industry-standard database servers, built-in management, intelligent storage servers, and a high speed InfiniBand network that interconnects servers and storage for faster data access and delivery.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2

There are a number of new innovations and enhancements in the latest release, delivering higher consolidation density, lower total cost of ownership and improved performance.

Greater Performance and Capacity

Exadata X4-2’s Compute Power:

Exadata X4 Storage:

· 50% more database cores

· 2X larger physical flash memory

· 2X larger database server local storage

· Up to 4X larger logical flash memory

· 2X faster InfiniBand network

· 2X larger disks

Hardware and Software: Engineered to Work Together

Designed to work together, Oracle Exadata releases have continued to build upon integrated hardware and software advancements, optimizations and performance that make it the best platform to run Oracle Database, consolidate both OLTP and analytic workloads, and deliver database as a service.

Key database optimizations include:

  • More database query offload to storage can offload searches of LOBs
  • Database optimized compression now includes Hybrid Columnar enhancements for transaction processing
  • Database optimized PCI Flash enables ultra high speed flash compression (X4) at multi-million IOs/second, as well as caching for table scans and faster file initialization
  • Database optimized QoS prioritizes CPU and IO use by multitenant pluggable database (12c)
  • Database optimized availability allows for prioritized recovery of critical database files
  • Database optimized messaging prioritization of critical database messages, including log writes and Oracle Real Application Clusters


Organizations are faced with an increasing need to process more and more data, and do it faster while their IT budgets are being squeezed. Examining the total cost of ownership for IT staff – as well as software and hardware – leads to choosing a common high performance, highly available infrastructure for deployments of all applications. By implementing Oracle Exadata into their IT infrastructure, organizations can not only accelerate database performance to accomplish a lot more in the same amount of time, manage scale and growth in incremental steps by consolidating deployments, and deliver mission-critical data protection and availability, and at the same time lower the overall cost of computing.

The choice is simple, make it Oracle.

Lindsey Pickle is Senior Director, Database & Engineered Systems Partner Enablement at Oracle. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual sponsorship. Read all of Oracle’s guest blogs here.

Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3 Is In Town!

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, we’re telling you why… Oracle Exadata  Database Machine X3 is in town!! Complete with several competitive advantages, Oracle Exadata will help you check off your wish list this season by:

  1. Expanding your business
  2. Distinguishing your offering
  3. Maximizing customer satisfaction
  4. Increasing your sales

And if that’s not enough, then shimmy down the chimney, grab a cup of hot coco and read this:

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine has something for all partner types - to Resellers, SIs and ISVs
  • Oracle Exadata X3 eighth rack is the lowest cost entry of Oracle Exadata configuration
  • You can expand your solution coverage with Oracle Exadata for additional revenue

·     You will have access to Go-to-market materials to help uncover new opportunity and sell effectively, with Quick Reference Sales Cards, Positioning Guidance Documents, Use Cases and  Campaign Kits - all tailored for Oracle Exadata!  All available for you on the OPN homepage Oracle Exadata Knowledge Zone

So what are you waiting for? Hop on your reindeer and get onboard with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Engineered Systems if you haven’t already. Also be sure to check out the video below, get trained through Oracle Exadata’s Guided Learning Path, and get Specialized!

Decking the Halls,

The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

The Spotlight is on You

On the field or off the field, in ballet slippers or singing your heart out on stage, offering a stellar performance every time is key to holding the attention of your audience and having them come back hungry for more. Similarly, showing up to a new business meeting wearing pink tights and a tutu might be one way to holding the attention of your customer, but offering them an unmatched and ground-breaking software solution certainly will get their attention!

Simply put, the Oracle Exastack program enables both ISV's and OEM's to rapidly build and deliver faster, more reliable applications. It comes as no surprise that the success of the Oracle Exastack program is centered on establishing Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud as the highest performance, lowest cost platforms available in the industry today.

But here is where the real standing-ovation-worthy facts come in. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is the only database machine that provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, making it the ideal platform for consolidating onto private clouds. Whereas the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered hardware and software system tested and tuned by Oracle to provide the best foundation for cloud computing, while allowing Java applications, Oracle Applications and other enterprise applications to run with extreme performance. - And the crowd goes wild, ladies and gentlemen!

In just four months alone, our partners have already achieved over 150 Oracle Exastack Ready milestones for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. As Judson has said, "With the Oracle Exastack program, Oracle is helping partners test, tune and optimize their applications to deliver optimal performance and reliability, accelerating innovation and delivering superior value to customers."

And get this, not only are their applications running faster and more efficiently, they are actually being delivered at a lower cost to customers than ever before - extreme performance well deserving of 3 consecutive arabesques!

If you haven’t already, check out what some of our partners are saying about the Oracle Exastack program in this video, and find out all that is available to you today.

By participating in the Oracle Exastack program, partners now have the ability to achieve Oracle Exadata Optimized, Oracle Exalogic Optimized, Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready status for their solutions.

  • New Oracle Exastack labs, provide OPN members with access to Oracle technical resources, on-premise facilities and remote lab environments.
  • With Oracle Exastack Optimized, partners experience faster and more reliable applications to run on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, as well as the long awaited Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.
  • Savvy OPN members are leveraging the Oracle Exastack Optimized program toward their advancement to Platinum or Diamond level in OPN.
  • Partners are achieving Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready giving them a competitive advantage and signaling to customers that their applications readily support Oracle Exadata Database Machine or Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to deliver extreme performance.

Get your dancing shoes on,
The OPN Communications Team

Friday Jul 29, 2011

Who Doesn’t Want Extreme Performance?

Extreme Makeover.  Extreme Couponing.  Even Extreme Angler.  The list of ‘Extreme’ TV goes on and on but we think the really exciting Extreme offering is with the Oracle Exastack program.   Launched in June and announced during Oracle’s FY12 Partner Kickoff the Oracle Exastack program is a stack of software based on Oracle servers, storage, and networking – engineered and optimized to work together. In essence, it’s the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Together.  It’s the only platform you need for your on-premise or cloud-based solutions.   Listen in as Judson Althoff and Chris Baker discuss.

ISVs and partners can qualify and tune their applications with Oracle Exastack and become Oracle Exastack Ready and Oracle Exastack Optimized.  Oracle Exastack Ready means your applications have been tested and they support Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud component products including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. 

And about that performance thing, Oracle Exastack Optimized means your application has been tuned on Oracle Exadata Database Machine or Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to deliver optimum speed, scalability and reliability.  Want numbers? Java runs up to 10x faster.  Cash management transactions have run 20x-30x faster. 

And Oracle partners can leverage their Oracle Exastack Ready applications to meet some requirements for OPN’s Platinum or Diamond level specializations. That’s not all.   New partner enablement resources, dedicated Oracle Exastack labs, Guided Learning Paths, and exclusive benefits for ISVs and partners are all part of the Oracle Exastack offering.  Unleash yourself and check it out.

In the spirit of things we are going to be extremely detailed and even offer up the latest webcast on the topic because we just can’t say enough about Oracle Exastack – learn more here.

Extremely excited about Oracle Exastack,

The OPN Communications Team