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How to Safeguard your Database and Accelerate your Business Success with the New Oracle Database Security Certification

Niki Bamford
Partner Product Marketing Manager

Guest post by Richard Evans, Product Manager, Database Security who was a member of the team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) assembled and tasked to create our new Database Security certification exam.

“We’ve been hacked!” are the words that every DBA or consultant working for Oracle partners and their customers dread. It can wake you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Your heart and mind begin to race. Panic mode sets in. What data was stolen? How much? When? How? Then the tough question comes from the customer: How will this affect our reputation and our bottom line?

Who is to blame for this data breach? As the DBA or consultant, you are the ultimate custodian of your customer’s data. You start getting that ticklish feeling in your stomach as all the fingers begin to point at you. You rub your eyes and gather your thoughts. Wait! Was it just a dream? Luckily, this time it was. But for many DBAs last year, data breaches were a stark reality.

Data breaches continue to affect you and your customer

In 2019, we saw major leaks and hacks across business sectors where data was thought to be extremely secure, e.g., in financial, telecommunications, tech, and social network organizations. Indeed, among Adobe Inc., Canva, Capital One, First American Corporation, Justdial, Mobile Telesystems, Truecaller, Zynga, and Facebook, more than 2.6 billion data records were exposed. This covers just a few of the major breaches, and does not include the 2.7 billion identity records which were posted for sale on the Internet last January.

How secure was your customer’s data last year? With an average of 197 days before breaches are even detected, can you be sure that you or your customer weren’t hacked in the last six months?

Database security is always a learning exercise

For some companies, like those mentioned above, lessons were learned the hard and expensive way – after the fact. For other, more reputable companies, database security learning is a continuous process, where DBAs endeavor to keep their skills up-to-date so that mistakes are not made in the first place.

Nothing is guaranteed, but you can be sure that by making database security your top priority, you will considerably limit the frequency of data leaks, and any breach you may experience will cost far less than the USD3.9 million global average.

Staying ahead of the game in database security

These days, it’s not enough to simply deploy a highly secure database and then sit back and relax. As the creator of the world’s number one database, Oracle has always been deeply committed to improving your database security, which is why we provide the resources to ensure that you can maximize the protection of your and your customers database.

•    Oracle Database Security Homepage – here we post updated product data sheets, white papers, demos, and more.
•    Oracle Database Security Blog – here you can find articles on topics of interest for the database security development team and field implementation resources.
•    Securing the Oracle Database eBook – new edition just released!
•    Oracle Critical Patch Updates, Security Alerts, and Bulletins page – includes announcements of security fixes made during critical patch updates.
•    Database Documentation page – here you can find all the latest database product manuals. Simply select your database version from the drop-down list and click ‘Security’ to see the security related documentation.
•    Oracle Software Assurance Blog – here you can get information on new critical patches and alerts straight from our software assurance team.
•    AskTom monthly community calls – held on the second Thursday of most months, where we update you on the latest product announcements, and take a deep dive into a particular technical topic. Here you can register to be notified about the upcoming sessions and the selected topics. We record these sessions, so you’ll find all the previous recordings listed on this site.

One giant leap for your business success: Introducing the new Oracle Database Security Certification

To further boost the knowledge, confidence, credibility, peace of mind, and job satisfaction of your DBAs and consultants, Oracle has recently developed a highly prestigious asset to add to your security toolbox: The Oracle Database Security Certification. This newly-launched certification enables you to truly differentiate yourself as a database security expert, to boost your value to future customers, and to significantly enhance your earning potential.

Let’s reflect on the unfortunate companies listed above and the thousands of other companies which have experienced data breaches over the past few years. Ask yourself: Who will they be engaging next? The Oracle partner who is not certified in database security? Or the one who is? Realistically, it’s only a matter of time before database security certification becomes a must-have just to be shortlisted. The sooner you qualify, the faster your business progresses.

Do you have what it takes to reach the next level of security expertise?

As you prepare for your Oracle Database Security Certification exam, you’ll be learning a broad array of database security skills, including important features such as authentication, authorization, data encryption at-rest and in-motion, as well as Oracle’s data-driven security solutions, such as Real Application Security, Oracle Label Security, and Database Vault.

To be sure of the exam success, we recommend a combination of Oracle training and hands-on experience attained via labs and/or field experience. At Oracle, we have the resources to help guide you at every step on your journey to certification.

Peace of mind in an insecure world

Today’s world is rife with hackers, crackers, and black hats – not to mention the myriad of ways to lose data through accidental publications and poor security. Protect yourself, your data, and your company’s bottom line with Oracle Database Security Certification.

With your certification taking pride of place on your Oracle partner portfolio, you’ll enjoy a higher revenue, have improved chances to win new bids and greater prestige. And what’s else? You’ll sleep more soundly and have sweeter dreams.

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