Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

From Events to Maintaining Momentum - Social Marketing for Today’s Digital World

We are thrilled to share videos 11 and 12 of our, “Social Marketing for Today’s Modern World” web series. From learning about laying the foundation and building your online presence, to staging for business success, our hope is that you are feeling confident and comfortable in your social marketing skills.

Our “Events, Webinars, and Other Traditional Media”video breaks down events, both virtual and live, and explains why they drive demand so well and the many different ways to host them. One way to do this is by visiting www.events.oracle.com where you can see all the events Oracle is hosting and, as a Specialized partner, host your own event on our Oracle events page as well.

For more casual events, you can create a post on LinkedIn under your events page or on Facebook. Regardless of how you promote it, don’t forget to ask for sponsors.  Watch video 11 below and learn how live events, webinars, and traditional media can compliment your social strategy.

In our next video titled, “Maintaining Momentum”, we review all the Social Marketing techniques that we have learned so far. It is important that they are used together and sustained over time for maximum benefits. It is estimated that you need a consistent marketing campaign for 12 to 18 months to truly see results. So start with valuable content and work to counter any pain points your target audience may be experiencing. Below is a quick summary of each of our 12 Social Marketing videos:

Videos 1 & 2- Modern Marketing for Today's Digital World & Listen to Your Customers and Industry

Videos: 3 & 4- Using Google AdWords, Analytics, and SEO to Get Results & Make Your Online Profiles 100% Complete

Videos: 5 & 6- Diving Into LinkedIn & Build Your Twitter Following

Videos: 7 & 8- Creating Success with Facebook and Google+ & Making Your Website a Lead Gen Machine

Videos 9 & 10- Participating in Forums, IT Review and Help Sites & Making Email Campaigns More Successful

Videos 11 & 12- Events, Webinars, and Other Traditional Media & Maintaining Momentum

Watch video 12 and get a quick refresher on all that you learned so far, and see how these tools can be applied to your overall Social Marketing plan today.

Next week I interview Carilu Dietrich, Senior Director, Global Advertising at Oracle, as she explains the critical role of advertising in social media. As always, leave your questions or comments below and be sure to follow us around the web!

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Lydia Smyers


Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels