Friday May 31, 2013

Get recognized by Oracle and remembered by your customers

Here at Oracle PartnerNetwork, nothing is more gratifying than when we showcase a Partner/Customer Success Story! We fully understand that the only way we can succeed is with our partners, and that when you succeed, so do we!

With that being said, have you considered submitting a Customer Success story yet? Not only is it simple to do, it’s a great way for you and your customer to get recognized by Oracle for your expertise, and get recognized by other customers as well!

The Process

  1. Request for a Reference
  2. Oracle will first review your submission.  We are looking for great stories from Specialized partners!
  3. Once we select the sought after stories, Oracle will contact you and your customer to arrange for an interview for placement in one of our various communication channels.

*Please note that submission and placement is free, and Oracle reserves the right to select the stories for placement.

Helpful criteria for a customer story:

  • Innovative use of Oracle Technologies
  •    o   Multiple Oracle application deployments

       o   Oracle Cloud

       o   Use of Hardware and Software solutions

       o   Fusion Application, SOA

       o   Java 

  • Newsworthy story with an original angle
  • Brand name customer in a respective industry
  • Impactful implementation of Oracle products

We are looking forward to promoting you!

The OPN Communications Team 

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Oracle's FY14 Global Partner Kickoff – Live June 25th

That’s right folks, Oracle made another movie debut and is about to hit the red carpet once again… this time in Oracle’s studios.

Oracle PartnerNetwork is happy to announce that our FY14 Partner Kickoff event is taking place June 25th and you can join us live online to start summer off right. During this event,  Oracle executives, including President Mark Hurd, will address the needs of today's IT buyer and share how to sell effectively to CTO's, CIO's, CMO's and more. Register now and mark your calendar for June 25, 2013 at 9:00am PT... just don’t forget the popcorn!

What to Expect:

  • Listen as Oracle Executives, including Oracle President, Mark Hurd, John Fowler, Thomas Kurian, and more, outline the product strategy and direction for the company.
  • Learn about the different ways to accelerate sales and make money with Oracle through our full stack offering.
  • Watch on the OPN homepage or on OPN’s Facebook page.
  • Participate in the conversation during the webcast via twitter using @oraclepartners or #opn in your tweets.

And that’s a Wrap,

The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday May 21, 2013

A Walk Down OPN Exchange Memory Lane

We are another month closer to OPN Exchange at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, and in case you forgot how awesome last year’s event was, here are some quick reminders:

  • 6,000 OPN Keynote attendees
  • 50 + partner sessions
  • 5,000 + OPN lounge visitors
  • The legendary  customer appreciation event

Remember all the excitement that takes place the first couple of days? From networking and getting your OPNX badge, to checking in on Facebook or maybe tweeting that you’re at one of the largest tech events in the world? Well here is last year’s “And We’re Off” blog to jog your OpenWorld memory.

If you want more than just a couple days worth of flash backs, here is a full summary of all the fun filled OPN Exchange action! Check out the OPNX Scoreboard to see how many partner events you attended.

Finally, if you would like to see what’s in store for this year, check out the video below… But hold on to your hats, because Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld 2013 is sure to blow you away!

Don’t forget to register now for Early Bird pricing, and take advantage of the FREE Oracle Appreciation event pass that is included when you register early!


The OPN Communications Team


Friday May 17, 2013

Grow Your Business with Oracle’s ACS

We are thrilled to announce  the availability of our expanded Advanced Customer Support (ACS) partner resell portfolio which will help you, our Gold, Platinum and Diamond OPN partners, grow your Oracle business while helping your end users experience faster resolution, higher availability and a greater return on their investment.

How you ask? Well our Advanced Support Engineers provide custom proactive and preventive support to anticipate, identify, and remediate issues for all Oracle mission critical systems - database, middleware, applications, and Sun servers and storage.

Not to mention, Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services delivers Annual, Fixed Scope, and Time and Materials services. This service also tailors specific predictive and preventive solutions to help maintain and maximize performance of all Oracle mission critical systems.

Speaking of critical, partners like you are critical to our success which is why we hope you take a minute to learn more about the expanded services now available in the ACS partner resell portfolio by listening to the ACS recorded training and reviewing the ACS key resources.

As always, leave your comments and questions below.


The OPN Communications Team 

Tuesday May 14, 2013

How Do You Take Your Java Embedded?

Lights, camera, action! In case you missed last week’s Java focused PartnerCast, we got the scoop right here. From the background and benefits of Oracle’s Device to Data Center platform, to an update on Java Embedded products – we even had Oracle customer Eurotech stop by to discuss their experience with Java and Oracle Diamond level member Hitachi. As always, we took live questions from our partner audience on Twitter @Oraclepartners

Ed Zou, Vice President of Product Management, joined our host and Group Vice President of Worldwide Java Sales, Geoff Morton, to discuss some of the challenges businesses are facing today, and how Oracle Java Embedded and Device to Data Center solutions align to remedy them. Watch the background and benefits of Oracle’s Device to Data Center platform video below:

Up next we had Henrik Stahl, Senior Director of Product Management to discuss some exciting Oracle Java Embedded updates with Geoff. Henrik not only touched on what was new with Java, he also shared how Java Embedded developments add value for the whole Oracle stack and improve the overall Java platform. He also took some thought provoking questions from our partner audience. You can watch the Java Embedded video below:

Finally, we were thrilled to have Oracle customer, Eurotech, a world leader in Embedded computing technology, join us in Oracle’s studio. Hilary Tomasson, Vice President of Marketing for Eurotech North America, discussed the solution Eurotech has built using Oracle’s Java Embedded technology and their partnership with Hitachi. She also mentions some vital use cases where Java’s solution is adding value to customers and partners in the cloud. Watch Eurotech’s experience with Java and Oracle Diamond level member Hitachi, in this video:

If you haven’t already been able to tell, Java is everywhere and in everything! So grab a cup of coffee and settle in to this new and exciting world. 

With Cream and Sugar,

The OPN Communications Team

Friday May 10, 2013

The Ways of Modern PR and Video for the Social Marketer

The world as we know it is rapidly evolving. From how we interact with others to how we work, there is no denying that technology is the driving force behind it all. Technology is now faster, smarter, smaller and more prominent than ever before, and we as a unified workforce have become utterly dependent on it.

Worlds Colliding

Take public relations for example. A line of business that was once highly reliant on lengthy press releases and generic email pitches has now drastically changed. Press releases are now shorter and very much catered to a specific audience. Most press releases today also incorporate a video, images, some form of media or links to supporting images.

Press releases not only need to be newsworthy, credible, captivating, defendable, they also need to be short and punchy since we have become accustom to the fast paced ways of social media, and don’t have time to sift through thick and wordy content.

Speaking of social, successful PR campaigns also make use of their social platforms for promotion. Watch Jessica Moore, Oracle’s Director, Corporate Communications and Lydia Smyers, Group Vice President of WWA&C - Programs and Communications, as they discuss how PR has evolved in the past few years, and how Oracle can help get you up to speed. Visit Oracle’s PR webpage to contact your regional PR lead.

The World of Video –What a Beautiful World It Is

Another important shift, thanks to technology, is in the way we communicate through video. Today there seems to be a lot of buzz around video, and rightfully so! Video is simply in the “sweet spot” of how we as humans consume information. According to Vision Group Research, FMRIB, at the University of Oxford, UK, "64 percent of all human communication is non-verbal".  With video you can include these important non-verbal queues; it is easy to access and easy to comprehend. To quote an old Chinese Proverb,

“Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I'll understand”.

Watching (and becoming involved in) a video promotes greater comprehension and understanding. How many times have we had to re-read a paragraph because we didn’t absorb the content the first time?

The bottom line is that video works; there is no doubt about it. The question then, that we as business folks are left with is, when is video the right tool? Before answering this question, you must first determine who your audience is and if the message you are trying to convey to that audience is best served by a video. Dig a little deeper… what are your audience/customers business problems that you want to solve? Can this be done in a video? What will your tagline and key take-always be? What is the appropriate brand “voice” and tone you’d like to use to convey these key take aways?

A successful video does not have to be expensive and it should be short and sweet. Watch David Boyll, Director of Digital Media Technology for Oracle Brand Marketing, and Lydia Smyers, Group Vice President of WWA&C - Programs and Communications, as they share some ways to incorporate video into your marketing tools and get started with video. You can also follow David on Twitter at @dboyll, and use him as a resource on this topic.

We hope you liked the tips and tricks provided in these videos. As always, leave us your thoughts and comments below.

That’s it for this edition of Social Marketing for Today’s Modern World!

The OPN Communications Team 

Tuesday May 07, 2013

The North America Excellence Awards Want You

Calling all North America Oracle partners!!! You have an opportunity to submit an entry for the 2013 North America Oracle Excellence Awards Program, honoring outstanding partner innovation and business achievements during FY13. 

The North America Excellence Awards Program recognizes your innovation, expertise, and achievements. For those of you who are new to the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), these are prestigious awards among the North American partner community and the program continues to gain media interest every year. 

We are pleased to announce that the 2013 North America Excellence Awards Program is now open for nominations and is accepting submissions through July 8, 2013 at 11:59am PT.  Learn more about the award, and download the nomination form today or be sure to join the “Playing to Win, a 2013 Specialized Partner of the Year - North America Award” webcast taking place May 14th at 9 am PT.

If you have a question, please contact Lisa Chang at

Best of Luck,

The OPN Communications Team