A Big Congrats to Hitachi- Now a Diamond Level Partner!


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, nothing sparkles quite like a diamond. Being named Diamond level partner is the highest ranking available in the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized program, and we could not be more excited to congratulate Hitachi, Ltd on their new glistening title!

Hitachi has helped clients maximize the business benefits of their Oracle Applications for more than two decades, while also helping them bring their business visions to life through industry led services and solutions.

Not only has Hitachi achieved Diamond level status, they also have 29 additional Oracle Specializations! Here at OPN we know that it all starts with equipping our partners with the proper tools to help their end customers succeed, and we truly believe that diamonds partners are forever!

So here’s to you Hitachi, our diamond in the ruff!

Shine On,

The OPN Communications Team


Nice post, Kristin. I’ve had an opportunity to engage with Hitachi and from what I’ve experienced they’re a great partner. Gretchen Kaufman and JP Lasida are just awesome to work with and that’s reflected in what I’m hearing from their customers too.

From the work Hitachi is doing with Munchkin Inc. helping accelerate business process efficiencies, to their work providing Baillie Lumber Company with a centralized hub for all their transportation planning and management needs, Hitachi’s customer implementations are great examples of Oracle in action.

Another great example – a shining example – is their implementation at BrightSource Energy. Hitachi implemented a financial and operations 'system of record' using Oracle's E-Business Suite Release 12. We worked on a video with Jack Jenkins-Stark, the CFO at BrightSource Energy, and he used the opportunity to talk about how it's helping expand operations in the US and Israel.


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