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Increasing DBA Value Through Automation and Training

Guest Author

Today's guest post comes from Kate Farrow, Senior Marketing Manager at Oracle.

The efficient management and flow of business information to, from, and within your customer’s data warehouses are becoming increasingly critical in the data-driven economy. From strategic business decision making to operational sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and HR reporting, data underpins the very core of everything a modern business thinks and does.


Indeed for many companies, especially in the service industry, data is often the only real asset they have. How managers and analysts use that data can be a matter of business survival. Companies that are first to spot potential business opportunities and that can respond to even slight changes in the market the fastest, are those most likely to succeed.


So given the extreme value placed on data, and in a world of exponentially increasing data volumes and sources, what value does the DBA consultant have who is implementing such solutions for customers?


Too many hats, not enough heads

While the DBA consultant is surely one of most influential roles in any Partner organization, it is also one of the most challenging. To deliver the best business value, DBA consultants need to focus on strategic, business-oriented tasks, such as data modelling, optimizing access, and generally seeking out ways to get more value from their customer’s company data.


The challenge is finding time to do that while the more generic infrastructure responsibilities tend to take precedence – creating storage indexes, provisioning, patching, upgrades, backups, security, scaling, server processor utilization; the list seems endless.


The performance and operational management of the data warehouse are certainly important – when it slows down or goes down, it won’t take long for managers to come asking why their operational dashboards and reports are not up-to-date or not available. But when DBA consultants spend too much time and resources on generic tasks, business innovation, agility, and competitiveness can suffer as a result.


Wanted: Database Administrator Consultants (no juggling skills required)

Innovations such as the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud are set to radically enhance the role of the DBA consultant. As a fully-managed service, it makes data warehousing fast, easy, and extremely elastic, giving you everything you need to rapidly and efficiently design, load and analyze your customer’s data in the cloud.


Gone are the worries about performance and operational management. Configuration, tuning, provisioning, backups, patching, failover, upgrades – these are all automated from now on. There is compute or storage scaling on demand. And storage indexes are generated automatically based on inbound queries. No manual tuning or intervention is required.


Freed from the burden of having to manage multiple, labor-intensive chores, DBA consultants can focus on the more interesting, valuable, business-specific tasks like integrating new data sources, application tuning, and data lifecycle management.


The future of DBA consultants is less juggling, more focus: fewer tasks, much higher value.


Excelling in a world of database automation

No matter how data warehouses evolve over the years to simplify administration, there is one hat that DBA consultants will always need to be wearing: your learning hat. DBA consultants who stay current with the latest trends and technologies will always be able to add the most business value and hence be the most in demand.


Oracle University creates a New Features course for each major release of the Oracle Database to help you stay ahead. The course, traditionally delivered through Classroom Training, Live Virtual Classes, and Training on Demand, is now available as a Learning Subscription – giving you year-round access to dozens of hours of high-quality learning content which is constantly updated.


The Oracle Database New Features Learning Subscription is the most efficient and effective way for DBA consultants of staying up to speed with all the latest Oracle Database releases.


As the importance, volume, and type of data continue to grow – against a backdrop of increasing automation – differentiate yourself from your colleagues. Keep your skills white hot, and your value sky high, and get started with Oracle Database New Features Learning Subscription today!

Remember: Your Oracle PartnerNetwork discount is applied to standard list prices shown on Oracle University web pages.

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