Sitting In: What the Dell is going on?

Well, a lot, for the record. Speaking of records, how about the one where Oracle announced a new world record TPC-C benchmark for Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One running on Windows? With this result, Oracle now holds the top four record benchmark positions in the Top Ten TPC-C price/performance category and further demonstrates Oracle's commitment to providing enterprise-class scalability and performance at a low cost to customers of any size.

Or what about the one where Oracle WebLogic Server, a strategic component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, together with Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle Database 11g running on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ server, set a world record dual-node result with the SPECjAppServer2004 industry standard benchmark? Impressed? So were we.

This isn’t the only activity going on with Oracle and Dell. The Dell Product Group Engineering team, in conjunction with Oracle Server Technologies, has recently completed testing and validation of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and 11g Release 1 on the latest blade servers. In coming months validation will be completed on the latest Nehalem servers offered by Dell. All validations include Oracles Database clustering technology RAC (Real Application Clusters). In addition, the Database validations were completed utilizing Windows 2008, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating Systems. All of this to provide customers pre-tested and pre-configured environments for the purpose of easing the overall implementation. Cool, huh?

There's a lot more to share. Click here or here for more information on how Oracle and Dell are working together.

Thanks for letting me sit in, click here for more information on the Oracle Dell relationship.

Jim Standard
Vice President
Global Channel Sales


Hey Tom Kopec here, Technical Account Manager for Dell team, an update on the Dell validation activities discussed earlier in this blog. The Dell Solutions Engineering team has recently completed validation and testing of Dell's 11th generation PowerEdge servers based on the Nehalem Processors. By working with Intel over the past year, we were able to time our solution support with the general availability of the blade, tower and rack optimized systems. This activity includes validation of Oracle 10g release 2, 11g release 1 Databases, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) across both Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as characterization and sizing available in the Dell / Oracle Database 11g Advisor Tool. , "Dell is intent on providing our customers the latest technology offerings validated and with industry leading solution offerings from Oracle" said Bharath Vasudevan who runs the Dell / Oracle alliance team.

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