A Walk down the Red Carpet

It was a night complete with stunning gowns, tuxedos, freshly applied make-up and Hollywood's finest… Yes, the Oscar's never looked so good. Speaking of looking good - OPN has recently had some work done and is excited to have its own moment in the spotlight with the newly launched Oracle Exastack Optimized program.

No diamonds needed here - this program sparkles on its own with optimal performance and has been associated with industry notables like ‘speed', ‘scalability', and 'reliability'.  Looking to get in on this action?  Look no further than this blockbuster of an opportunity. Dazzling with maximum visibility and wearing a one of a kind competitive differentiation piece, this starlet will knock you right off the podium.

Whether you're an action lover with a need for extreme speed, or simply someone looking for a high performance show, this program is a must see... Not to mention ISVs everywhere are applauding the ease of production and massive impact Oracle Exastack Optimized is having with fans. So if you want an offer you can't refuse, have a look here or watch the short film below to find out more.

Hoping to see you in the spotlight,
The OPN Communications Team


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