Thursday Aug 30, 2012

The Next Frontier: Java Embedded @ JavaOne


Now more than ever, the Java platform is the best technology for many embedded use cases. Java’s platform independence, high level of functionality, security, and developer productivity, address the key pain points in building embedded solutions... and that’s not just our opinion. Take a look at the new IDC report on Oracle’s stewardship of Java, “Java: Two and a half Years After the Acquisition” (doc #236309, August 2012).

Java already powers around 3 billion devices worldwide, with traditional desktops and servers being only a small portion of that, and the ‘Internet of Things‘ is just really starting to explode. It is estimated that within five years, intelligent and connected embedded devices will outnumber desktops and mobile phones combined, and will generate the majority of the traffic on the Internet.

Is your platform and services strategy ready for the coming disruptions and opportunities?

It should come as no surprise that Oracle is enthusiastically focused on Java for Embedded .  New this year, Oracle is demonstrating its further commitment to the embedded marketplace by offering, for the first time, a dedicated conference focused on the business aspects of embedded Java: Java Embedded @ JavaOne. Co-located with the technically-focused JavaOne conference, Java Embedded @ JavaOne will run for two days in San Francisco targeting C-level executives, architects, business leaders, and decision makers.

With 24 inspired business sessions with expert speakers from 18 prominent companies driving the next generation of Java Embedded business solutions (such as Cinterion, ARM, Hitachi and Rockwell Automation), attendees will learn how Java Embedded technologies and solutions can offer compelling value and a clear path forward to business efficiency and agility.

You’ll also see how Oracle’s comprehensive technology portfolio can deliver a complete ‘Machine to Machine’ platform, from device to datacenter, resulting in a highly secure, resilient, high-performance and cost-effective solution.

Seating is limited and we expect a lot of interest in this new event, so please register now! Note that if you are already attending the Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne conferences, you can attend this conference for only $100 more. Watch my video below to find out more.

I hope to see you there!

Judson Althoff

Monday Aug 27, 2012

New ATG Web Commerce Specialization is Hot, Hot, Hot


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Record breaking temperatures aren’t the only things raising the thermometer this summer –not since the new ATG Specialization became available, and get this – we already have a list of partners who have achieved their ATG Web Commerce Specialization, including: Accenture, AAXIS Commerce, Knowledge Path, ObjectEdge, Professional Access and ThinkWrap. Now that’s just sizzling!

As part of this smokin’ hot Specialization, Oracle is offering ATG Commerce 10 Implementation Developer Boot Camps. Through direct hands-on experience, and technical training, developers and software architects will gain some serious insight into best practices, as well as relevant and applicable implementation experience to keep cool under pressure.

So if you’re ready to stand-out, be sensational and separate yourself from the competition, learn about the steps you need to take to become ATG Web Commerce Specialized today, and don't forget to spread the word over Facebook and Twitter!

Setting Fire to the Rain,

The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Over 45,000+ Have Registered for Oracle OpenWorld


If you’re wondering why the city of San Francisco welcomes Oracle OpenWorld with open arms, or why over 45,000+ attendees sign-up each year for this week long event, or why you should be so darn excited for next month… we think we may have some answers.

Reason #5: Because you get to “rock-out” at the Oracle Musical Festival and Oracle Appreciation Event. Where else can you channel your teenage rock-star moves and enjoy a night of musical bliss?!

Reason #4: Partners can attend deep-dive training courses with Oracle University, putting them on the fast-track for success!

Reason #3: Who doesn’t get a little start struck from time to time? Especially when you can get up close and personal (well not too personal), with ORACLE TEAM USA, and the America’s Cup trophy. Autographs and photo-ops are welcome!

Reason #2: Come prepared because you may run out of business cards attending the week long OPN Exchange @ OOW program which is overflowing with networking opportunities, and home to  40+ partner sessions and a Test Fest’. Did we mention Judson Althoff will be giving a keynote?

Reason #1: Three words: Larry Ellison’s keynote.

So tell us below, what are your top reasons for attending Oracle OpenWorld?  Also, be sure to "like" OPN on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter (@OraclePartners), for the latest Oracle OpenWorld updates!

We can’t wait to see you there!

The OPN Communications Team

Friday Aug 17, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Awaits…

108,946 cups of coffee, 14,700 hotel rooms, and 20,000 man hours before the first session even begins…Yes, Oracle OpenWorld is so close we can taste it, and for the first time ever, OPN is hosting a full-blown partner conference within Oracle OpenWorld– Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld.

Come for the content, stay for the contacts, as this week long event kicks off Sunday September 30th and continues on through Thursday October 4th. With over 40 sessions being offered, as well as a ‘Test Fest,’ so you’re going to want to register SOON to take advantage of the Early Bird rates through August 24th.

Don’t forget to ‘like us’ on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@OraclePartners), for the latest updates!

Until Then,
The OPN Communications Team

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012

Learn How to Resolve-My Oracle Support Power User

Do you have 60 minutes? That is all it takes to learn how Support Best Practices can help guide you to success. This new series of live and on-demand instructional webcasts teaches you the skills and gives you the knowledge to effectively leverage the relevant proactive capabilities for your situation.

Join us for this opportunity to learn about Support Best Practices starting with our first webcast, "Resolve—Find Answers Fast."

These tools will give you more time to focus on your important business goals.     

Register now for Resolve—Find Answers Fast. Watch for upcoming announcements on the next webcast in the Resolve series, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics, to learn product specific tools and techniques.

Questions? Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.

The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Aug 08, 2012

The “Olympic” PartnerNetwork Specialized Activation Center

This weekend marks the final days of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and what an awe-inspiring competition it has been. With all this athletic ability in one place, we can’t help but wonder how these athletes train to become so successful.

Even though we may not know where Gabrielle Douglas learned her balance beam routine, or where Ryan Lochte learned how to swim, we do know where our partners are getting trained to become successful…Through our very own “Partner Olympic” training center of course –better known as the OPN Specialized Activation Center

Similar to the state-of-the art, Olympic sized swimming pool Michael Phelps uses to train, the OPN Specialized Activation Center houses a centralized pool of information for all OPN partner training needs. It’s easy to access and the information is easy to consume.

The goal of the site is to help our partners  get the most out of their OPN membership by accelerating their ability to sell, develop, specialize, and… bring home the gold!

Some highlights of the OPN Specialized Activation Center include:
  • Insights about our strategy and portfolio
  • Overview of marketing & sales resources
  • Steps to become resell authorized
  • Instructions for placing orders and registering deals
  • How to differentiate yourselves by achieving Specialization

Watch as our very own OPN champion and Director of the OPN Program, Kimberly Lasseter, coaches partners on the new Oracle training road-map, enabling them to monetize their OPN membership.

We Pass the Torch on to You,
The OPN Communications Team 

Thursday Aug 02, 2012

OPN Specialization Enhancement

KaZam! You've just been granted 1 wish! What's that you say? You wish that Oracle Specializations could be based on product version? Well hold on to your hat there partner, because your wish has just been granted!

New as of June 2012, specializations are now based on product version, with the most current version being what qualifies a partner for Specialization Benefits and Platinum or Diamond level criteria.  These specializations will be clearly marked as Qualifying Specializations on the OPN Portal Knowledge Zones, in the Competency Center and in the Specialization Guide.

Here are some other things you should know:

  • Specializations will not expire until the product’s end of service life (or EOSL) as long as the partner, that means you, continues to meet the criteria. 
  • When a new product version specialization is available, partners will be notified and will be encouraged to meet the criteria for the newest version within one year
  • Following that one year transition period, only the newest version, or Qualifying Specialization, will be what qualifies partners for their specialization benefits and for their level, if they’re Platinum or Diamond.
  • Getting specialized on specific product versions provides more ways for OPN members to differentiate in the marketplace and make their customers dreams come true!

Watch as Kimberly Lasseter, Director of OPN, talks more about the newly defined life cycle for Specialization.

Click here for more info, and here to get your questions answered!


The OPN Communications Team