The Innovation Continues: Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4

Engineered to be the highest performing and most available platform for running Oracle Database, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2 is the fifth generation database machine. It features the most advanced architecture, using industry-standard database servers, built-in management, intelligent storage servers, and a high speed InfiniBand network that interconnects servers and storage for faster data access and delivery.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2

There are a number of new innovations and enhancements in the latest release, delivering higher consolidation density, lower total cost of ownership and improved performance.

Greater Performance and Capacity

Exadata X4-2’s Compute Power:

Exadata X4 Storage:

· 50% more database cores

· 2X larger physical flash memory

· 2X larger database server local storage

· Up to 4X larger logical flash memory

· 2X faster InfiniBand network

· 2X larger disks

Hardware and Software: Engineered to Work Together

Designed to work together, Oracle Exadata releases have continued to build upon integrated hardware and software advancements, optimizations and performance that make it the best platform to run Oracle Database, consolidate both OLTP and analytic workloads, and deliver database as a service.

Key database optimizations include:

  • More database query offload to storage can offload searches of LOBs
  • Database optimized compression now includes Hybrid Columnar enhancements for transaction processing
  • Database optimized PCI Flash enables ultra high speed flash compression (X4) at multi-million IOs/second, as well as caching for table scans and faster file initialization
  • Database optimized QoS prioritizes CPU and IO use by multitenant pluggable database (12c)
  • Database optimized availability allows for prioritized recovery of critical database files
  • Database optimized messaging prioritization of critical database messages, including log writes and Oracle Real Application Clusters


Organizations are faced with an increasing need to process more and more data, and do it faster while their IT budgets are being squeezed. Examining the total cost of ownership for IT staff – as well as software and hardware – leads to choosing a common high performance, highly available infrastructure for deployments of all applications. By implementing Oracle Exadata into their IT infrastructure, organizations can not only accelerate database performance to accomplish a lot more in the same amount of time, manage scale and growth in incremental steps by consolidating deployments, and deliver mission-critical data protection and availability, and at the same time lower the overall cost of computing.

The choice is simple, make it Oracle.

Lindsey Pickle is Senior Director, Database & Engineered Systems Partner Enablement at Oracle. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual sponsorship. Read all of Oracle’s guest blogs here.


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