The “Olympic” PartnerNetwork Specialized Activation Center

This weekend marks the final days of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and what an awe-inspiring competition it has been. With all this athletic ability in one place, we can’t help but wonder how these athletes train to become so successful.

Even though we may not know where Gabrielle Douglas learned her balance beam routine, or where Ryan Lochte learned how to swim, we do know where our partners are getting trained to become successful…Through our very own “Partner Olympic” training center of course –better known as the OPN Specialized Activation Center

Similar to the state-of-the art, Olympic sized swimming pool Michael Phelps uses to train, the OPN Specialized Activation Center houses a centralized pool of information for all OPN partner training needs. It’s easy to access and the information is easy to consume.

The goal of the site is to help our partners  get the most out of their OPN membership by accelerating their ability to sell, develop, specialize, and… bring home the gold!

Some highlights of the OPN Specialized Activation Center include:
  • Insights about our strategy and portfolio
  • Overview of marketing & sales resources
  • Steps to become resell authorized
  • Instructions for placing orders and registering deals
  • How to differentiate yourselves by achieving Specialization

Watch as our very own OPN champion and Director of the OPN Program, Kimberly Lasseter, coaches partners on the new Oracle training road-map, enabling them to monetize their OPN membership.

We Pass the Torch on to You,
The OPN Communications Team 


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