Week 41: Trick-or-Treat

It's that time of the year when the candy corn induced sugar high leads to costume creativity and you are rocking out so hard to "Thriller" that you're not sure if you want a trick or a treat. While you ponder your 'best costume ever' we thought we would share what is sure to be a treat - a recap of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum at OpenWorld.

  • Over 2000 partners from around the globe joined us live in San Francisco for the OPN Forum - see what you missed here.
  • Nearly 75 of you that braved the 6:00 AM Partner Fun Run.
  • Partners got down to business conducting over 300 hours of meetings in the OPN Lounge.

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum was a great event, and we are looking forward to even more networking opportunities at Oracle OpenWorld Latin America and Oracle OpenWorld Beijing in December. Until then, take a look at some of our favorite moments from the OPN Forum.

A view of San Francisco from the Partner Networking Luncheon

IMG_2471 (Medium).JPG

Some of the best seats in the house at the Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum

IMG_2717 (Small).JPG

Listening in as we hear from our Specialized partners and their customers

IMG_2725 (Medium).JPG

Recognizing Excellence with Global Award Winners

HC5O2266 (Small).JPG

Remembering the gh'oul times,
The OPN Communications Team


Looked like a great time. Wish I could of attended.

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