Friday Oct 25, 2013

OPN Exchange Keynote On-Demand

We hope everyone has had a chance to refresh and recharge after Oracle OpenWorld 2013. In case you didn’t have the opportunity to catch the full OPN Exchange keynote, we have it on demand for your viewing pleasure.

A highlight reel is up on the OPN YouTube channel and on

You can also watch individual keynote segments, from Oracle Executives like Mark Hurd, John Fowler and Andy Bailey, highlighted below. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! You know, in case your football team is on a bye this week.

Mark Hurd, President, Oracle
Executive Address

John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Systems
Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together

Joel Borellis, Group Vice President, Partner Enablement
Technology, Middleware and Business Intelligence

Chris Baker, Senior Vice President, Worldwide ISV,OEM and Java Sales
Engineered Systems and Hardware

Andy Bailey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Cloud, Fusion Applications and Customer Experience

Thomas LaRocca, Senior Vice President, North America Sales Alliances and Channels
Terri Hall, Group Vice President, North America Sales Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: North America

Hugo Freytes, Senior Vice President, Latin America Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: Latin America

Mark Lewis, Senior Vice President, APAC Alliances and Channels
Hiroshi Watanabe, Senior Vice President, Japan Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: APAC and Japan

David Callaghan, Senior Vice President, EMEA Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: EMEA


The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

Internet of Things Becoming Reality

The Internet of Things is not just on the radar—it’s becoming a reality. A globally connected continuum of devices and objects will unleash untold possibilities for businesses and the people they touch. But the “things” are only a small part of a much larger, integrated architecture.

A great example of this comes from the healthcare industry.

Imagine an expectant mother who needs to watch her blood pressure. She lives in a mountain village 100 miles away from medical attention.

Luckily, she can use a small “wearable” device to monitor her status and wirelessly transmit the information to a healthcare hub in her village.

Now, say the healthcare hub identifies that the expectant mother’s blood pressure is dangerously high. It sends a real-time alert to the patient’s wearable device, advising her to contact her doctor. It also pushes an alert with the patient’s historical data to the doctor’s tablet PC. He inserts a smart security card into the tablet to verify his identity. This ensures that only the right people have access to the patient’s data.

Then, comparing the new data with the patient’s medical history, the doctor decides she needs urgent medical attention. GPS tracking devices on ambulances in the field identify and dispatch the closest one available.

An alert also goes to the closest hospital with the necessary facilities. It sends real-time information on her condition directly from the ambulance. So when she arrives, they already have a treatment plan in place to ensure she gets the right care.

The Internet of Things makes a huge difference for the patient. She receives personalized and responsive healthcare. But this technology also helps the businesses involved. The healthcare provider achieves a competitive advantage in its services. The hospital benefits from cost savings through more accurate treatment and better application of services. All of this, in turn, translates into savings on insurance claims.

This is an ideal scenario for the Internet of Things—when all the devices integrate easily and when the relevant organizations have all the right systems in place. But in reality, that can be difficult to achieve. Core design principles are required to make the whole system work. Open standards allow these systems to talk to each other. Integrated security protects personal, financial, commercial and regulatory information. A reliable and highly available systems infrastructure is necessary to keep these systems running 24/7.

If this system were just made up of separate components, it would be prohibitively complex and expensive for almost any organization.

The solution is integration, and Oracle is leading the way. We’re developing converged solutions, not just from device to datacenter, but across devices, utilizing the Java platform, and through data acquisition and management, integration, analytics, security and decision-making.

The Internet of Things (IoT) requires the predictable action and interaction of a potentially endless number of components. It’s in that convergence that the true value of the Internet of Things emerges. Partners who take the comprehensive view and choose to engage with the Internet of Things as a fully integrated platform stand to gain the most from the Internet of Things’ many opportunities.

To discover what else Oracle is doing to connect the world, read about Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform. Learn how you can get involved as a partner by checking out the Oracle Java Knowledge Zone.

Best regards,

David Hicks

Tuesday Oct 15, 2013

Giddy-up to an OPN Solutions Catalog Partner Training Session

Howdy partner!

Don’t be a lonesome cowboy or cowgirl. Saddle up and trot on over to one of the latest OPN Solutions Catalog Partner Training sessions on October 16th or October 29th.

“What in tarnation is an OPN Solutions Catalog,” you ask?

Well, it’s the meanest, baddest, sharp-shootin’-est centralized record of our partners and the services and solutions they provide—east or west of the Mississippi. It’s also a prime cut benefit of your Oracle PartnerNetwork membership.

The OPN Solutions Catalog attracts more than 30,000 visitors a month—as many or more as ever rode the Oregon Trail. It’s a gold-rich gateway that makes it easy for customers and partners looking to do business with Oracle to find the partners and solutions that are right for them. That means you, ace!

There’s a wagonload of ways for you and yours to brand yourselves in the Catalog. You can...

  • Add a company overview, success stories and event information
  • Publish recommendations from customers and partners you’ve done business with
  • Profile your solutions and services
  • Link out to external information, including YouTube, white papers and data sheets

To learn more about how you can use the Catalog to expand your reach out on the range, join Oracle experts for one of our most anticipated Partner Trainings. The hour-long webcasts cover...

  • Why you should wrangle this free benefit
  • A tour of the Catalog’s features
  • Sure-fire ways to beef up your marketing efforts

Get along now,

The OPN “Rustlers”

Wednesday Oct 09, 2013

Extreme Performance

Oracle Team USA’s performance in the 34th America’s Cup represents the greatest come-from-behind victory in organized sports in modern history. With all due praise to the Team USA sailors and their world-class athleticism, the Cup was also a victory for Oracle technology.

To see why, let’s take a quick look at what Oracle Team USA’s AC72 was packing.

First, the “device.” The boat bristled with 300–400 Java Embedded sensors generating 30,000 datapoints per second—up to 200 GB of data each day. The sensors measured variables from boat speed and wind angle to winch loads and pressure on the gennaker foresail.

From there, the data fed in real-time over 3G to servers on the team’s support boat, and to a database back on the dock. Information specific to each sailor’s role also streamed to wearable and boat-mounted monitors, which the team could check to make quick adjustments to optimize the boat’s performance.

Meanwhile, back in the performance hub, Oracle Database on Oracle Exadata Database Machine provided crucial information the team needed to win, combing through performance metadata each day to help increase the boat’s speed.

When the team came in from the water, they were able to jump straight into the debrief room and analyze the performance metrics, as well as video. They got an objective sense of how the boat was running, which validated what they felt or experienced out on the water.

Legacy analytics systems took 30 to 40 minutes to collect, import, and run the reports—a long time to wait for sailing team members who have already put in a full day. But this year’s platform let them get the data while the boat’s feel was still fresh. "If you wait until the next day, they've lost a lot of information that was fresh in their memories,” says Asim Khan, performance database programmer and director of IT for Oracle Team USA. “So getting that time from 40 minutes to 10 is critical, and that's where Oracle Exadata Database Machine made a huge difference."

This constant feedback translated into constant adjustments to the boat. After every trial and test, the Oracle design team made data-validated modifications that effectively turned the AC72 into a different vessel each day it was on the water. So in a way, it was more like a dynamic, living system than a static object.

And this was one of the unstated victories—this unanticipated glimpse into the future. Oracle technology at the 34th America’s Cup showed us what the burgeoning “Internet of Things” is all about: a dynamic ecosystem in which connected, data-collecting devices interact with a platform that crunches terabytes of unstructured information into recommendations that drive world-changing performance.

Read more about Oracle Team USA's technology, and capitalize on this positive momentum by sharing these videos of Oracle's extreme performance on and off the water with your customers.

Friday Oct 04, 2013

Cure IT Headaches with Oracle Database 12c

If you were able to attend Oracle OpenWorld last week, you know there's been a lot of buzz about the recent Oracle Database 12c launch. As Gordon Smith, Oracle Director of Database Product Management, puts it in his OPN PartnerCast interview below, “This is a huge release.”

Oracle Database 12c represents Oracle’s latest efforts to save customers time, money and storage space with its flagship Database Server Technologies.

There are hundreds of new features and capabilities. Notably, Oracle Database 12c includes a new Multitenant Option, which can dramatically accelerate database consolidation and Cloud projects.

Other enhancements include new partitioning mechanisms to optimize storage and provide greater capabilities for analyzing unstructured data. Plus, a new redaction functionality marks a step-change in database security.

For partners, there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade, up-sell and cross-sell with Oracle Database 12c. Now’s a great time to learn what goes into the new technology and where exactly the opportunities are. Here are some ways you can get up to speed on what you can offer customers.

  • Watch Gordon Smith’s OPN PartnerCast interview on Oracle Database 12c above.
  • Participate in the Oracle Database 12c partner training webcast.
  • Get trained and track progress at the Oracle Database Knowledge Zone. Take the assessment to become Oracle Database 12c–certified!
  • Be sure to join your local boot camp to further enhance your skill set.

Best regards,

Lindsey Pickle

Director, Partner Solution Enablement

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

It's a Wrap! The #OPNX13 Menu in Review

Well, it was a big few days at OPN Exchange @ Oracle OpenWorld 2013. A smorgasbord of keynotes, events, cocktail parties, speaker sessions, tests and demos spread out across San Francisco’s Moscone Center last week. With so much offered, we want to give you a quick review of the menu, in case you couldn’t make it to every event.

The courses began with Sunday’s OPNX13 Keynote. We heard from Mark Hurd, Safra Catz, John Fowler, and more. Partners in the packed Keynote Hall sampled strategic plans with strong, full-bodied character and overtones of gratitude. After all, as Andy Bailey reported, 40 percent of Oracle’s revenue and 80 percent of interactions come from the partner community. So a hearty applause for all of our #oraclepartners.

Up next was a round of OPN Exchange General Sessions with infusions of Technology, Applications, Hardware and the Internet of Things – the results were devoured by partners and customers alike!

Sunday’s menu concluded with an AfterDark Reception, shaken on the rocks. Partners and customers mixed it up at the top of the Metreon, while Team Oracle aerobatics pilot Sean D. Tucker held court, shaking hands and signing autographs.

Ah, but those were only the appetizers! The rest of the week showcased world-class fare for small and big appetites alike...

  • Partners sampled the Oracle kitchen’s most exclusive preparations at 50+ Partner Sessions
  • Over 100 partners took their partnership-cooking skills to the next level, earning new Specialized certifications at OPN Test Fest
  • Two lucky co-pilots carved the San Francisco skies with Sean D. Tucker and Team Oracle
  • The Social Media Rally Station served up rare tips for making your personal social media brand sizzle
  • Joel Borellis’ chatted with Oracle Partner Award winners KPI Partners, Enkitec and Helix Business Solutions in OPN Live interviews
  • Partners from around the globe planted, tended and watered new networks and connections at the OPN Lounge. We’re looking forward to seeing the fruits they bear over the next year

Are you full yet? We sure hope not. The desserts are yet to come.

Until next year,

A (stuffed) OPNX13 Communications Team