Anchors Away

Last Friday marked Opening Day in the Bay, a fun San Francisco tradition which celebrates the official opening day of the Northern Californian sailing season. Just as captains will spend the next few months sailing around the bay for a win; Oracle partners have already been winning by driving customer success with Oracle’s SPARC T4 Servers and Oracle Solaris 11. No amount of tail wind could slow down these mates because nearly 500 partners have already sold Oracle’s SPARC T4 Servers with Oracle Solaris 11… And the boat isn’t docking anytime soon!

Thanks to this sea of server opportunities, Oracle partners have been moving quickly, at well over 50 knots of speed, so that their customers can benefit from the increased performance needed to run their most demanding enterprise applications in private, hybrid or public clouds. Starboard ahead!

But don’t jump ship for one of these servers just yet, OPN also has two exciting Specializations to consider. Instead, hop on board and watch as Joel Borellis, GVP of Oracle's Worldwide Alliances and Channels, highlights the OPN Specializations for both SPARC T4 and Oracle Solaris 11 and takes a deeper dive into Oracle’s SPARC T4 enterprise servers.

Bon Voyage,
The OPN Communications Team


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