Thursday Dec 12, 2013

A Picture of Collaboration: The Internet of Things for Smart Grid

Earlier this year, Oracle partners worked with the digital security giant Gemalto and leading developer of Smart Grid Systems V2COM to meet Elektro’s goals. Together, the companies created a flexible Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution that is modernizing electrical power delivery in Latin America.

 "V2Com has developed an advanced Smart Grid Platform to deliver flexible, smart energy solutions using Oracle Java ME Embedded-based devices (on the edge), Oracle Java SE Embedded-based Smart Concentrators (on gateways) and a Java EE back-end software suite including Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM) running on an Oracle WebLogic application server, and all this software stores its data to Oracle Databases."

Elektro and V2COM chose to use Oracle’s Java products and EEtechnologies to drive the combined solution for three chief reasons: its high level of support for object-oriented programming, its open-source development, and the absence of vendor lock-in. Because of this freedom, the customer’s teams can spend less time rewriting existing code and more time developing new code to address novel business challenges.

Using Oracle Java ME Embedded enables the implementation team to employ Over The Air Provisioning (OTAP) support. This allows them to remotely fix bugs and improve the end-device firmware as new business requirements emerge. And because the platform is fully integrated, they can rely on a single pool of Java developers to write and test new iterations.

V2COM implemented the whole project in just over a year, thanks to some quick, early successes. For one, they took just three months to deploy 6,000 communication modules in the field. Two weeks later, the billing process was completely automated. After that, a team of five people integrated every process in the solution: field installation, maintenance, meter reading, data validation, revenue protection and ad-hoc analysis. They knocked this phase out in ten months.

In addition to improving energy efficiency and decreasing energy loss, the solution has helped Elektro improve their remote monitoring and respond to incidents faster. Elektro anticipates that the project will see ROI in as few as 12 months. Already, the metering automation has eliminated the operational costs of 30 meter-reading field service units. In Colombia, a similar V2COM Smart Grid system has reduced response time to power outages and other incidents by 40 percent.

This Smart Grid project was recently named “Best Application of Wireless Sensor Networks/Internet of Things” at the IDTechEx event in Santa Clara, California. Additionally, V2Com was the winner of the 2013 Oracle Excellence Award for Java Business Innovation for this real world implementation of Oracle’s Internet of things platform, using Java and Oracle technology end-to-end to deliver a standards-based, powerful and well integrated solution to improve efficiencies, services and ROI for Utilities companies.

Partners, this story is a great example of how the Internet of Things is changing the world we live in. Use it to your advantage. Share it with your clients. Then be prepared to tell them about how Java and other Oracle IoT components—embedded software, wireless devices, built-in security, network management tools and business applications—can provide the integrated solution they’re looking for.

To learn more about Oracle’s work in this space, visit the Oracle IoT Platform site.

The OPN Communications Team