Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Accenture + Oracle Help Customers Achieve Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Oracle and Accenture recently announced the Accenture and Oracle Business Group, a new business group to help customers achieve their digital transformation goals with the Cloud. Through the group, Accenture and Oracle will deliver industry-specific solutions built on the Oracle Cloud to help clients realize the benefits of the cloud faster and with reduced risk. The Accenture Oracle Business Group brings together the leading technology, skills and experience from each company to offer businesses the ability to implement cloud solutions quicker and easier than ever before.  This is a great example of how Oracle continues to collaborate with its partners, especially OPN Diamond-level members like Accenture, to help bring Cloud to market.

“Building on our 23-year alliance relationship, the Accenture Oracle Business Group combines Accenture’s deep industry and technology experience with Oracle’s expansive set of cloud solutions to deliver client value not found elsewhere in the market today,” said Stephen Rohleder, group chief executive for North America, Accenture. “This is part of our strategy to take advantage of Oracle’s leading technologies and build our business together for the future. It is a game-changer for our clients, Oracle, and Accenture.”

The Accenture Oracle Business Group can simplify the buying process for Accenture solutions based on Oracle Cloud technologies. As a result, your customers can better react to changing business and economic conditions by leveraging end-to-end solutions that address their specific business + industry requirements. The new group will bring breakthrough solutions to market across a range of industries, with an initial focus on the public, financial and hospitality services sectors.

Happy selling!

The OPN Communications team

Thursday Mar 12, 2015

Why your customers should attend the Modern Sales Experience

Sales organizations are under continuous pressure to meet targets and deliver results, but the environment has changed – your customers are more informed, they have more choices, and their expectations are higher than ever. This is why Oracle has compiled the best and brightest for our Modern Sales Experience Conference taking place March 31 – April 2. The event brings together a prestigious group of thought leaders + innovative companies who are leading the industry and making impactful changes in the areas of Sales and Customer Experience.

Your customers won’t want to miss this event – but in case they're on the fence and need a few more reasons to attend, we’ve compiled our top 10:

  1. Hear from the Experts. This is an extraordinary opportunity to hear from a number of experts sharing their unique perspectives.
  2. Participate in Engaging Workshops. Choose from a number of workshop sessions and interact with others who are also exploring ways to meet the challenges of customer experience. Workshops include Next-Generation Analytics, Big Data to Inform Smarter Sales, User Adoption Tactics, and Leveraging Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) to build better Customer Experiences.
  3. Rock out with OneRepublic. OneRepublic, the GRAMMY award winners you may know for their hit “Counting Stars,” will host a private concert for event attendees on Wednesday evening.  
  4. Listen to guest keynote, Daniel Pink. Daniel Pink, bestselling author and current host of National Geographic's "Crowd Control," will share insights on human behavior, what drives and motivates people, and how a deeper knowledge of the habits, motivations, and expectations of your customers can translate into outstanding business benefits. Daniel Pink is an entertaining speaker. Don’t believe us? Just check out his TED Talk.
  5. Learn About the Future of CX. Hosted by Rebecca Wettemann from Nucleus Research, a panel will be dedicated to the future with those who are already living it and helping to shape it. A panel of UNLV Lee Business School students will chat with us about their ideas, their opinions, and frank advice on how to accommodate the next generation.
  6. Discover Complete Solutions. Product experts will outline considerations, best practices, and real-world solutions for your customer experience business challenges. Topics include Adding Marketing to the Mix, Integrating Sales with Configure-Price-Quote, and How CPQ and Commerce can Lead to Optimal Results.
  7. Hear from leading CX Innovators. Customers should not miss the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s brightest and most innovative companies including LinkedIn and Visa. This select group will share what goes into a modern sales strategy, how they approach customer engagement, how they measure engagement and their sales teams, and what technologies and philosophies help to craft a modern CX strategy.
  8. Network with Fellow Sales Leaders. Networking opportunities abound at this event from meeting other attendees and industry influencers during receptions to the late-night Customer Appreciation Event.
  9. Mingle with Celebrities. Enjoy dinner and drinks while hanging out with celebrities at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.
  10. Las Vegas. Need we say more?  The Modern Sales Experience conference will be held at the five-diamond Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino.  

Will we see your customers there? More information and a detailed agenda can be found on the Modern Customer Experience Conferences website. It's never too late to start promoting the event!

On behalf of your customers,
The OPN Communications team

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Mark Hurd Builds a Following as a LinkedIn Influencer: Read His Latest Blog

Oracle President Mark Hurd published his latest blog, "Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience Evangelists."

As partners are well aware, creating a consistently solid customer experience is a critical component for success.

In his new article, Mark writes, “CEOs have to make it their mission to completely re-architect how they think about the core applications that run their core business processes, from purchasing all the way out to CX. Because the demographics of business have been turned upside down: instead of business technology defining the rules of engagement, today’s marketplace is dictated by consumers wielding powerful new technologies and wildly new buying habits that are being absorbed by all age groups.

“It’s the consumers who control the leverage, not the sellers.” And this isn’t happening only in the U.S. As we’ve heard repeatedly at Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Partner Network Exchange 2013, it’s happening around the world.

So, how do you create an unbeatable customer experience? Well, Mark encourages CEOs to “begin by focusing on the customer and what they want and how they buy, and how those are likely to evolve in the coming few years.”

Read the rest of "Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience Evangelists" here.

We encourage you to log into your LinkedIn account and “Follow” Mark to receive future posts. Share the link to his blog with your networks via Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. You can also “like” the post on LinkedIn and Oracle’s Facebook page, and/or retweet via @Oracle.

Monday Jul 16, 2012

Going Platinum- Oracle's Platinum Service

Effective June 6, 2012, Oracle launched Oracle Platinum Services, the highest level of support in the industry. These services provide remote fault monitoring with faster response times and patch deployment services to qualified Oracle Premier Support customers – at no additional cost

You may also be interested in finding out that Oracle Platinum Services is a special entitlement available to Oracle Premier Support customers running certified configurations on Oracle Engineered Systems. By offering these high availability services at no additional cost, our hope is that partners take this important opportunity to talk with their end users about the benefits of hardware and software that are engineered to work together. We also hope users understand that Oracle Platinum Services can help them further unlock the value of their investment in technology.

By being the cream of our crop, the yin to our yang, our top shelf Cabernet, Oracle partners and qualified Premier Support customers have the ability to further differentiate themselves from the competition. They can do this while creating opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell Oracle's Engineered Systems with certified Platinum configurations.

So take full advantage of this service by visiting the Oracle Platinum Services page, or check out Oracle’s Premier Support Customer Collateral and External Partner Announcement.

Until Next Time,

The OPN Communication Team

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

Recipe for Success

Get the party started. For your next customer get-together, make sure to serve up this quick, easy to make 30-minute shake and bake stack recipe. Start by taking the world's most popular database, add a tablespoon of engineered systems to accelerate its deployment, and serve with one cup of vendor support and what will you get? The Oracle Database Appliance!

As we all know, database downtime can have a dramatic impact on your customer's productivity and on their bottom line. With a unique combination of ingredients such as high availability, simple implementation and maintenance and affordability - all in one box - it has never been so easy to ensure maximum performance and reliability for your customers' applications.

The Oracle Database Appliance is nothing short of a breakthrough. Engineered for simplicity the Oracle Database Appliance can help you and your customers:

  • Maintain high data availability: Multiple protection and self-correction features keep applications up and running.
  • Minimize complexity: All the components have been engineered to work together because they all come from a single vendor - Oracle - eliminating cost and complexity across the board.
  • Reduce costs: The Oracle Database Appliance is more affordable than purchasing all the elements separately - and is far more cost-effective to manage.
  • Increase customer responsiveness: Whether your applications are used by customer-facing staff, the customers themselves, or both, they'll do their jobs better backed by optimal performance.
  • Lower TCO: Oracle's unique pay-as-you-grow licensing lets your customers scale at their own pace so they only pay for what they need.

Discover the Oracle Database Appliance - a simple, reliable, affordable database system.

Hope you enjoy the recipe,
The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

Sitting In: Darren Bibby - Channels Research with IDC


Hi everyone. My name is Darren Bibby and I run our software channels research practice at IDC, the IT research firm. Congratulations to Judson, Penny, Lydia and the entire team on the December 2nd launch of OPN Specialized.

The last time I saw Judson was at Oracle OpenWorld in October. Actually - I saw him but I'm sure he didn't see me. It was at the first annual partner fun run. Judson was leading the pack and I was making sure no one got left behind at the back. Well that's my story...

We all learned a lot about the new OPN program at OpenWorld. I believe it's a great program the team has come up with for partners. It's a bold yet simple program that doesn't try to be more than it needs to be. It's not gimmicky. It makes sense for many reasons.

The old program made sense for the Oracle of old. But this isn't your father's Oracle-mobile... After almost 60 acquisitions, the Oracle of 2010 doesn't look much like the Oracle of the millennium year. Specializations were needed to allow partners to be recognized for what they're good for.

  • Customers can find partners more easily
  • Oracle field sales can find the best partners for specific deals
  • And partners can more easily find other partners to work with, knowing they can't be all things to all people

Some of the early criticism on the program was that it seemed a little too familiar; that it contained some "borrowed" concepts from other vendors. But who really cares - if it's the right thing to do for partners and customers. Even Oracle's new program levels aren't original. From my quick analysis of twenty of the top software partner programs, 12 (60%) of them have "Gold" and "Silver" as tiers. And 8 (40%) of them have the exact same "Platinum," "Gold" and "Silver". Maybe it's not a lack of creativity or innovation but rather it's just making things easier on customers.

And that's what OPN comes down to for me. It helps customers engage with partners. It makes sense.

Good luck to all the partners out there who will be gunning for some new Specializations. And also to the team at Oracle. Keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays to all. Cheers.