Friday May 31, 2013

Get recognized by Oracle and remembered by your customers

Here at Oracle PartnerNetwork, nothing is more gratifying than when we showcase a Partner/Customer Success Story! We fully understand that the only way we can succeed is with our partners, and that when you succeed, so do we!

With that being said, have you considered submitting a Customer Success story yet? Not only is it simple to do, it’s a great way for you and your customer to get recognized by Oracle for your expertise, and get recognized by other customers as well!

The Process

  1. Request for a Reference
  2. Oracle will first review your submission.  We are looking for great stories from Specialized partners!
  3. Once we select the sought after stories, Oracle will contact you and your customer to arrange for an interview for placement in one of our various communication channels.

*Please note that submission and placement is free, and Oracle reserves the right to select the stories for placement.

Helpful criteria for a customer story:

  • Innovative use of Oracle Technologies
  •    o   Multiple Oracle application deployments

       o   Oracle Cloud

       o   Use of Hardware and Software solutions

       o   Fusion Application, SOA

       o   Java 

  • Newsworthy story with an original angle
  • Brand name customer in a respective industry
  • Impactful implementation of Oracle products

We are looking forward to promoting you!

The OPN Communications Team