The Rise of M2M & Big Data

Did you know that an auto manufacturer’s fleet of cars will produce 1 petabyte of data per day, every day? Now let’s say that this auto manufacturer uses sensors on all of its vehicles to measure performance, wear, operational conditions and so forth… With this data, the manufacturer can:

  • Predict service needs based on driving conditions rather than an average time frame
  • Anticipate failures and schedule maintenance when it is efficient rather than when it is urgent
  • Improve the efficiency of operations and thus improve margins, all while dramatically increasing value to customers and potentially opening up new revenue streams.

With this kind of engineering, it is critical to think about the big data problem up front and consider optimal platform needs when designing sensor architecture and smart sensors. This new intersection of the M2M and cloud computing trends, if handled well, is extremely compelling; but if handled poorly— can be a collision.

So how do we actually enable business logic on edge devices to produce “smarter data” and the ability to securely and reliably transmit data for analysis on the back end?

One word: Java –Smart, Portable and Standards-based Java.

Only Oracle can provide a complete device-to-data-center platform—from Java for devices to middleware, database, and engineered systems—to harness the value of big data. From embedded to enterprise, Oracle and its partners are the critical element of success.

Watch this short Oracle Big Data video below that uses the simple analogy of a fishing trawler to explain big data, and the steps involved in gaining competitive advantage by combining new sources of data within the existing. As always, leave us your questions or comments below!

Java to the Rescue,

The OPN Communications Team


This prediction of big data for all these machines along with the sensor capabilities will provide a new way, which we have never experienced before..this is surely a phenomenal growth time for each industry, due to Big Data and Internet of Things.

Posted by Ashish Tiwari on February 26, 2013 at 11:36 PM PST #

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