Personalize your Experience with the Oracle Partner Store


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

So it may not be magic, but it’s definitely close!  Partners can now personalize their experience with the Oracle Partner Store and control what and who receives notifications.

Let’s take a look at the MyOPS tab in Partner Store and explore more:

Under “My Account” select Personal Information.  In the additional Email Addresses box, you can add in email addresses, including distribution lists that you want to be copied for every OPS notification that you receive.

If you select Preferences in the drop-down you set the following options:

  • What language you want to receive alerts in
  • Whether or not you want to receive order confirmation and order booked alerts
  • Your default installation country and currency
  • Your default support offering and duration when you add items to the cart

Other preferences you can select from the drop down include:

  • Bill to Addresses
  • Ship to Addresses
  • Preferred Bill to/ Ship to
  • Company information
  • Credit Cards

Please note that these settings will only affect your account in the Oracle Partner Store – they will not affect other users from your company.  For more information please refer to our training page.

So take a moment to set up the Partner Store to meet your needs and save you some time.


Simon Davis

Senior Director WW A&C Quote To Order


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