Solving the Data Growth Problem – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of our blog series, enterprise customers constantly feel the business impact of rapid data growth through reduced application performance. This means that overall, customers are besieged with the cost and complexity of storing + managing large volumes of data.

What if it were possible for partners to present their customers a solution that fits within their storage budget and greatly reduces the cost of managing data over its lifecycle?

Enter “infinite storage” repository – a tiered storage environment where data is automatically moved, copied and stored on different types of media (performance disk/high-capacity disk/tape) in order to optimize cost, availability, performance, backup/recovery objectives, and long-term retention requirements.

While the ability to transparently place data on the most cost-effective tier is an obvious benefit, the need to scale the data infrastructure is essential in an environment with rapid data growth. Such a repository would scale to hundreds of petabytes – simply by adding more disk or tape storage capacity.

The partner’s solution would potentially:

  • Deliver a series of workshops that defines business and application requirements such as costs, response time, data availability targets, data protection needs, and retention controls;
  • Provide installation, configuration, and migration services;
  • Architect the repository using:

Let Oracle help you help your customers find a storage solution that fits well within their budget, while you build the necessary sales + implementation skills through Oracle’s Tiered Storage Specialization.

Best of luck to you!
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