Friday Apr 26, 2013

Two Seconds of Your Time for Advertising

Did you know you only have two seconds to engage with your customers? Only two seconds for a potential customer to look at your company ad and become interested or remember just one thing about it? Well now you do.

Considering it probably took you 8.5 seconds to read the above paragraph, two seconds is not much time at all!

Meet Carilu Dietrich, Senior Director of Global Advertising here are Oracle. In the video below Carilu shares some very helpful tips and rules when it comes to advertising and social media best practices. For starters, here are 5 guidelines every good ad should follow:

  1. Come up with ONE BIG HOOK for your ad
  2. Your headline should say it all without needing to read further
  3. Your ad should be attention grabbing and a little unexpected
  4. Your ad should be differentiated and unique to your company 
  5. Your ad should be numbers and fact driven
Some other things to consider when it comes to your ad are style and tone. Don’t use a passive voice, be present! Customers are typically looking for information when looking at an ad, not entertainment, so keep it short, sweet and factual.

Watch Carilu and Lydia Smyers, GVP of WWA&C at Oracle, as they discuss in more depth how to better connect with your customers through hard hitting advertising.

Find Your Style,
The OPN Communications Team