Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Mark Hurd Builds a Following as a LinkedIn Influencer: Read His Latest Blog

Oracle President Mark Hurd published his latest blog, "Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience Evangelists."

As partners are well aware, creating a consistently solid customer experience is a critical component for success.

In his new article, Mark writes, “CEOs have to make it their mission to completely re-architect how they think about the core applications that run their core business processes, from purchasing all the way out to CX. Because the demographics of business have been turned upside down: instead of business technology defining the rules of engagement, today’s marketplace is dictated by consumers wielding powerful new technologies and wildly new buying habits that are being absorbed by all age groups.

“It’s the consumers who control the leverage, not the sellers.” And this isn’t happening only in the U.S. As we’ve heard repeatedly at Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Partner Network Exchange 2013, it’s happening around the world.

So, how do you create an unbeatable customer experience? Well, Mark encourages CEOs to “begin by focusing on the customer and what they want and how they buy, and how those are likely to evolve in the coming few years.”

Read the rest of "Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience Evangelists" here.

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Last Chance: Social Media Rally Station!

Get to the Social Media Rally Station @ OPN Lounge before 3PM today for a free consultation!

A (not totally impartial) observer from OPN Communications just sat down with the Social Media Rally Station team at the OPN Lounge. And he’s got to say: it was a truly impressive 15-minute consultation.

Erin Diner and Heather Margolis walked through the best strategies for filling out and optimizing a LinkedIn profile. “Update that photo,” Erin said. “That should be the most professional thing up there.”

Some other recommendations...

  • Get at least 500 connections. #OPNX13 is a great place to start.
  • Ask managers, colleagues, and customers for endorsements and recommendations.
  • Personalize links to your own website, your company’s site and your Oracle syndicated site.

As Erin put it, the real value of LinkedIn and other social media platforms lies in the ability to create a personal brand. “With everything shifting to online, you not only have to worry about your person-to-person brand, but your online presence as well. LinkedIn is the most professional way to brand yourself, connect with people and engage with the networking world online.”

It’s all about content. “You have to show that you’re relevant.” They revealed the 70/30 rule of online posting. As they explained, 70 percent of the content you post should be of general interest within your industry. “You have to get followers who read you because you’re posting relevant material.”

The other 30 percent can be specific to your company. “People will be more likely to read what you say about your company if they already know you.”

Visit the OPN Lounge in Moscone West before 3pm for more tips!

Socially yours,

OPN Communications