OPN Partner Spotlight: Tata Consultancy Services

In an effort to highlight the hard work of our partners, Oracle PartnerNetwork will be featuring select partners as part of an “OPN Spotlight” series. In each installment, you’ll gain background on our partner, their Specializations, interesting projects or reports being conducted and more.

July’s OPN Spotlight features Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – a global IT services, solutions and consulting organization that enables enterprise customers to bring new efficiencies across their businesses.

To shed light on a recent TCS-Forrester study we have Krishnan Ramanujam, Vice President and Global Head of Enterprise Solutions at TCS. Krishnan sits on TCS’ Corporate Technology Board and helps lead the direction of TCS’ Centers of Excellence, a network of domain and region-specific knowledge centers where TCS’ leading talents develop and apply emerging technologies, best practices and client solutions. 

Customer Experience Directly Impacts Company’s Bottom Line

Results of a TCS study conducted by Forrester revealed that businesses’ top CX priority is to increase their agility to drive business growth.

Regardless of a company’s industry and its front-line challenges, capitalizing on converging technologies to enhance CX is a top priority. Below are only a few examples of TCS’ successful CX solution implementations:

ABN AMRO: The banking industry depends on customer loyalty and retention, traits that are ephemeral in the wake of the financial crisis. Dutch bank ABN AMRO implemented an enterprise-wide CX strategy with sophisticated analytics that allowed the bank to more deeply understand customer needs and preferences and provide solutions and services to meet those demands.

American Airlines: Passenger data management is the foundation for successful CX in the airline industry. Marking its evolution from CRM to adopting a CX strategy, American Airlines put itself in the shoes of its customers and created marketplace differentiation by charting and engaging with the customer’s trip lifecycle—from shopping for the flight ticket to the post-flight experience—at each touch point and across technologies.

Honeywell: To more closely manage customer assets and improve its invoicing process, Honeywell adopted a CX program to become more agile and proactive, taking cues from early CX adopters (such as the service industry’s mastery of using mobile apps and online bill payment) to provide virtually seamless and instant connection to data in order to deliver improved services.

Based on these experiences, TCS learned we can summarize a successful CX program by administering the following best practices:

  • Create marketplace differentiation by leveraging technology innovation;
  • Develop customer journey mapping across all touch-points;
  • Engage all customer-facing and supporting employees, groups and partners;
  • Establish a portfolio of customer metrics and consistent customer engagement.

Customer experience is a journey and our collaboration with our customers has proven exciting and successful. That said, there’s always a need to think ahead of our customers; always a need to surprise them. You could say CX is a journey that never really ends, and TCS will be there every step of the way.

All the best,
Krishnan Ramanujam, Vice President and Global Head of Enterprise Solutions, TCS

“Data analytics allows us to not only draw conclusions about customers' preferences, but to predict customer behavior and make smart business decisions to improve the bottom line.”

About TCS’ Oracle Practice

Tata Consultancy Services, a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, first deployed Oracle solutions in 1987. Since then, it has designed, implemented and maintained Oracle-enabled solutions that can help global enterprises stay ahead of the curve. Based on our vast experience, we are well-positioned to transform enterprises and bring speed, agility and mobility to the modern global enterprise.

With more than 15,000 Oracle certified specialists across a variety of different product and specialty areas, TCS’ specialists are equipped with the tools they need to develop and implement end-to-end solutions (such as Oracle on Oracle) for their customers. These trained specialists are supported by TCS’ Centers of Excellence eleven dedicated to Oracle technologies alone — which serve joint TCS and Oracle customers in Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Learn more about TCS:

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  • Follow TCS on Twitter: @TCS_Oracle
  • Get the latest updates and learn history around the Oracle –TCS partnership

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