A New Season is Upon Us

From spring cleaning to spring showers, for many this season is a time to take a step back and reflect on the months that have passed and those yet to come. (Deep, we know!) Here at OPN we have been doing some reflecting of our own… combined with hours of rejuvenating yoga, meditation and breathing techniques of course, and we gotta say that we’ve become enlightened.

Enlightened how you ask? Well, we have realized that just like a Locus flower, Oracle too continues to grow and blossom which is why it is important for Oracle partners to not only hear from Judson and his organization through this blog site, but all Oracle thought leaders and executives as well. This will help to ensure that partners like you are receiving the latest and greatest news and updates, which brings me to my main point. In order to better reflect the broader Oracle spectrum of individuals that will offer insight and provide detail for this blog, we have decided to change our blog name…. Bamboo drum roll please!

OPN is excited to announce the newly renamed, Oracle PartnerNetwork Blog. Pretty snazzy huh? OPN believes that a little change is a great thing, which is why we have changed the name but not any content and we promise you will still be hearing from Judson himself.

Click on the video below to get his thoughts on our blog ch ch ch changes.

The OPN Communications Team


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