SaaS for the Masses - Oracle Announces New Licensing Option for ISVs

I'm very excited to tell you about a new commercial model we're launching for ISVs interested in delivering SaaS applications on the Oracle Platform for SaaS. The new model allows ISVs to flexibly license components of the Oracle Platform for SaaS, including Oracle Database and WebLogic, on a monthly basis. In other words, SaaS ISVs can now license the Oracle products they need, when they need them . . . as well as scale their ongoing license investment based on their company growth and end-user demand.

If you're not already aware, you should know that several of the largest SaaS ISVs in the world are already developing and running their applications on the Oracle Platform for SaaS. This new model enables an even broader community of ISVs to build, deploy and manage SaaS applications on the same platform!

I was able to catch up with Judson in his office recently to get his thoughts on this offering:

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Thanks for letting me sit in,
Kevin O'Brien
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This is most interesting news, because cloud based computing and web service model has not been taken seriously before. This opens way to totally new business models, where client does not have to care about hardware, administration or different service fees. This is the IT should be : data centric, and focus on customers needs, not maximizing revenues. In my opinion, this can bring lot of those 1-99 people small companies (which are largest share of all companies in the World) to Oracle, as before license fees, certified platforms and so forth have proved to be too expensive. But say $99 month, and we will offer you 24/7 service with full business and process platform - it's a bargain that no one else can do. SAP or MS have (not yet) nothing similar if this really works out, in my opinion.

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This is often yet another well written post. I include merely just lately uncovered SaaS for the Masses - Oracle Announces New Licensing Option for ISVs (Judson Althoff Blog) together with i'm nevertheless perusing often the excellent articles and other content you have that is here.

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