Mark Hurd becomes a LinkedIn Influencer: Read his debut blog post

Last week, Oracle President Mark Hurd joined other thought leaders as a LinkedIn Influencer.

Influencers are trusted leaders who have been invited to share unique industry insights and to start thought-provoking conversations. Mark’s first blog, "Enterprise IT’s New Mandate: Drive Austerity and Innovation" is live, and it’s already generated some insightful discussion.

In the piece, Mark discusses one viable way for leaders to face the demands of austerity and innovation. As legacy enterprise apps—“dinosaurs,” as he calls them—eat away at CEOs’ budgets,

“CEOs today need to turn to modern enterprise technology that liberates precious IT dollars from low-value or no-value infrastructure and integration and funds new approaches and innovation that customers are demanding. It’s a tough challenge—but in this new world where the customer is king, CEOs have no alternative.”

But why read it here? Let the man speak for himself.

  1. Read "Enterprise IT’s New Mandate" now and Follow Mark on LinkedIn to read his future articles.
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