Friday Mar 30, 2012

The Madness of March

From "Linsanity" to "LOB City", there is no doubt that basketball dominates the month of March. As many are aware, March Madness is well underway and continues to be a time when college basketball teams get together to bring their A-game to the court. Here at Oracle we also like to bring our A-game, and that includes some new players and talent from our newly acquired companies.

Each new acquisition expands Oracle’s solution portfolio, fills customer requirements, and ultimately brings greater opportunities for partners. OPN follows a consistent approach to delivering key information about these acquisitions to you in a timely manner. We do this so partners can get educated, get trained and gain access to demand gen and sales tools. Through this slam dunk of a process we provide (using Pillar Data Systems as an example):

  • A welcome page where partners can download information and learn how to sell and maximize sales returns.
  • A Discovery section where partners can listen to key Oracle Executives speak about the many benefits this new solution brings, as well review a FAQ sheet.
  • A Prepare section where partners can learn about the product strategies and the different OPN Knowledge Zones that have become available.
  • A Sell and Deliver section that partners can leverage when discussing product positioning and functionality, as well as gain access to relevant deliverables.

Just as any competitive team strives to be #1, Oracle also wants to stay best-in-class which is why we have recently joined forces with some 'baller' companies such as RightNow, Endeca and Pillar Axiom to secure our place in the industry bracket. By running our 3-2 Oracle play and bringing in our newly acquired products, we are able to deliver a solid, expanded solution to our partners.

Mergers and acquisitions are a strategic part of how we currently go to market. If you haven't done so already, dribble down or post up and visit the Acquisition Catalog ">to learn more about Oracle's acquired products and the unique benefits they can bring to your own court. Or click here to learn about the ways of monetizing opportunities through Oracle acquisitions.

Until Next Time, It's Game Time,
The OPN Communications Team

Monday Mar 19, 2012

Let’s Get Social

You can try to run from it like a Facebook picture but you can't hide. Social media as we know it is quickly taking over our lives and is not going away any time soon. Though attempting to reach as many Twitter followers as Lady Gaga is daunting, learning how to leverage social media to meet your customer's needs is not. For Oracle, this means interacting directly with our partners through our many social media outlets, and refraining from posting a mindless status on the pastrami on rye we ate for lunch today… though it was delicious.

The "correct" way to go about social media is going to mean something different to each company. For example, sending a customer more than one friend request a day may not be the best way to get their attention, but using social media as a two-way marketing channel is. Oracle's Partner Business Center's (PBC) twitter handle was recently mentioned by Elateral as the "ideal way to engage with your market and use social media in the channel". Why you ask? Because the PBC has two named social media leads manning the Twitter feed at all times, helping partners get the information and answers they need more quickly than a Justin Bieber video gone viral.

So whether you want to post a video of your favorite customer attempting the Marshmallow challenge or tweet like there's no tomorrow, be sure to follow @OraclePartnerBiz today, and see how they can help you achieve your next partner milestone with Oracle.

Happy Socializing,

The OPN Communications Team

Friday Mar 02, 2012

A Walk down the Red Carpet

It was a night complete with stunning gowns, tuxedos, freshly applied make-up and Hollywood's finest… Yes, the Oscar's never looked so good. Speaking of looking good - OPN has recently had some work done and is excited to have its own moment in the spotlight with the newly launched Oracle Exastack Optimized program.

No diamonds needed here - this program sparkles on its own with optimal performance and has been associated with industry notables like ‘speed', ‘scalability', and 'reliability'.  Looking to get in on this action?  Look no further than this blockbuster of an opportunity. Dazzling with maximum visibility and wearing a one of a kind competitive differentiation piece, this starlet will knock you right off the podium.

Whether you're an action lover with a need for extreme speed, or simply someone looking for a high performance show, this program is a must see... Not to mention ISVs everywhere are applauding the ease of production and massive impact Oracle Exastack Optimized is having with fans. So if you want an offer you can't refuse, have a look here or watch the short film below to find out more.

Hoping to see you in the spotlight,
The OPN Communications Team