Japan and Back in Two Days

Recently, Judson and I took off for a whirlwind trip to Japan. We enjoyed two days packed morning and night with partner events and meetings. What did we find? OPN Specialized adoption is strong. Partners believe in the specialization value proposition and are excited about opportunity with Oracle - Software, Hardware, Complete. The 48 hour trip included:

- Keynote at Japan's OPN Forum
- Keynotes at (2) Oracle + Sun Welcome Events (Tokyo and Osaka)
- Keynote at Japan's Partner Leadership Circle
- Shooting two Japan Partner Interview Videos
- Shooting two Oracle Executive Interview Videos
- Conducting several key executive partner meetings

What were the Japan Oracle and partner perspectives? I captured them first hand in this video.

Thanks! We welcome your feedback.
Lydia Smyers
Vice President, WWA&C Communications, Programs, and Portal


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