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The countdown is on to the launch of OPN Specialized - just 2 weeks until you can join the new program. With a completely re-designed framework offering upgraded benefits, a new portal, and access to the Partner Business Center, OPN Specialized will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This news is making its way around the world with its first announcement at the OPN Forum followed by a special call for NAS Partners, serving as a highlight at the APAC Executive Partner Forum (EPF), and being discussed in detail in the EMEA Virtual OPN Days there is no denying that OPN Specialized is big news.

Listen in as Judson tells you a little bit about what APAC partners heard at their EPF in Macau.

Judson and George Wong at the EPF in Macau...


There will be more news to come on this from the EMEA OPN Day in Paris. Until then, mark your calendar for an event of global proportions as we host a live OPN Specialized launch event on December 2nd. This event will begin for our EMEA partners at 3:00 PM GMT and continue on live throughout the day for all of our partners globally.

Check out the schedule and registration details and we'll see you at the show.

The OPN Communications Team


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