Friday Nov 08, 2013

Mark Hurd Believes HR is the Next Major Revenue Driver: Read His Latest LinkedIn Influencer Blog

“Most CEOs realize they need to make some dramatic changes in how they recruit people, align and manage performance, make compensation decisions, and optimize talent,” Oracle President Mark Hurd writes.

The key issue, he explains, is that many CEOs aren’t equipping their HR teams with the tools and resources they need to unlock employees’ full value. This oversight is keeping HR organizations walled off from revenue generation and customer engagements—two chief sources of value for a company.

So what is a CEO to do, given tightening budgets, a sluggish economy and a rapidly changing workforce?

Hurd’s answer: invest in a modern Human Capital Management (HCM) system—one equipped with built-in intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities.

To find out more about how to deliver effective HCM transformations, read Mark Hurd’s full article, “How CEOs Can Transform HR into a Revenue Driver” and visit the Oracle HCM Cloud Service site.

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